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PTE Class with 9.0 Niner

Greetings everyone to our dear nurses and medical technologists in the Philippines. Good evening if you're from the Middle East, good afternoon, but if you're from the Americas Good morning, we're back here at AMN Academy. This is Ervin Temporal and together with me is coach Brian Martin Shaw son and we are 9.09 or Review Center for IELTS OET PTE and other English examinations. It feels so liberating that in 2022, CGFNS allowed our dear nurses and medical technologists to choose their type of English examination or their preferred English examination to secure their visa screen. And since then, we saw the skyrocketing popularity of PTE. That's why for tonight we're going to talk about PTE, everything and anything that you need to know about PTE. First, let's ask Sir Brian to read, our audience for tonight. 

Hello, everyone and thank you so much for attending our session for today. I hope that this will be an insightful lesson, especially for those of you who are planning to take the PTE. And we are going to be heavily focused on the speaking sub test today. So I hope that you'll enjoy this and go ahead and share this with your friends as well. If you have friends, who might also want to learn more about the PTE go ahead and invite them. This is going to be a useful session for you guys. I'm very certain. And let's have fun learning tonight. 

Great, thank you so much, coach Brian. And we'd like to announce that for tonight we're going to give away a free AI powered mock examination access to PTE. I'm sure you are looking for affordable PTE AI powered mock examinations, but why pay when you can have it for free because for tonight we're going to identify a lucky winner who is going to enjoy our PTE AI powered mock examination. How do we pick the winner? We usually pick from the most active live viewers on Facebook. So first, let us know who among you here aren't from the Philippines and let us know your preferred or let us know your current location in the Philippines after the Philippines. That's when we ask our overseas attendees to mention their location. Let's take a look at the comments section.  

So okay, Ella is from the Philippines. Fernanda is from Brazil, Ben window Brazil. Shabbir Khan is from Pakistan grace is joining with us from is joining us tonight from the Philippines Rachel Rosemary Katha are from the Philippines. Well, Catherine is from Saudi Arabia. Santos is also from the Philippines, okay? Specifically, Navarro is from Tagaytay. And if you're coming from Tagaytay the nearest PTE Testing Center is Makati. So in the Philippines, we are four cities where you can take the PTE one Makati City your options are missing it is testing hub and tried in Tower. If you are from the northern part of the Philippines, but if you're from Visayas PTE Testing Center is in Cebu, whereas if you're from Mindanao PTE Testing Center is in Davao now if you come from other places I am sorry but you have to travel all the way to these four cities where PTE examination is available. Now let's take a look at the locations of our other live attendees. Okay Carmel is from the Philippines blood she is from the gate good for you blood she because all you have to do is to cross from the gate to Makati. We have Edna all the way from Dubai. Ella from Laguna needs to travel to Makati to take the PTE examination. Who else do we have here? We have Daniel from Ghana. Good afternoon to you over there in Ghana Africa says One Colorado comes from Cagayan Valley. So if you're planning to take PTE, you're going to take the 12 hour bus ride going to Makati or if you want you can take the plane going to Makati that's just an hour ride from to get around. We also have Amanda from Zambia, Lima just tag her friend. And then Carmel is fortunate because she lives she lives in Cebu where BT examination is available via ace testing her Loise is from Surigao but from Senegal your two options are go to Cebu or go to the avow to take your PTE examination.  

Jada is I mean Anthony is from Jeddah is from Qatar. Ahmed Barona is from Oriental Mindoro. So you have to take the ferry going to Batangas and travel from Batangas to Metro Manila. So again, if you're from the Philippines, how much is the PTE 230 US dollars. Now, if you look at the charge of Visa and MasterCard that's roughly 13,100 pesos but 9.0 Niner or an AMN and have good news for you. You can take the PTE Pearson Test of English in the Philippines for a discounted fee of only 12,300 pesos. Imagine you get to save as much as 800 Bezos, all you have to do is to send us a private message that's 9.0 Niner or English or you can miss out you can also send us an email by sending an email to training at For you to have for you to enjoy the discounted PTE examination fee of 12,300 pesos. By the way, this offer discounted PTE exam fee is for all the candidates who are going to take the take to take the examination in the Philippines even if you are not enrolled at a Niner. But what if you have not started anything with your process of going to America, you are in the right place because AMN Healthcare International is going to take care of you as you as you prepare for your journey going to the United States. The best part? AMN offers free scholarship for your preferred English examination, not just the actual exam, but the review as well.  

So before we are going to begin our PTE session with Coach Bryan, will you please use the comment section? And will you please tell us which particular sub tests in PTE do you find most challenging? So we've promised that for tonight we're going to tackle PTE. But there are four sub tests right? Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking of the four, which one do you find challenging, so that sir Brian and I can share some tips on how you can you can make sure that you're going to pass PTE on your first attempt. Let's take a look at the comments of our live viewers. Should they should they have an opinion which particular subjects a find most challenging? So m here tells us it's speaking, Greece. speaking and reading Grace finds writing challenging. Victoria speaking Blessy speaking, Edna speaking, Ella speaking. So I guess the prepared presentation of Sir Brian for tonight is appropriate, because we're going to focus on this speaking subtext. And there is no other more credible person to talk about the speaking subtext. Here is the PTE demigods or Brian Martin shorts and who got perfect 90 over 90, not just in speaking but in all components of PTE, name it perfect 90 overnight and speaking perfect 90 overnight in writing, or like 90 overnight and reading perfect 90 overnight and listening and perfect 90 over 90 overall band score. So coach Brian, how do you do it? How do you get did you get 90 over 90? Not just in the speaking part, but the overall band score, Sir Brian? 

Yeah, thank you so much for that question. And I guess a lot of people are interested to know how to get a good score in the PTE. And my only tip for you is to get familiar with a test format and how you are going to scored to be scored per component, it is very crucial that you know exactly what kind of examination you're taking. Because the PTE is a different ballgame altogether, it is important that you are familiar not only with how the examination is going to go, but also how you're going to be scored. And what will give you the best marks in the exam. And hopefully today we'll be able to discuss that a bit. 

Perhaps we can start with our presentation. Sir Brian, let's take it away. A lot of people find speaking challenging, mainly because there are plenty of tasks. So what are these types of questions in PTE speaking? And what are we supposed to do in order to make sure that we are able to get the required band score, especially for the sub tests that matters the most for our US bound nurses and medical technologists? 

Okay, right. So I guess this is the perfect opportunity for us to start talking about the different parts of your examination. And perhaps I'm going to go and share my screen a bit because I need to share my sound so just a moment as I do that right now and share my tab. Okay firstly, you are going to be given certain types of questions and the PTE one of the questions that you're going to get in the test is your read aloud, and then you have your repeat sentence. We also have the scribe image, and we have read that lecture. And finally, towards the end of your examination, you're going to have answer short questions. And these are different exams that will have different weights as Well and different impacts to your test score, and we're going to talk about that in a few. Let's get started first with what we call a read aloud, read aloud is one of the most popular types of questions in the PTE and one of those that really attracts a lot of candidates to take the PTE because it's rather simple.  

And at least for a great majority of candidates, they find this a little bit easier compared to other examinations. Let's take a look at this example right here, you're going to be given something like this. So on top, you're going to see the instructions, it says that you have to recite this or talk and read aloud all of this text, and you're going to be given some sets a few seconds, like in this case, it's 40 seconds, you're going to be given different timings depending on the length of your, your passage. And all you need to do basically is to read this aloud, like, recite everything, you have some preparation time before the recording starts and then just have to basically read aloud, so it's super easy to do this part of the examinations, it doesn't involve any kind of hassle whatsoever. Alright, so probably will give some of you guys the opportunity to read aloud on your own because you know, I can't hear you from Facebook.  

So go ahead and try this out on your own and hopefully my you know, my audio will work or something. Go ahead guys and start reading on your own first. 

So guys, while you are reading 9.0 Niner or AMN have good news for you. 9.0 Niner has a PTE AI powered mock examinations. So if you'd like to practice on your own, and there's artificial intelligence that's going to evaluate your performance if you are ready to take the actual examination. Why don't you send us a message because we offer the most affordable PTE AI powered mock exams in the world. Dare to compare, we know that we are the most affordable because in Philippine pesos, let's just roughly 750 pesos per month, we already checked how much the others charge for their subscription. And we can confidently tell you we offer the most affordable AI powered mock exams in the world. I guess that is enough time for our leaders to look at the text that we have here in front of us. So Brian, will you please show them how to read this aloud? 

I'm going to be the one to read it because we don't have audio. So let's read. Okay? It's very important that when you're reading, you're not just reading in a very flat kind of intonation. So even if it's just read aloud, you have to put a little bit of inflection there and emphasize certain key words in, for example, here forever young is actually placed in a pair of quotation marks. So it is very important that you take your time to pronounce that. So let's start reading this aloud. Once most animals reach adulthood, they stop growing. In contrast, even plants that are 1000s of years old, continued to grow new needles, add new wood, and produce cones and new flowers, almost as if parts of their bodies remained forever young. The secrets of plant growth are regions of tissue that can produce cells that later develop into specialized tissues. So there that's, you know, kind of how you want to read this out loud so that you get the really, really high score in the PTE it's actually rather simple. One of the easiest types of questions you'll ever get for PTE. But you also have to train your inflection and your tone and the way you read things so that you'll get a higher mark in the test. Don't attempt to read too fast, okay? Because in doing so you will sound a little garbled, like you're eating your words or something, you have to make sure that you sound clear when you read this passage.  

All right so that's how you do it, guys. All right, I'm sorry, my recordings are not playing. But anyway, let's carry on. Not sure what's going on but let's carry on, so another type of question that you're going through, get in your exam is like, there are a lot of comments here and people saying amazing, thank you. And, and it's asking me to repeat the entire thing though. That's just for one go so we have another type of question, which is repeat sentence. I am not sure if I can do this, but I guess I can. I'm just going to probably have a few of our recordings play. Yeah, if I can do that. Let me just very quickly shift to my settings tab. And I'm going to play a few of the recordings for you. Okay, just hold on a second. 

Okay, well, Sir Brian is doing the technical stuff. Let me just remind our year nurses and medical technologists if you're going to the United States of America, what's the required band score for PTE 55 overall band score and for each sub test, it has to be 50 and better. And btw by the way, is a purely computer delivered examination, no paper based version, and you cannot take pt e at home. That's why you have to go all the way to the testing facility in the case of the Philippines, Makati, Barguil Cebu, and Davao for you to take your actual PTE exam. And yes, no human intervention in PTE. There is no person you're going to talk to it's basically just you and yourself and the computer plus the microphone. Okay, Sir Brian. 

Okay so I'm just going to play it from my microphone so that you can go guys hear the recordings. Okay, let's start with the first one. Okay, so listen, and try to repeat on your own. And then later, I'm going to tell you what the answer is. Okay let's start with this one. 

Our office hours are from 8am to 9pm, Mondays to Fridays. Did you guys hear that? And you can type the answer if you want. And let's do it like right from dictation, because this is also very close to how it's going to happen when you take the right from dictation part of your exam. So here, you're going to have to blurt out the sentence and right from dictation, you're going to type out the entire thing. Okay, so the correct answer is and let me repeat the recording for you. 

Our office hours are from 8am to 9pm, Mondays to Fridays. So the answer is our office hours are from 8am to 9pm, Mondays to Fridays. And I hope you guys got that one. Right. Let's try one more, shall we? Let's do one more. So another one, do you want to add ketchup or mustard to your burger? Sometimes the accent gets in the way, right? Yeah. So the correct answer is do you want to add ketchup or mustard to your burger. And by the way, guys, another tip that I can give you for repeat sentences. Sometimes it is impossible for you to repeat everything correctly. But you have to give it your best effort. So I'm seeing here we're looking at eggs here we're looking at ketchup or looking at all of the ingredients in hamburger. That's fine. So have confidence in repeating as many words as you can. You don't have to be 100% accurate. Just give it your best effort. Because if you don't speak What grade do you get? Zero.  

So if you just skip it and move on to the next item, you don't get any point at all and you end up flunking your examination because you don't get any grade. There's nothing to assess not even your pronunciation, not even your oral fluency if there's nothing to be recorded and your response so make sure that you try your best to repeat as many words as you can and don't mind if you can get everything perfectly. You don't always have to be a perfectionist. So if you didn't get the few words go. 

Coach Brian, I have a question. I've heard from some married Tess's on social media that the secret PTE Speaking is to make your voice so loud. What do you say about this one? 

That's a good question for because a lot of people do that, especially to compete with a lot of other candidates inside the room. And they feel like if I have the most dominant voice, I'm going to stick out. But the truth is, if you speak so loudly, what happens is that your voice will be recorded in a kind of extremely distorted way. So don't shout, you have to use a well modulated voice. So it's false, okay, don't take the exam as if you're waging war or something. Because this is not a competition, you just have to speak clearly to the microphone. And the best measure as to whether you can be heard in the microphone is during the microphone test. So if you can't hear yourself during the microphone test, then you have to increase your voice. No, this is not the best advice not to draw the microphone close to your mouth, don't do that. The microphone is set that way for a purpose for a reason, so that nothing will be garbled or distorted in the recording. So keep it like that. So if you can't hear yourself, you have to increase your volume of voice, but not to the point that you're already sounding as if your total totally distorted in the microphone and you're getting a little off the bar already in the recording.  

Okay, so now let's look at the answers. So ketchup and mustard. So I just have a couple of samples for this part of the examination. So anyway, let us move on to the next slide. so we are done with repeat sentence, let's jump into one of your favorites describe image. So what is describe image. Basically, this is very similar to a lot of other English tests that have describe image sections. So it is very familiar, you will be presented an image or a graph or a chart or a map, and you have to describe that, but PTE only for 40 seconds. I said 40 seconds, because that's really, really very critical case. I mean, you can't talk beyond 40 seconds, because one of the most important elements of the describe Image section is your ability to be able to cite a conclusion. And if you're not able to do that, then you get severe deductions for the content side of your describe image. Henceforth, it is very critical that you fit everything into 40 seconds, but that doesn't mean that I conform with I'm not sure Sir Ervin, if you ever heard this, the advice that candidates only taught for 10 to 15 seconds up to a maximum of 20.  

Don't do that, because you're limiting yourself from speaking, you're limiting the computer from assessing you don't ever do that. Now, some people actually give that advice to just, you know, say a few words. And that's it. Don't do that in the test. So if I were to do the test, I would probably get to roughly 30 seconds, you know, like, three fourths of the bar before I stopped talking, and not like, you know, during the first 1/4 of the bar, okay. Yeah. So let me show you what this looks like. Look at this. Alright, so I'll give you some time guys to go and describe this on your own. Actually, you have time first, like in this case, it has 25 seconds time interval before you start speaking. So go ahead and do that prepare, and then try to do this on your own guys. And describe the image. 

By the way, we have 220 LIVE viewers on Facebook, so please tag your friends if they want to attend the live and interactive version. Yes, there is also recorded version of this one that's ready for you to watch anytime, anywhere, as long as he have internet connection, it's just that you have no chance of winning the free access to AI powered mock tests or PTE. That's why tell your friends to watch because by the end of our Facebook Live session, we're going to identify that lucky winner who's going home with a free access to 9.0 Niners AI powered mock examinations. What do you do? Use the comment section every so often tag your friends because that's the only way for you to catch our attention. So Sir Brian, maybe they are finished looking at the image that is there in front of them. 

Okay, so I actually have a recording for this one, but I would rather just describe it on my own. Because the recording is not working fabulously tonight. So what you need to do when you're describing an image is to number one plan for what you're going to say, number two plan for what you're going to put at the end as your conclusion. And you can see here very clearly that this is about guerrilla distribution populations in Africa. So it's pretty easy for you to be able to conclude at the end, because there are just a few words there. What you should not do is to use templated responses for describe image. In particular, I hear a lot of people I don't know if you've heard of this template before or you're familiar with this, I hear a lot of people giving conclusions that they're too generic, for example, they say in conclusion, this graph is accurate and may be used for future purposes. I mean, it doesn't work for all illustrations like this one will help future generations of people. Is it an accurate chart? No, we are just given a map here. So sometimes what you're saying might not conform with or be parallel to what you're provided in the test. And so it gives you lower mark for providing a non original speech. And that's one of the things that will be graded right now in the PTE, your ability to produce original speech and your ability to give extended or long answers.  

And, again, one of the components of that one is to provide original speech. So don't use templates, when you're describing images for PTE, that's not to say you can't use certain words that you can take with you during the test and prepare for ahead of time. I mean, words are good, but entire sentences or entire scripts or speeches, you shouldn't use in the actual test. How do we describe this? So I'm seeing here western lowland gorilla has the highest, population, I can see that most of the gorillas are distributed around the central part of Africa. And I can see that Eastern lowland gorilla here has the lowest population. So let's go ahead and start describing let's see what we can do to describe this one. Okay, so gorilla distribution, right. The map shows the gorilla distribution in Africa. There are three gorilla species compared in the map, which are the western lowland gorilla, mountain gorilla, and Eastern lowland gorilla. Noticeably, gorillas live mainly around the central part of Africa, and of all of the three species of gorillas. It can be seen that western lowland gorillas have the greatest distribution in Africa distantly followed by mountain gorillas. It is also clear that Eastern lowland gorillas live in what looks like the smallest portion of Africa. In summary, Western Lowland Gorillas are arguably the most populous in Africa, while Eastern lowland gorillas are the least common. 

Now you understand why Sir Brian got perfect 90 over 90 and speaking. So let us hear your thoughts. What do you think of Sir Brian's delivery while you are typing, this is what I have to say, no template, or no prepared template can possibly describe the map or the information that is there in front of you. Because if you bring with you a template, a script, and you're just trying to make it too generic, then the computer or AI won't be able to understand this knowing won't be able to understand this, knowing that generic information might not be appropriate with the graph or map that is presented right in front of you. So if you have heard that templates, were maybe in 2015, but guys, AI also evolves it's 2024.  

Now, the best way for you to make sure that you ace your PT E is not to rely on templates but proper preparation. That's why AMN sponsors free PTE review and free PTE examination all you have to do is to send an email to AMN Healthcare International to know the steps on how you can possibly enjoy their scholarship and sponsorship for your proof. heard English examination. So let's take a look at some of the comments before we move on to the next type of question. And we have reached the half of our Facebook Live session for tonight if you have just joined in for tonight we're talking about PTE all about PTE that you need to know to get your record band score and ultimately go to the United States of America.  

And by the end of the Facebook Live session, we're giving away eight price free AI powered mock examiner mock examinations for PTE let's take a look at some of the comments. Guaranteed said wow, Misha four clap emojis Fernando said thank you very much Jade awesome. Christophe has in the air Why not hands in the air because Sir Brian did not falter no stuttering and he remained calm all throughout no theatrics. He did not even shout he did not whisper he just described it in a very formal and academic manner. Isa amazing Jerry three plebs. Misha perfect, Mary Lou. Well, so simple yet complete information and again, no template can be that Maria Catalina very clear Mallette plus emojis a lizard Ruth. Carmel short yet concise description noted because you cannot talk forever. There's only a certain period of time for you to finish talking knowing that for PTE everything is incorporated in two hours. So you listen read write and speak in just two hours. What else do we have here? We're going to show amazing and thank you for sharing your knowledge about PTE. Carmel. May my brain function that fast as well? Because apparently there is limited time for you to plan and limited time for you to deliver a lizard Ruth more techniques on describing image please, Jerry, excellent.  

Edna wishing to pass PTE Ching Guy no wonder why you get you got the perfect score. Trivia Sir Brian did not yet did not just get the perfect score in PTE also got the perfect 9.0 across all the sub tests of I'll name it from listening to speaking and overall band score. He also got the perfect 9.0 in IELTS Tintin perfect Melaka thank you very much for the informative teaching the Indian very fast construction of sentences. So culture right, I have a question before you move on to the next type of question. Instead of memorizing templates, what do you think are the best preparation strategies for PTE speaking, especially that describe image portion of the speaking test? 

Okay, so here's the fun part. I'm going to reveal how I did that. So firstly, I don't like templates, and I do not recommend them to everyone. But I do recommend that you take with you a few words that you can utilize during the speech to enable you to start your sentence off. These are your sentence starters. For example, perhaps when you listen to me, You have heard me saying something like, you know, clearly or it is clear, something like that. I can't recall exactly what I said. But I have probably said a few of those things that I take with me like it is clear that arguably, or income, in conclusion, or in summary, things like those can definitely enable you to think of the sentences in your head while you're blurting out those sentence starters. And just kind of give yourself some time to think of what you're going to say next while you're saying those sentence starters. So yeah, you can take with them a few of the own. I said noticeably. Yeah, so that's one noticeably, it can be seen that it can be it was it was clear that something like that, so you could take with them with you a few of those things. And that's going to help you to kind of think of what you're going to say next because I mean, nobody's perfect and nobody's like so talented that you don't really need to take with you a few of those words. So you would definitely need to practice a lot taking with you some of the words and mixing and matching them according to the requirements of the task. But that really helps a lot this clear that it can be seen that noticeably those kinds of things are very helpful in a test. 


So for sure, Sir Brian did not use them please because he can't even remember what he said. If it's templated it stuck in your mind you memorize it word for word, but that's not how it works. When you take the BT actual exam and guys you have to forgive us if we actually forgot what we said, Because Sir Brian and I actually morning person, we wake up at 6am or the entire day. So now our minds are not the alert. So if we forget what we've said in the last few seconds, please bear with us and we are not in our 20s anymore type of question. Okay, so the next type of question is a favorite among candidates. No, it's not. It's your best time. It's read the lecture. Like it's my most hated question type. I asked Sir Philip, one of our lecturers as well, who got a perfect mark and all of the components of PTE, it was his most hated part as well. And I'm sure this is your most hated part as well. And the examination, so I have here a recording, yes, I think I do have a recording here. And I'm just gonna play it through the speaker. And what I want you to do is along with me, I prepared a sheet of paper here, I will be writing a few of my notes right here.  

And you should also do the same. Like if you hear something that is vital information, perhaps you might want to jot that down, because that's one of the things that you can say during your speech, you're supposed to only talk for 40 seconds, 40 seconds, you have 10 seconds to organize your thoughts right before you start speaking. But the recording is pretty long, it's one minute and 30 seconds per recording. And so it is very challenging for a lot of candidates to stay focused. We know that your attention span is not like one minute and 30 seconds. So it is a little bit of a challenge for many candidates. Okay, so anyway, get yourselves ready, because I'm going to play the recording very, very shortly. Okay, let's look at the let's look at the exercise verse. Okay, there you go. Usually in the test, you have an image that gives you an impression of what you're going to hear. And let's start the recording. Now, hold on a second. 

The shuttle was designed to be a space truck. It's a Multi Purpose Vehicle, we've done a tremendous number of different things with it. It's the most versatile space vehicle that has ever been built. We've used it to launch satellites, we've used it to repair satellites in orbit and put them back into orbit. We've used it to capture satellites and bring them back to Earth for repair. We've outfitted it with the Space Lab built by our European partners, and used it before the era of the space station to do scientific research. We used it as part of our partnership with the Russians, which is still continuing first as part of the Mir Space Station, where we actually prolonged the useful life of nearby several years through logistical supply visits with the shuttle. And now of course, we're using it to build a new international space station, which is a huge international partnership. 


Okay, and then we have 10 seconds to panic. Alright, so that's when we do 1010 seconds to kind of lead everything's again and then study your notes. And then probably one of the tips I can give is you have a lot of notes and what you want to do is you strike out a few of them if they're not important. Anyway, I should start speaking now. Let's go. The lecture was about the space shuttle, which is a multi purpose vehicle. The Speaker said that it is the most versatile space vehicle that has ever been built. She pointed out that it has been used in a number of things like repairing satellites, capturing satellites and bringing them back to Earth for repair. And through the space lab built by the European partners. It is used to do scientific research. It was also mentioned that it was used in partnership with the Russians as part of the mirror station. And now the New International Space Station. Very well so I told you this is the hardest part of all, but again, there's some things that I did there that helped me to kind of finish it. Alright, so there you go. That's your retail lecture.  

Okay, so let's take a look at some of the comments. I'm sure you're thinking of something we want to hear from you because remember, you have to get our attention because the most active Facebook live viewer is going home with a three axis our AI powered mock tests for PTE. First we'd like to congratulate Fernando because Fernando said thank you so much 9.0 Niner I passed my PTE to the United States of America. Congratulations to you, Fernando. Well done welcome to the United States. Sir Brian didn't say let's do hard. Well, I don't think it's too hard. If ever, there is ample preparation, because apparently, if you're exposed to it again and again, apparently, you're, only going to get better. So what we recommend is make sure you maximize 9.0 Niners AI powered mock examinations, so that you get to have plenty of practice tests and you would know your grades. Sometimes if you ask a human being to Kochi for PTE, yes, definitely the coaches can check on your grammar and vocabulary. But it's an entirely different story. If you have AI or artificial intelligence, evaluate your performance. And it's not just any AI made sure this is the most this is the latest technology for AI. And the one that 9.0 Niners using closely resembles the AI in the actual examination.  

No wonder why since we launched this in December, more than 500 PTE passers have messaged us saying, sir, thank you so much for the AI powered mock exams of Niner. Because only when we saw our scores in the practice tests, did we get confidence and we registered for the exam? Because we know we're going to get higher than the required band score. Okay, what about the other comments? Ella? Nice job. I hope to do that. Didn't that pearl, Fernando. You're welcome Jerry very well said. Sir Brian, what about nervousness and anxiety? I'm sure you as a candidate as an examiner, he also felt nervous and anxious at times. Who doesn't I mean, we are human beings, right. So how to deal with the nervousness and anxiety, especially during retail lecture. So  Sir Brian for PTE, you would notice that the anxiety level will be a little bit lower compared to other English exams, students hear non facing a human being. But in my honest opinion, the anxiety will never really go away completely. But you'll be able to manage your anxiety better if you practice and you have good feedback. So if you have, for example, coaching, and your coaches are telling you, oh, you're doing great, you're doing better you're improving.  

And that seems to kind of positively impact your mindset. When you take the examination, you will feel a bit more confident compared to when you have not had anyone giving you any score or you have not had like those kinds of AI utilities giving you marks, you don't know where you're coming from usually, that's what causes you to be anxious or fearful of that test, because you don't know what's to come and what's going to happen and how you fare generally in your performance. So if you know that you're good already, you'll definitely be able to feel more confident on test day. And as Sir Philip would always say he's watching right now, competence is necessary for you to gain confidence that confidence comes with competence. So there are two very related things. 

Yeah, more types of questions for PTE speaking. Yes, we have just one last type of question for PTE speaking. But before I do get to that last part, because this is super easy for retail lecture, guys. So just remember that if even if you falter or you make mistakes, every once in a while, we have to always pick yourself back up. And for repeat the PTE, it's more forgiving. So if you actually use fillers, like arms, or along the way, because you're struggling a little bit with what to say next, that's fine, you will not get penalties or severe markdowns for them unless they become fillers and you pause for an extended duration of time, in which case you will get deductions but if it's just minor filler like armor, I remember I said a while ago when I was doing my, my retail lecture the time you don't get deductions for that.  

Now, this is actually probably the last part of the examination and the most fun part. It's called answer short question. And it's just like your trivia. Yeah, it's like, you know, quiz or game show, right? And so for this part, I will not anymore because there's no grade for oral fluency and for pronunciation here. You don't even have to describe your answer anymore. Like you just have to probably blurt out a few words or maybe a short phrase as your response. You don't have to give sentences here and explain. Just give an answer. So maybe in many of the exam questions you're gonna get, you're just going to probably say one word or two words and that's fine. Anyway, you can use the chat box, right? So the message box go ahead and chat in your through the comments section your answers. This is going to be very quick. So let's go and start with our answer short questions. Okay, let's start with question number one. Ready guys? Let's start with this one what is the outer covering of a tree called? 

Okay so some people didn't did not hear the question, but the correct answer is Mark, what is the outer covering of a tree? Okay, let's try one more guys, shall we? Alright, so another one. I'm sure you're excited for more? What is used to code paper? 

Okay, what do you think is the answer to that? So, some people are typing really, really fast scissors or some people probably kind of hesitated. What is the spelling of scissors? Okay, let's see, well, thankfully, this is a speaking component and not really a writing component. Okay, let's move on to the next one. This one is a little bit easy. So let's try this one. What do these produce? Wow, super fast, like fast fingers here. All right, you want one more? One more? Okay, so let's try this out. Sometimes you're given a very easy question because you just have to look for the opposite word like the antonyms. So this is another example. What is the opposite of hot? My goodness, if you don't get this, something's really wrong. 

Okay, so everybody got that one, right? It's cold. So that's easy, but don't lose confidence. If you can't answer the question. Just give it your best shot. Just give it a guess maybe it's correct. Maybe it's not no problem, you get one point for a correct answer no points for an incorrect answer. But honestly, speaking, this is not a really huge contributor to your test score is like, the kind of question that just relaxes you after a very tough speaking examination, which is read the lecture just kind of kind of makes you feel a bit more inspired and motivated after a very demotivating component of the test. Just to kind of loosen things up and get you excited for the next part of the test. But really, you don't really get a lot of points here. Okay and those are all of the types of questions that you get for PTE speaking. 

Thank you, Sir Brian for tonight's interesting and interactive discussion. Before we announce the lucky winner. Let's take a look at some of the questions of our live attendees. How many weeks do you recommend for us to prepare? Well, for PTE I'd say one month or even less. Let's be let's basically enough for you to prepare for your Pearson Test of English. If you're planning to take IELTS or OET we usually recommend two to three months of preparation but for PTE one month or even less. Arlene Garcia pt e mock exams isn't included in the unlimited PTE review bundle. So I have two questions for you number one, are you a scholar of AMN if yes, please send us a message so that we're going to ask for your complete name and your email address and the discounted price for AMN scholars. But number two, if you are not part of the AMN family and we urge you to start to sign your contract with AMN as early as now. But if you avail the review package on your own, we have three options right 1500 for fewer PTE AI powered mock examinations for two months.  

That's one five if you prefer lectures and one on one coaching without AI that's 3000 vessels and limit did for life but we have the best bundle for 1000 vessels unleashed lectures for life on the one on one coaching for life and the PTE AI powered mock examination. So actually it depends on how much you paid if it's 153 1000 or 4000. Okay is PTE academic the same with PTE court if you're going to the United States of America, it's PTE academic, because PTE is for Canadian immigrant visa. Okay, what else do we have here? Let's take a look at some of the comments. Okay, Aliaga took the examination last Saturday in Baguio target score achieved thank you Niner congratulations welcome to your dream. Who else do we have here? Okay, Jaden said I'm part of AMN under connected USA.  

So again, all you have to do is to send us a message at 9.0 Niner or English Facebook page. Or you can also message me directly Ervin Neil Temporal but I'm very responsive, but not a 10pm. Okay, send us a message now we'll respond tomorrow morning, I wake up at 6am and start responding to the messages at 6am. Before we end our Facebook Live session for tonight, we'd like to encourage everyone to watch the weekly shows of AMN Healthcare International every Monday. That's AMN Academy 9pm to 10pm first and third Monday of the month, and NCLEX related lectures, second and fourth Monday of the month. English examinations partner review centers on AMN every Friday, don't forget onwards and upwards. And if you live in the Philippines and you're looking for 800 Bezos discount to your PTE examination, all you have to do is to email training at or message 9.0 Niner English so that instead of paying 13,100 for your PTE we can offer it to you for as low as 12,000 to 300 pesos. So without further ado, the lucky winner for tonight is none other than Tintin Severo-Emerenciana she was very active from beginning to end.  

No worries if you are not chosen as the lucky winner because Niner does FB Live every day, literally from Monday to Saturday, except this coming Monday, Thursday to Easter Sunday. No FB Live, but come Monday. We're going to do it again every single day and you have to join our Facebook Live sessions, because we give away prizes every time we conduct a Facebook Live. At this point we'd like to thank Miss Melanes, Miss Luciana, Miss Jennifer, Miss Sinead, by the way, congratulations missioning, the president of AMN Healthcare International for winning that DAISY Award. So thank you so much to everyone who participated tonight, more than 220 LIVE viewers. Hopefully you're going to watch the future FB Live sessions of AMN and 9.0 Niner or English,s we'd like to greet everyone a very good night. Thanks for watching and we'll see you in our next Facebook Live.