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O'Grady Peyton Contract - Staffing Agency for Nurses

Can you talk to us a little bit about the contract what somebody can expect when they get an OGP contract or O'Grady Peyton contract?

Sure. So at the point of recruitment, really two choices if you're very specific about where you want to be location specific we can we are hosting client interview events now. So just really important that you talk to the recruitment team and tell them what's most important to you. It might be no I have a sister in Texas and it's really important that I get to that location from the onset, its location if you're open on location, and let's say you don't know very much about the unit. United States and you want to be given multiple options to consider that already paying international can offer you a contract, there'll be a minimum rate of paid in that contract. But when you accept your assignment, then you will get your final rate of pay based on the actual assignment that you're accepting. So you may come in and say, I'm open to multiple locations around the United States.

Tell me what you have for an ICU nurse. So we'll go search all of our orders in our healthcare systems. And we'll say, Okay, you match these 10? Here are the pay rates for those 10 facilities. Who would you like to interview with? We don't make it to interview with Ken, we want you to kind of fine tune, do your research really important, go and learn something about the different states. I never did any research.  

I just went to California, I didn't know how California have had very different facets based on whether it was in the middle of the state or whether it was a city. So I thought I was going to San Francisco but it wasn't something Cisco was about 100 bucks from San Francisco. And that was very different. So I would say do your research, you've got to learn about the United States to know that what you're selecting is right for you. Look at cost of living look at pay rates in the geographic location. Do your research it's really important I can't emphasize that enough. So in the in the contract though it's 2 years 4001 1916 straight time hours, we give you pay PTO, we are the employer really important for you to remember when you arrive in the United States you are working for us you're working for am and healthcare and we provide your benefits.

So and then we give you assistance to travel to the US to get an end of contract bonus, we have a bonus for nurses who come to us with NCLEX. So make sure you know how to read a payment International offers in terms of bonuses as well. So that's an overview for you, Tanya, thank you, Sinead, and really good advice there. Do your research everybody don't make the same mistake that Sinead make, but she didn't know where she was going. And but again, a big shout out to the contract to the commitment length of O'Grady Peyton.