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Northside Hospital | US Healthcare Employer

We are so excited to hear from Northside Hospital so thankful for your partnership. So let's give Northside the floor, Christina, let's start with you. 

Hi, everyone my name is Christina Talent Acquisition Supervisor of Northside Hospital. I've been with Northside for about four years and in Georgia for about four years. 

All right well, we are very excited to hear about your experience with Northside and Georgia and let's go to Kimmy next. Hi, good morning my name is Kimberly Lovely or everyone calls me Kim I’m a Filipino nurse in Northside Hospital in Atlanta. And first of all, I would like to thank you for having us back. 

Well, we are so excited to have you guys back you did an amazing job we thought we'd bring you on again. All of the international nurses from around the world absolutely loved hearing about Northside and we want to give those who didn't have the opportunity to hear more. So let's give 10 minutes on the clock to Northside Hospital they know the drill and ready let's go. 

Well hello, and thank you to AMN for hosting and thank you to everyone watching. We are excited to tell you about Northside and the Atlanta metro area. Today we're gonna start with telling you a little bit about Atlanta, our amazing organization and then Kimmy is going to tell about her journey and why she chose Northside followed by us answering some questions in the chat time permitting, so you can find us in the southeast corner of the United States. Atlanta is located in the northeast corner of Georgia. Our metro Atlanta area is composed of about 10 County. We have over 6 million residents in the metro Atlanta area with a very culturally diverse population of about 8% being foreign born. We have the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in the world with over 1000 flights daily so you can travel the world just minutes away. We have our Marta transit system, which is public transportation for Atlanta proper and some of our outlying sitting cities and suburbs. We are home to renowned colleges, universities and universities. We have Emory University, University of Georgia, Mercer, Georgia Tech and more. We have a very affordable cost of living as well we are three to 7% lower than the US median. We have warm, humid subtropical climate with a short mild winters and warm hot and humid summers. So you'll find that it is much warmer here but it doesn't. I don't think it gets too hot. But I come from a town where it got super cold and then it got super hot. We have five major sports teams.  

For those that love their sports we have our Atlanta United Soccer team, our Falcons NFL team, the Braves baseball team. We have our hawks NBA team and then the UGA bulldogs and then entertainment arts and food and attractions are bountiful. Over here. We have the aquarium which is the fourth largest in the world and home to over 200 species including beautiful whale sharks. We have the botanical gardens that were voted Best like display in the country in the professional category for 2023. We also have our Atlanta zoo with 40 acres of animal exhibits, the Atlanta Beltline, the Fox Theater with performing Broadway musicals and more.  

We have our kind of iconic Park which is Piedmont Park with a series of events scheduled throughout the year so they have like music and festivals. We have our pond City Market and then of course Battery Park, which is home to the Braves. To tell a little bit about Northside though, we have five hospitals system and we are located in four of the 10 counties in the area. So we have our Northside Atlanta which is in Sandy Springs our Northside for site which is incoming Georgia our Northside Cherokee and Canton our Northside Gwinnett and Lawrenceville and our Northside Duluth. All of these campuses are within an hour to an hour and a half from Atlanta proper, but most of them are much closer than that just depends on some traffic. We have over two 150 outpatient locations over 25,000 employees. Over 3700 doctors 1700 licensed beds, with expansions at our Northside Cherokee precise and Warrensville. Our Lawrenceville campus is expanding to such an extent that we are projected to be the largest hospital in Georgia. With over 1000 beds just at that campus alone, we have nearly 5.2 million patient encounters.  

And we are Atlanta's most preferred hospital and we were just awarded world's best hospital by Newsweek in 2024 but I can talk about Northside all day long. But I'd like for you to hear a little bit about Northside from our employees. Video please. I have never worked for a place that made me feel so welcome. When I first started working at Northside, I noticed that everyone was smiling. I always feel like it's home coming home to work. And I don't work because I have to work because I like working here I feel like every time I come to work, it's you know, it's a bonus. I love my job I could work every day. Sometimes I wish I was here on my day off It's a second home to me. It's a place full of passionate individuals. I call it the Rainbow Coalition culture here everybody's friend is a family environment. They make you feel like your family. When you first walked in the door. 

You all feel connected It feels like a family we are a family and I'll be darned if it isn't. It is just an embodiment of a family culture. I guess that's the best way to sum it up is Northside is a family and it's just an amazing place to be just as everyone said Northside is a family you'll hear it time and time again within the system. Northside It's the Northside way, the Northside family. To tell a little bit about our global nursing program. We have over 291 nurses hired through this program that's March 2022. We have 29 countries represented and we are so excited to meet everyone that's bound to come. The areas that we're hiring for our bone marrow transplant area, and our acute care with sub specialties in medicine, neuro ortho surgery GI and more. We have a customized six to eight week orientation plan with the support of the unit manager, unit educator in the system wide clinical education team. I want to give you a little bit of a glimpse from our acute care nurse and then Kimmy is going to talk a little bit after the video. 

Hi, Atlanta I'm Lindsay Ostrovsky, a cardiac acute care nurse at Northside Hospital charity. And today I'm taking you on a journey through my day wondering what a cardiac acute care nurse does? Well It's all about the care, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with heart disease from surgery recovery to critical illness, we handle it all. Although I truly love all aspects of my job. My favorite part is patient education I love guiding individuals on their path to recovery, whether they're young and experienced their first heart attack or elderly and transition to the next phase of life. In my free time you'll find me in downtown with my girlfriend. It's nice to walk around the area there's fun public art restaurants and lots of cute shops. After an afternoon of strolling and shopping around we love to indulge for lunch at our favorite la Perea Mexican restaurant. They definitely know us here thanks for spending the day with me. Kimmy can you tell us a little bit about why you chose Northside and Georgia? 

Thank you for having me again, I love Northside Hospital. As what the videos portrayed earlier, it is really a family. Northside has been good and taking good care of us and the volume or voice, they value their staff 100% A well diverse population, not just American Nurses, not just Filipino nurses all nationalities are in here. Nurse patient ratio is one of the top care level because for the morning shift, it will be one nurse is equal to four patients and of course during the night shift, it will be one nurse is equal to five patients. Paid trainings. Education is our top tier I love our trainings here they keep us on the loop. And for we also have various teams. We also have IV team, rapid response team, we also have flubbed teams. So meaning all we have to do is a patient care, patient centered care for our patients. We use Omnicell we use Cerner for our documentation because all nurses have their individual computers.  

And lastly, patients love us because as coat, they love to see our smile. Yeah, I'm grateful and blessed to be part of the Northside family, our relationship that I can really say that will last a lifetime that will last long. Shout out to my co workers in for central shout out to my manager, Miss Courtney and to my educators, clinicians, my supervisors, my Filipino and American friends. You guys are the reason why I smile or smile all the time and keep on going. So I promised myself before that as much as I can I will answer all of your questions about Northside. So please, to all Filipinos to all other nationalities If you have any questions about Northside, please do not hesitate to drop me a message on Facebook my Facebook page. No, not really my Facebook page my Facebook profile is public. You can always send me a message. We already have an existing on Facebook Northside group chats so that I can add you to those and we can just have a chat 24/7 Thank you. 

Thank you if anyone has questions, one thing to know is our benefits. We have amazing benefits with Northside not only full, health benefits, but also we have our pension plan, which is very rare in this area, or in general, along with an actual retirement plan. And then we have student tuition reimbursement and student loan repayment. So lots of opportunities there. And I see a message over here we do not hire for the ICU. We are only hiring for a bone marrow transplant and acute care. 

All right, well, Northside team, Kimmy, you brought me to tears a little bit over there. Thank you so much for sharing both your experience Kimmy and Christina, you can see they really love where they work. I mean, we heard in that video, there were a few people that said, coming here coming to work is like coming home. Everyone is always smiling the Rainbow Coalition culture here. And then hearing camp Kimmy talk and talk about how Northside really values the nurses how you have taught to your education and training. I mean, it just sounds so amazing. You've already hired 291 RNs so far, and I know you're hiring many more, and we are just so happy to be a part of that process. So happy that our nurses are there and thriving. We know with Northside they have an amazing employer and the nurses are really thriving, which is really something you could just wish for to see. So it makes me so happy.  

So thank you for sharing I also loved how you shared that you guys were the Newsweek world's best hospital for 2024 That is very impressive. I mean, I can see why so that totally makes sense. So Thank you Christina and Kimmy for being on again. It was great to see you both. Thank you for sharing your experience If you were inspired and you would like to work in Northside and Georgia where their hospitals their five hospitals are located in four of the 10 counties in the area which is impressive. You can apply at and our recruiters are on hand ready waiting and excited to take your applications. So please apply today.