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Reasons for I-140 Denial

Could my I-140 be denied?

Sure, yeah, could be denied.

What might the reasons be?

They're almost limitless. I mean, like Denise suggested any good attorney is going to review everything before it gets filed and notify either you the nurse and or the employer if we see any risk factors, I mean, that the reasons why I-140 can be denied are endless, and by just sort of lack of training on behalf of the USCIS officers.

I mean, but there can be any sort of reasons maybe there's something deficient in your background as a nurse, maybe your education isn't equivalent to a US workers. There can be something that the employer, maybe they don't have a good financial picture. Maybe the notice was not properly granted for US workers. It's almost endless.

Okay, so hopefully you won't have a denial. But I think that's the importance of having experienced legal counsel like Chris and Denise who specialize in nurse recruitment so and news recruitment and nurse immigration and can really experts in this field.