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Philippine Hospitals vs American Hospitals

I want to know the differences between let's say a hospital in the Philippines versus working in a hospital in Maryland?


I got $30 an hour does a big job for me, big life changing scenario for me. They say America has higher cost of living, that is true America has higher cost of living but when you compare high cost of living person page versus the salary is exponentially way more here than in the Philippines absolutely.

But anyway, clinical wise, you have so many again, because a lot of here a university hospital you have children's hospital not far from Maryland, which is just by the DC area and Maryland border, you have your big university hospitals around you have your community hospitals as well. You can get a lot of experience from these hospitals and the thing is, a lot of them are funded also.

So when you find that you bring their newest technology in their hospital will bring in the best experience as a nurse because they have the best technology the first time I saw a robotic for bone surgery was in there. Before a robot was just for abdomen surgery, now you're talking about implanting your, joints, your bones, your knees. So is there a robot orthopedic. So we have those a first time I saw it was wow, I was I saw it there in Maryland.

John Hopkins is wonderful, we actually also have, there's another really great healthcare system they're called Adventist. That are one of the Connetics international nursing agency clients. They're also fantastic latest technology there as well and it seems from what I've noticed that I am not a nurse, or a doctor. And but what I will say that I have heard a lot of feedback from our nurses. The community within the hospitals. And that teamwork, it's kind of teamwork, no matter where you're from, you could be in a room and everyone has an accent from a different area of the world, with that cohesion going on and within the hospital there, does all of that kind of leave it at the door, mentality, here we are?

No, that's why when I say when I started traveling there as a nurse, initially everybody was so warm, may it be my color may be a different color, they are just treating me just equally the same. There was no like, oh, you're a different person, you're different culture, there's no such thing as that. That's why I enjoyed it that's one of my favorite travel contract ever in Maryland as well.

And the kids enjoyed it, too. The kids loved the neighbors, they were very warm and nice to us even up to now that we're not there for two years, three years now. My kids are still communicating to their friends back there. They're still talking, almost everyday, one of my son's best friend is still there, they would communicate and they would exchange before letters as well. And then every time we go there, we still visit them.

The warmth, the culture, the people are very warm. I'm comparing this, of course, I came from New York City, it was like when people are nice to you in New York, they were like "what do you want for me?"  as an immigrant coming to New York, I think even local Americans would come to New York City and be like, these are kind of like, oh, "what's wrong with it?" and there's a little tension before you penetrate. But when you penetrate the New York City culture, you will feel that they're like a family to you but it takes a while.

But in Maryland, they gave it just like that. They're just nice like "why she was nice to me" and then they would even bring like, oh, I cook some food you want some? And they would share it to me as well. Bring your family, bring your kids like that they were just so warm and nice. That's why when my husband and I were deciding where we're going to move into long term, then we finally decided Maryland was was a good choice for us.

I absolutely love hearing your stories.