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The unique staffing solutions pioneered by Connetics USA all started with a visionary leadership team. Today, Connetics USA offers an unrivaled global database of skilled nurses to ensure that we provide access to the very best talent in the health and medical field. The results of our unique recruitment system mean that hospitals, healthcare providers, and medical professionals have a long-term solution to all of their staffing needs.

Tanya Freedman

Chief Operating Officer

Tanya Freedman is an industry expert with more than 25+ years of full-cycle recruitment experience. For the last 13+ years, she and her team have successfully placed thousands of experienced RNs at acute care hospitals, surgery centers, long term care/skilled nursing, rehab facilities and correctional organizations throughout America. Tanya says “as a result of the looming nurse shortage, many facilities nowadays are exploring internationally educated RNs as an `additional tool in their toolbox`, to supplement their current recruitment and retention of nurses. This solution can be of enormous benefit to healthcare leaders challenged with balancing return on investment, patient safety, and retention issues“.
Tanya has long been considered a `career matchmaker`, and she and her dedicated team of specialists work together with healthcare organizations and RNs to ensure a holistic “one size fits one” match and a solid long term partnership. Tanya was an immigrant herself many years ago and is passionate about building a heart-centered recruitment framework to help the facilities set the nurses up for success.

“On a personal level, moving to America was a rollercoaster – one of the happiest but also the scariest and most stressful experiences of my life – and now I want to“pay it forward“ for others. At Connetics USA, we know and understand this business and that’s why we have built our own proprietary set of tools and methodologies to help the healthcare facilities and nurses make as smooth a transition as possible.”

Under Tanya`s leadership, Connetics USA has developed our own unique RELI (R=relocation, E=employment, L=licensing, I=immigration) technology solution, so we can assist our healthcare clients and nurses step by step to navigate successfully through the required process.

Tanya holds a Bachelors’s and Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa). Connetics USA is certified by the CGFNS alliance for ethical recruitment practices and is a National Rural Hospital Association(NRHA) Partner. Tanya is a vendor member of NAHCR (National Association for Health Care Recruitment) and hosts regular Facebook live sessions on the Connetics USA nursing Facebook page on various pertinent questions, such as nurse immigration, the latest legislation updates, licensing and testing.

Stacey Katz 

Vice President of Group Services

Stacey Katz is an industry leader in the healthcare world and primarily focuses on creating and fostering partnerships with healthcare providers and specialists. As a result of her extensive experience and connections, Stacey acts as a liaison between healthcare facilities and the different departments within Connetics USA to ensure every nurse working with Connetics USA is transitioning smoothly through the recruitment, training, immigration, and eventual onboarding and hiring process.

Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from U.C. San Diego in 1992 and earned her MBA in Finance from Louisiana State University – Shreveport in 2019. She is married with 3 children and lives in San Diego, California after immigrating from South Africa in 1986.

Lisa M. McCollum

Vice President of Operations

Lisa is another industry leader with Connetics, with nearly thirty years of experience in healthcare.  This has included recruitment and staffing in various realms and has successfully recruited Nursing and Allied professionals worldwide, from the United States, Canada, Asia, and the Middle East.

For over 14 years she has dedicated herself to assisting thousands of International Nursing and Allied professionals in fulfilling their “American Dream” with Connetics USA.  As the Vice President of Operations, she is developing and overseeing many of the operational areas of the company including the recruitment process, immigration, and licensure, compliance, onboarding, and retention.  International recruitment is her passion and will continue to drive her success.

Meg Meyers

Vice President of International Recruitment

Meg Meyers brings more than two decades’ worth of experience in healthcare and more than fourteen of those specializing in international nurse recruitment when she joined the Connetics team over five years ago. 

Meg’s hard work is one of the reasons Connetics has enjoyed so much success.  Her experience includes international recruitment with both staffing and long-term placement as well as direct hire.   As the immigration climate changes, recruitment strategies must also change.  It has become one of Meg’s passions to have the opportunity to share with facilities and health care providers how international recruitment also advances their United States recruitment strategies.   It has long been her motto that this program presents a “Win, Win for all involved”.

When hiring international nurses, the facility “wins” with a nurse to fill one of their shortage positions and the nurse “wins” in having the opportunity to live out their dreams of living and working in the USA!

Built to give you more

No one knows more about healthcare recruitment in the United States. At Connetics USA, our unique expertise is handling every step of the recruitment and placement process.

Recruitment Strategies

Connetics USA was designed from Day One to serve the needs of our clients – both candidates and employers. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” – we custom tailor to YOUR needs.

Talent Acquisition and Planning

We’ve always believed in the idea that success is judged by the relationships we build. As a result, our goals are long term for both candidates and employers. Our entire system is designed to place healthcare specialists in great situations

This is what our nurses have said about our process

Don’t look at what we promise, look at what we deliver.

It’s been a year and the adventure continues: again, many thanks to Ms. Tanya Freedman and her crew for holding my hand through the long process of working in America as an RN. They make dreams come true!



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