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Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Questions and Case Study

Dr. Paul Biluan, CEO Aspire RN:  Thank you for attending Connetics College. This is a Connetics USA Initiative, where we do classes every Monday. This is Dr. Nurse Paul is tasked to do classes for free every first Monday of the month.

Thank you guys for joining today. Please kindly tag your friends and share this to your pages so we can reach more nurses for today we're going to talk about next-generation NCLEX I'm going to show you guys a case study. So you guys get to have clarifications with your questions about the next-gen NCLEX but next-gen NCLEX is happening April 1 2023.

We're gonna get our first batches of nurses that will be taking the next-gen NCLEX if you guys are not familiar I've done a couple of live shows both for Connetics USA but I also do my own show and my own social media and Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and TikTok at doctor nurse Paul and you can just search my playlists in YouTube. And you'll see there all the best shows that I did about next-generation NCLEX. Again welcome everyone to Connetics you as a watch Aspire RN NCLEX review provider in partnership with Connetics USA every first Monday of the month. We have classes every Monday it's different companies different ethics providers and English exam providers. But doctor nurse Paul and Aspire RN hosts their shows every first Monday we have Charles watching from Uganda and Dorothy is tagging your friends thank you guys for joining us today April is also here. Thank you for joining me Good job guys. Please tag more of your friends and charities to your pages so we can reach more friends today and again Connetics USA is offering anklet scholarships you must meet the requirements that Connetics USA have set but in partnership with in partnership with Aspire RN Connetics, USA is offering NCLEX scholarships if this is what you are interested with. We have posted the garments of the link it's HTTP s, colon, backslash cu as a dot Lin backslash Aspire RN so click that link right now. And one of the Connetics students a recruiter is going to talk to you and check your qualifications and you can pass a qualifying exam for scholarship but this is entirely free. So if you are short on budget but you want to do or want to get a quality review for foreign graduate nurses like you and me this is the best time to click that link right now and as a contact Connetics USA or if you're having issues looking at this link you can also directly send me a message and I can help you as well. All right. Again welcome to Connetics USA Connetics College in partnership with Aspire RN we are doing a Connetics college NCLEX class today and we're going to talk about next gen NCLEX Yay. I'm so excited. We are less than 60 days away from the next generation NCLEX. Any nurses will be taking the NCLEX soon after April one If you're taking the NCLEX before April 1, please make sure you pass the NCLEX.

So you don't have to deal with next gen NCLEX. If God forbid, you fail your exam, and you have to retake, you're gonna retake it the next gen NCLEX format, so everybody that are yet to take the NCLEX are choosing or deciding if they want to take the NCLEX or will be taking the NCLEX very soon after April 1 we're going to do the next generation NCLEX and Aspire RN is one of the leading foreign graduate NCLEX review provider with me as the CEO, doctor nurse Paul. And I will be one of your instructors and mentors. We are one of the leading providers providing next gen ethics for foreign graduate nurses, a lot of Next Gen X compatible providers are targeted for Americans. But there is a special, you know way of delivering review programs for foreign graduates like us because our competencies are not really exactly the same as American graduates. There's a reason why there's a national pass rates for foreign graduates for first time takers of only 46% Compared to 86% of the Americans. So more than 54 55% fail the NCLEX the first time and it's a very difficult exam because of the educational differences in competencies, and now their next gen NCLEX. But don't worry if you enroll with my program, if you don't go sorry about that. If you don't qualify for this scholarship and you're enrolling my program, I will make sure that you will pass the NCLEX through my program and today we'll be releasing a new program. We call it the doctor nurse Paul method or DNP method. All of our classes are going to be next gen NCLEX compatible. And you will get 42 live classes up to the time that you will be taking your exam to final coaching from the orientation to final coaching, you're gonna get 42 live classes with me and many of my instructors, the most number of live classes and the NCLEX review industry nobody else could provide you better, right? Because I've added more days for NG and glasses. I called it the NG and masterclass that's where all we talked about is Ng and types of questions and we're going to answer this just like what I'm going to do right now I'm going to give you a preview of what's going to happen if you're enrolled in that program. Right or, again Connetics USA can also provide you scholarship let's flash that link again at the bottom. So we're gonna see the link right now being flashed on the screen.

This is how you avail or get or get qualified for the NCLEX scholarship being provided by Connetics USA in partnership with Aspire RN the link is that is how you get connected with us or send us a message through social media channels as well and we can send you a message back so we can answer your questions. All right, I guess many people are joining today thank you again let me know where you guys are located for those that are haven't called yet and many people are joining us today Mani is here from India. She wants to apply as an RN please get a hold of one of our Connetics you as a rigors again the link is okay, let me have coffee real quick. It's too early or at 7am Haven't had sleep because of jetlag.

We're going to talk about case studies today case studies will be an integral or vital part of the next gen NCLEX each case study. So case studies involving case we're going to show you what it looks like. Each case study will have six questions. So one case study six questions. This will be talking about the clinical judgment model of the next gen NCLEX. Question wanted a case study would always be about recognizing cues. Question number two is about analyzing cues. Question number three is about prioritizing. I suppose he says question number four is about generating solutions. Question number five, it's going to be about taking actions. And question number six, it will be about evaluating outcomes. So we're gonna have six questions today six questions from one case study. All right. And we have Youssef joining us in linked in from Nigeria Yousef, thank you for joining us today. We have joy, also watching us from Nigeria. Wow, we're all over the world today. Anyone here from the Americas Latin Americas or Northern Americas? Because I've only seen people from the African European and Asian continent but haven't seen that American continent people yet. Just to make sure that we're covering the whole world but thank you guys for joining today. And Um, when are you guys planning to take your NCLEX exam while we're still waiting for more people to join anyone? Anyone will be taking the next gen NCLEX very soon after April one. You're gonna have your next gen and click Screen is joining us from Philippines. Hi Karen. Thank you for joining baya is joining us from Philippines as well thank you for joining me today. This is gonna be an interactive show people I want you guys to help me answer the case study that I'm gonna be showing in a little bit. Alright, again, for those that just came in thank you for joining Connetics College, by Connetics, you as an Aspire RN. Today we're going to talk about the next generation NCLEX case study and there will be six questions per case study. And each question will meet the competency of the clinical judgment model by the NCS the and we observed from UAE and Felicity from Nigeria Thank you. Joy said she will be taking the NCLEX soon using the next gen FX format and she is under Connetics right now.

Thank you joy for joining and essentially we'll be taking the exam in July and a bond Julie's taking it on June this year. Good luck guys. If you need help with NCLEX preparation and next gen NCLEX preparation just send me a message and the doctor nurse Paul social media pages or you can also log onto my website Aspire RN. We'll be launching today our new NCLEX program called the doctor nurse Paul method which will include next generation NCLEX preparation and review classes in to the review program Alright, so if this is what you are interested with, send me a message Oh Bom Julie said you send me a message on Facebook. Well, I'm sorry if I don't reply as fast as I can. I have a team that helps me answer messages as well because I'm flooded with a lot of messages. If I don't respond back send your message again. So you get the top of the list because we do get hundreds of questions every day in all my social media channels but I will be gladly I will be glad to answer I'll be happy to answer your question today after this show. Okay, thank you guys. Now let's talk about the case study. We're going to have case study number two today. Worse Number One Number one was shown back in December or January I think in one of my past shows, with Connetics you as a I gave you an example of case study number one is this the first time that you're joining me today or have you seen me do this class in the past.

Anyone here is joining me for the first time and has never seen me do this because I don't only do this with Connetics USA nursing agency I also do this every Saturday in my own social media channel, the doctor nurse Paul show and let me see how many of you guys have just joined me today or have never seen me do the classes in the past. For those who do not know me, I'm the CEO of Aspire R which is an NCLEX review provider based here in Houston Texas. And I am an NCLEX instructor for 15 years 15 years that's what I'm bringing my experiences both outside the US in my hometown Philippines and also here in the US and I'm combining them to create a very high quality NCLEX review program under Aspire art and this is the reason why Connetics USA which is one of the largest foreign graduate nurse recruiters trust Aspire RN because of the quality that we bring onto the table thank you guys for joining me thank you Connetics of course for trusting my company Aspire RN and my team if I was part of Aspire RN last year do I need to join an engine program? Nope. If you are already a current aspiring student you will be transitioned to the next gen program so don't worry about it. We're gonna be transitioning you for free if you are already our student right so don't worry about it. And Craig said she has also seen me before in my doctor nurse Paul Fit Page and she said I'm a fan. Thank you for that and feel flattered. I'm just here to like do free classes online. That's my passion ever since right? And let's see Stephanie if you want if you're interested, go to or send us a message on Facebook Aspire RN or doctor nurse Paul in one of my team members will get a hold of you. All right. Let's see case study number two today.

Are you guys ready? Right now Okay, can you guys pass the next gen NCLEX. I want you to write this in the comment section. We With all gaps, yes, I can, if we are manifesting that you're passing the NCLEX write it down right now on common section. Yes, I can. Are you going to pass the next gen NCLEX? Write it down, type it down right now. Yes, I can. There you go. Good morning to those that are just joining us today. Please tag your friends. Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Ooh, let's go. All right, let's do it. You guys are going to help me answer these questions. All right. We're right. I think everybody's ready now because everybody's responding in the comment section. Yes, I can. All right. Okay. This case, I'm sorry, it's not as big as I can. I want to do it. But you can zoom it in. If you're using your phone. I'm going to read it for you. All right, we're going to answer this together. The nurse in the emergency department is caring for a 17, one seven year old male client.

Let's check the tabs because you're gonna have to flip through the tabs, open all the tabs to see the whole chart. It's like an emerge. Sorry, it's like an electronic medical records like a patient chart, you're gonna have to open all the chart to see what's going on with a case. Remember, a case is a story about a patient and this story changes over time. Just like how will you deal with a patient clinically, right when you're in the hospital, right. And a lot of you foreign grad nurses like me, are already experienced nurses at bedside so this will give you a little advantage because you're already you already have developed the clinical judgment but you're just gonna put it to test right now.

Okay, let's read history and physicals for body system pulmonary. We're going to read the question first. The nice shortness of breath reports discomfort in the lower left side of chest when taking a deep breath, gastrointestinal reports feeling abdominal fullness, and occasionally nauseated, muscular skeletal. The patient sustained an injury to the left ribcage after being struck by a mechanically beach baseball in a batting cage last week. Right battling cage last week, reports intermitted pain in the left shoulder six over 10 and the numerical rating scale feels lightheaded, significant bruising through their left shoulder or at the scoping repair to the left shoulder for a torn rotator cuff. Last year psychosocial client has not felt well enough don't that baseball practice since the injury? So we're seeing a lot of red flags here. Right. There's respiratory issues for sure. There's gastrointestinal issues. There's Musculoskeletal and Skin issues. We're seeing bruises there and pain. Alright, so let's remember that it's going to be important to answer the question later. Now let's click nurses notes right there. If I click nurses notes, this is what we see. At nine o'clock the client appears fail and slightly diaphoretic large amount of bruising noted along the left torso and over the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, tenderness, guarding dullness to percussion noted in the abdominal assessment, slightly diminished breath sounds noted and the left lung fields and auscultation blind does a productive guff EKG shows normal sinus rhythm. Alright, remember, remember those spots any flags, flags, bail, diaphoretic, bruising, tenderness, garden dullness to percussion to the abdomen, diminish breath sounds productive guff. Those are positive sides are significant findings, vital signs, what can you see? What are the abnormal findings in the vital signs here? What are the abnormal findings we have both degrees are decreased BP is also decreased. Right? So what's our concern here? Be our blood pressure both I mean, all of them are all decreased. Right? How about the labs? About the labs, the good the labs? What are our normal?

Look at the white blood cell count. It's 19,000 your hemoglobin and hematic. Great H and H is nine and 27. So all of them are AB nor Mo? Correct. All of them are abnormal. Now that we've seen the whole case of what's going on, let's now proceed to the question on the right side of your screen right there. Okay, Which of the following assessment findings require immediate follow up, immediate follow up? All right. Your options are lung sounds, shoulder pain, productive abdominal assessment findings, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and temperature and pulse oximetry reading. What are your answers? This is a select all that apply. It's also right minus wrong question. What are your answers? Anyone? Anyone? Please tell your friends and more people can join us today. Anyone? What are your answers? Lila already showed me her answers. But what about the rest?

I'm still waiting for everyone's answers. I'm not sure if I got disconnected though. I don't think so. All right. Michi gave her answers already. Oh, by the others. We have more than 100 viewers today. I want to see your answers. Don't go the question which assessment findings would require follow up?

Who's attended my class in the past? Some of you guys, right. We prioritize lung sounds. Yes. Because there's shortness of reading and decrease breaths out on the left side. Do we prioritize shoulder pain? There's pain here. There's Rousses. Yes, let's consider that. Right, because that's still a significant finding. lab results, obviously. Yes. productive cough. Yes. abdominal assessment, fullness, nausea. Yes. Both respiration and blood pressure. Yes. The only not included here is temperature and pulse oximetry, because your bowls and temps I'm sorry, pulse oximetry reading attempts are both normal. There are both normal address 123456. Right. 123456. Okay. 123456 are the answers everything that has an abnormal finding you include, that's just how it is. Okay. Everything that has abnormal finding, you include with the exception of number seven. Alright, that's number seven. All right. John Doe is an Aspire RN NCLEX passer. Congratulations. Let's all clap our hands agenda.

Can we feature that? Common miscellaneous? So we can everybody could see that John Doe, is one of our NCLEX passers. Congratulations, John Doe sent me a message I want to interview you all of my pastors, I want to put on a little video chat and see what we can help you with after Okay, thank you, John Doe for trusting Aspire RN my team, thank you for being in my class. Thank you for being one of the Aspire RN Lister. That's why we call our ambassadors. Thank you. Congratulations. That's all say congratulations, Gendo. I don't know if it's full name, but you can say jazz. Congratulations. All right. Anyway, and hopefully we can get that energy from John as well. So we can pass our NCLEX you guys are ready to achieve your American dream? Yes. Can you pass your NCLEX? Yes, I can. All right, let's dive it down.

Congratulations, Jan, you're receiving a lot of compliments. Right on the comment section. Thank you. Thank you. We want that energy from Jan to fill us up right now. Right? We want that faster energy to be with us today. Right? Anyway, thank you, John, for sharing that information. And thank you for sharing your victory efforts is very tough. I can tell you, I've been teaching this for 15 years, I wouldn't be here teaching you guys. Connetics, don't even invite me. If this is not valuable at all. We're here because there's so many people failing, we're here to help solve that problem. And I'm still here educating nurses 15 generations down since I graduated nursing and started teaching, but I'm happy with what I'm doing. Okay, this is my passion. So thank you, John, for trusting Aspire RN in my team and for everybody. I wish you all good luck right. Now let's go to question number two. Same situation. Same case, nothing was ever added to the notes. Let's go through the question right away. Which of the following issues is the client at risk for developing or off developing? Let's do your differential diagnosis, differential diagnosis, stroke pneumothorax or hemothorax. I'm sorry, bowel perforation, spleen, a glass array. pulmonary embolism abdominal aortic aneurysm? What are your answers? This is select all that apply. I want to put your assessment skills to the test. Let's see if you know your signs and symptoms for all of these conditions.

So you see the thing would next generics while I'm waiting for you guys to answer put your answers on the comment section is the contents are the same. It's just a different way of showing the questions and providing the answers. There's just more different types of questions this time, but contents are the same. So it's still important that you know your contents.

If you don't know your contents, then you will have a difficult time answering next gen NCLEX very important that you know your contents means when we talk about stroke, you should know your signs and symptoms there your pathophysiology, your priority assessment, priority management, positioning, medications to use, what are the side effects of those medications? That's only stroke. We're not talking about the others yet. So you have to have a very good grasp or mastery of skills. I keep talking about this in my TikTok and Instagram. Mastery of concept is the most important test taking strategy for the NCLEX. Now we'll put this to the test. Let me see what your answers are. We have diverse answers. Does this look like stroke? No, because there's no Henry Prius. It's right or he may Perris it Nope. hemothorax. Yes, because there's difficulty of breathing decreased breath sounds on one side, and this is trauma. Yes. bowel perforation.

Does this look like a bowel perforation? Are there two sides of bowel perforation to you guys? Rigid abdomen fever, nausea, vomiting, constipation, shock like symptoms. I have not seen fever. I have not seen rigid abdomen. It just says feeling full but not rigid because it shouldn't be peritonitis. There shouldn't be fever, right? So we're gonna remove number three, does it look like valid birth? You don't get Bruce's with Bible birth. Right? About splenic. laceration. I'll include that just because the case was a baseball bat. Alright, it's a trauma. The patient was hit on the left side with a baseball bat. The spleen could have ruptured. Right. So spleen laceration, yes. How about pulmonary embolism? Guys, if there's pulmonary embolism there's shortness of breathing decrease SPO to right patients having chest pain, lightheadedness, dizziness, mainly chest pain. We don't have it. It literally says there. I mean shortness of breath do it literally says there denies shortness of breath. Remember pulmonary embolism is occlusion of the pulmonary arteries, which can lead to both respiratory and cardiac collapse.

So there shouldn't be signs of respiratory problems like shortness of breathing, right? We don't have that. So pulmonary embolism is ruled out. abdominal aortic aneurysm? Yes, because we have abdominal fullness and the blood pressure is going down. It might ever ruptured. So adds her ear is two, four, and six to four and six to four and six. All right, very good. All right. Now question number three, same situation. Same situation right. Nothing was added so I'm not going to flip through the different tabs anymore. I'm not going to open these three nurses notes vital signs and lab but during your NCLEX please open it make sure that you guys have read everything and that nothing changed right?

Complete the following sentence matches it from the list of offerings the nurse should first address the clients or choose from this clients what all of them are part of her priority but now you can only pick one what is our priority? And only pick one what is our priority? We're on my people from YouTube and LinkedIn haven't seen them for a bit I've only been seeing the Facebook people joining us but the linked in people and YouTube. Are you guys still here? What's your priority? wunderbar is also here. He was also in my class last night and it's also our Aspire RN students. Thank you Please don't miss your class. It's wonder burger this far in right. But Trisha already has answers Sal already has answer.

Can you already provide her answer Troy I'm still waiting for more people. I've only seen like 20 people. I want at least half of the attendees to give me the answers. This is fairly easy for me. All right. I hope it is also easy for you but what will you prioritize it's principle of ABC airway, breathing and circulation. respiratory takes priority. You've already seen signs like, decrease breaths on one side, you've already seen signs like chest pain, guys, there might be a hemothorax there, right? This is a trauma.

So you think about those things answer is respiratory status. Very good. You guys are enjoying case studies. I think for me, it's straightforward for as long as your concept is good. So you see, when you check my tech talk, people go crazy about when I say something about natural quick, some people are saying, oh my god, I'm so scared, like, what am I going to do? Like? How can you help me? While other people would say, Why are you guys scared about Next Gen X? It's pretty easy. That's all that's both right and wrong. Right? Remember, each student have different learning abilities, right? Those students that are saying next gen and what slips easy for me it is because all the case that all the information that I need is already there, right? If I if I'm good with my signs and symptoms, and I know what they are, if I know my pathophysiology, and my meds and all my treatments, I can honestly answer this easily. So if my concept is master, if I've mastered a concept, if my foundation for nursing concepts are good, then I want to have problems with ng n. The same is true with view. Now, if your problem is Foundation, like if I talk about hemothorax, and you can even define oh my god, what is seam authority? So Oh, my God, why is there lung collapse and pneumothorax? What happened? Guys, you have to go back to your books, you have to go back to your lectures. That's what we're doing as fire art. And we train you first with your concepts. And if you progress and we think you're good with your concepts, then you can proceed to the NG and master classes.

That way, there's correct progression. And we make sure that you actually complete all the objectives that Dr. Nurse Paul has set in our program. Okay. Anyway, question number five, we have a new data from 10 o'clock am right. Emma said she couldn't near me from LinkedIn. I'm so sorry about that. We were having technical issues. Thank you for jumping in and joining us in Facebook. Right. Anyway, let's look at 10 o'clock. It says glide was diagnosed with splenic, laceration and left sided hemothorax Oh, now we have dramatic obligations, bleeding lacerations, lift left sided Demuth arcs, what's your major complication? For both? For both? Both complication for both? Well for left handed pneumothorax, are gonna have lung collapse, a circulatory and respiratory collapse, but both of them are also leaders. So you're gonna have to consider bleeding and shock.

Do you remember your vital signs earlier? What was happening with a blood pressure? They're going up or down? You remember your blood pressure earlier? What was going on? Up or down? They're going down. It's going down. Right? How about the pulse and our respirations? They're, they're both going up. These are signs of shock. Typical dry adverse shock. Is the patient having shock already? Yes. Is the patient possibly bleeding at this point? Yes. You look at your H and H earlier, it's also down to patients bleeding, right? What's our management here? Do we need to send the patient if I'm in the ER who are ER nurses here, I'm an ER nurse.

I'm a trauma nurse. And that's why I like case studies because they always talk about the patients in the ER the patients in the ER patients in the ER so that's what I can help you with because I'm an ER nurse and I'm going to do the edge in masterclasses myself and inspire art and as many instructors, all of them are good night quality because I chose them. But I'm going to do the NG and masterclasses myself. Alright, back to the situation. Right? So what is the priority if m&e are nurses and this patient is diagnosed and splenic, laceration and pneumothorax? My priority is to send this patient right away to the trauma surgeon into the O R. Correct. All right. So what's your management here? Do we give IV fluids indicated or not indicated in the gate a very good April we have to bring the patient start o r but while waiting for the O R we can start our trauma management if you got some taken your trauma nursing course it's a B, C, D E, F G H I J K LMNOP.

So many letters, but all of those means something right? Part of that is stabilizing the patient or IV fluid indicated serum typing screen in the gated chest physiotherapy not indicated it's gonna cause more injuries. No, no, no, no CPT insertion of ng t. Now right now, right because there's splenic ends or injury we don't have there's diaphragmatic trauma as well. Right? Don't do ng t yet, because the patient has probably a diaphragmatic trauma as well. So what's the problem? If there's a diaphragmatic trauma if there's a tear you might be able to, like the tube might feel left and go back to the respiratory or you can have more complications. What if the esophagus is also bleeding or trachea? So you don't want to do ng D for now until there's a clearance from the doctor. That's usually after intubation. So don't do MGT right now. Not yet. Not yet. How about administer prescribed pain medication? Pain medication? I think I've seen someone here said no.

The other one said yes. Pain medication. Yes or no? Yes or no? Guys, ng t is not a priority right now. It will be done later. But NCLEX is all about priority. It's about right now. All right, baby. Yes, don't we don't pay medicine if you're in the US and you would have been medicine the patient can sue you for under medicating the patient

. That's for nursing care. Yes, we need to give pain medicine right. So again, IV fluids indicated zero typing screen indicated CP teach as physiotherapy not indicated MGT not indicated. Administration prescribe a medication about question number five look at 1030 The client is now referred to immediate or for immediate surgery, we're not going to go to the or no look at your right side of the screen right there. This is select all that apply which of the following actions should the nurse take letter A provide or mark the surgical site provide a client with isotopes number two, three, perform med reconciliation for obtain consent five, insert IV fluids six I'm sorry, five is insert burden for a VAD or IV six inform the client about risks and benefits. Seven assess declines previous experience with surgery or ASIC line spirits to wait in the waiting room no plan of care discuss with the client. All right, what's your answers? Or answer ads? Or ads? Or what's your answer? And one this is OR nurses here? Please stand up. Please stand up. Anyone?

Please don't forget to follow doctor nurse Pauline, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for more shows like this. I do this almost every week. Every Saturday I have the show doctor nurse Paul show. Right? Oh, that's a lot of answers. Are you guys sure about this? Oh, anyone who? Some people just like to check everything. Remember in next gen lecture select all that apply becomes right minus wrong say if you're answering too much. And that's not required, you are going to get zero points. Can you mark the surgical site? No, that's for the surgeon? Can you provide a client with ice chips? No patients on NPO? Can you perform medication reconciliation? No, that's the primary responsibility of the prescriber or the surgeon or the anesthesiologist. Can you obtain consent from surgery?

No, the doctor has to do it. You can only witness if you're updating, explaining the risks and benefits that's for the doctor. Can you insert IV? Yes, you need that for the medicines and IV fluids and blood transfusion? Can you inform the client about the risks and benefits of surgery? No, that's for the doctor. Can you assess the client's previous experience with surgery and anesthesia? Yes, because this is both the responsibility of the nurse and the anesthesiologist. That's part of your assessment. You have to know present illness, past medical history past surgical history you have to know that because there might be an allergy to certain medications. How about as the client's parents doing in the waiting room? No, the patient is a minor. So what are our answers people? What's the answers? Wonder Bert is leading the way.

What's the answer? five and seven only? All right, a lot of people have answered multiple answers. I'm so sorry. But you guys get zero points because this is a right minus wrong kind of thing. Right? This is a right minus wrong question. So if you answer too much, you're gonna get a penalty. That's one of the things you need to remember with next gen NCLEX. But don't be scared. That's why we're doing these glasses to help you understand and guide you how to answer these things properly. Right? For many people that have consistently getting incorrect answers from number one through number five, I can honestly say that your problem as an expert for NCLEX instruction is with the concepts, right? Go to classes, attend review classes, if you don't have the money, go grab the adequate scholarship by Connetics USA or if not, then tried to talk to one of my team members who might be able to help you but you need to invest on yourself.

And NCLEX is a very expensive exam, you don't want to be taking it multiple times because you keep failing. I've had a student fail seven times, right seven times on the seventh time, or no, no, failed six times, I think, the seventh time she joined us by our and finally after trying so many different programs that actually didn't work for her. Because all they do is take your money and put you in a group class that's doing the same thing all the time. Each student is different. That's why yes, we do group classes and aspire are in but you get your own personal student advisor and personal mentor that tracks your progress and make sure you're progressing correctly and in a timely fashion.

If not, we can tell you, you're not ready. Maybe you need to spend more time in this space. Or maybe take more of these exams first, before we can proceed, we can help you proceed to the next phase. That's called guidance. That's called mentorship. Not a lot of review providers do that because they don't have time for that. But in Aspire RN, we care for you. We treat you as an individual not as another number or student Right? Very important to partner with the right people and invest with yourself. All right answers five and seven Riza. And Jen classes will start on March. Right now we're still transitioning the students to the from the old program to the new program, everybody that will start so my Ng and masterclasses EB three phases in my review program. Just watch my TikTok, I'm gonna release a video, I guess tomorrow. The first phase is the concept building phase. It takes eight weeks to finish that that's 24 live classes every week and in the remaining days of the week, you have activities like both tests and certain stuff. And then after eight weeks on your month number three, or month number two, for four weeks, you do Ng and masterclasses every week and right. And after that, you do your final coaching face or hit classes, which is 10 days of live classes, question and answer only just like this for the next 10 days. But you progress to different phases.

Depending on your ability, you're not going to get to Ng and master classes if your concepts are not good. Because even if I teach you for 10 hours a day, if your concepts are not good, it's not going to help you write for reason, my whole review program is $550. But we're going to be offering promotions this month. Alright in connection to the NG and program that we're going to be releasing. So please watch out, follow Dr. Neurospora and inspiring. We're going to be announcing very important things this week. Right? I'm going to talk to you about the program and private message because some other people are here online and they're waiting for the answers number five and seven are the answers here. Let's go to question number six. All right, nothing was changed in the case.

It's still the same case. Right? Same situation. They do mar I think Maura was one of my students in the past. Thank you. I've been in the teaching industry for 15 years before I left the Philippines. I was teaching there for 10 years 10 generations of and of nurses that have thought so I'm an old guy now. I'm an old man, but uh, happy to be able to help a lot of nurses. I feel like I still have more to be able to help more nurses to become quality, safe and effective nurses that we need because we have so much shortages right now in America's right. Anyway, guys, we're gonna have to highlight the findings that indicate a worsening of the client status. I'm not I don't have the ability to do it right now with stream yard. But let's highlight. Alright, the findings that indicate your worsening of the client status.

So what are you going to highlight? Clients post operative day after a split neck tummy is able to ambulate in the corridor three to four times a day with minimal assistance. assistance so there's no problem there. How about the second sentence? Client is clear bread sounds a left sided chest tube in place attach or close? Just raise just if there's no problem there. How about sentence number three titling of the water chamber no other than deep inspiration. Is this correct? Is this normal? That is normal. How about the fourth statement or scent? Client refuses to use the incentive spirometer it causes left sided chest pain. Is that normal or abnormal? Is that correct or incorrect statement? Should we highlight that? Should we highlight that yes, you can start highlighting from client refuses or you can also start with a word refuse as action word so I prefer that you guys start highlighting from refuses to use incentives for ramen or consequence causes left sided just me right either or it's going to score you the same, okay?

But sometimes there are compound sentences here we go with the English classes. And this is why I like ng because now you have to learn English as well. Sometimes there's compound sentences like okay, the titling is found on deep inspiration. And the suction chamber has absent bubbling so now there's two sentences in one sentence, it's compound sentence. So you only highlight those things that are being looked for or that we are looking for in this case, worsening glad status. All right, how about the next sentence Glide is using prescribed patient controlled analgesia device maximally every hour and still continues to have nausea and vomiting so I will highlight that right because the patients are already on maximum pain management but still nauseated and is vomiting which means the patient still uncomfortable and is still in pain, which means the medication is not working. It's not enough those the patients in pain patients uncomfortable.

If you don't address this, they can sue you. So we're gonna, we're gonna highlight that as well. How about the next adequate URI now but nope. Abdominal surgical incision redressing screen dry intact with no erythema, edema or drainage. That's also Nope. So there are only two things that I will highlight the clog review systems incentive spirometer and blindness using prescribed BCA device maximally every hour continuous to intermittent nausea and vomiting. Those are two signs that the patient is not improving and is worsening. All right. So in the actual NCLEX are actually going to click a nightlight, I hope you guys can do that. That's basic computer skill. Just like you're highlighting words in the internet and copying it and pasting it to your Facebook posts, or copying and pasting in Microsoft Word. It's the same, but you're gonna have to highlight it. And it's going to turn color yellow during the emphasis once you highlight so click and then drag to highlight, right. That's one of the new things in NCLEX highlighting. All right, April, please send me a message, a doctor nurse Paul in Facebook, and I'm going to be able to help you and my team, right. All right, you guys have questions? Who found it easy? Who found it difficult? Who found it challenging? Be honest with me? Be honest, I know some people found it easy. Some people found it confusing. But that's why we're doing a lot of these drills to train you live, how to answer these types of questions and how to attack them. And so you can also figure out your deficiencies. All right. Will there be penalty if you highlighted the whole sentence instead of just some parts of sentence? Shelley? No. But then again, that's only for simple sentences.

If this is a compound sentence, where one sentence is composed of two standalone sentences connected by what they call that interjections I forgot, I'm not an English major, but the end or but or, or if they're connected sentences, then you cannot highlight the whole thing. Because that's two sentences that you're highlighting. Right? So it's only per sentence or phrase need to review concepts, Shelly said tricky but passable, of course. Michi. Alright, with proper training. Yes, you can. Can you guys pass your NCLEX? Can you guys pass your next generation NCLEX? Very good road that this is a very important comment by Rhoda. Can we flash that on the screen member Linus. She said it is challenging, but easy if you are equipped with the content, information. That's right. So that's why I keep emphasizing next gen NCLEX is just another way to test your knowledge. Don't get me Don't get scared with that. What you actually need to prepare with is your concepts because now in the form of case scenario where you are overwhelmed reading hundreds of words to find out the problem.

It can easily trick you if you don't know the concept. So a lot of people are not able to answer the first few questions because they don't have a full grasp of what is pulmonary embolism versus what is bowel perforation versus what is Wieneke laceration versus what is hypovolemic shock versus what is stroke? So that's a problem because you get confused with things like that. All right. And thank you guys, I do this every Saturdays please join me can you faster next gen networks Yes, I can follow doctor nurse Paul in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. I do live classes every Saturday 8am Central US time. That's Texas time. And I do secrets of next generation and blitz every first and third Saturdays of the month. Every second and fourth Saturdays of the month I do us a nurse series that's very good conversation with experts with people have experiences migrating to the US and we're talking about many things like contracts and moving into the United States and settling into your work and finding jobs and bringing your family. So many learnings I love talking to my peers here in the US. So please follow and support doctor nurse Paul as I do these free classes so we can help more nurses. I know a lot of nurses don't have adequate funds to really be in a review program. And that's why Connetics is offering anklet scholarship. We're going to flash that one more time on the screen. Here in the bottom right, we're going to flash the link where you can apply for NCLEX scholarship under Connetics USA and aspire are in Alright, so go click that link right now fill up the form and one of the Connetics recruiters or get ahold of you and explain to you how the scholarship program works. But we have hundreds of Connetics scholars in Aspire are in right now. 

Thank you guys for dressing Aspire RN and doctor nurse Paul. I am here to help you. If you guys have questions, send me an email info at doctor nurse That's info at doctor nurse Or just follow me on social media and we're gonna get ahold of you once we can we have tons of messages but we're still trying to like respond to everybody. So please be patient with us. Alright, and also follow up Connetics USA we do this classes every Monday with other human Connetics partners.

And there's a lot of shows that Connetics do actually which I love because they do immigration Q&A day. They do their onwards and upwards days. So many shows. I love working with Connetics USA I've been doing shows with them for a long time before I put up my own show. And that's why I have my own show because I was inspired what Connetics is doing. Alright, thank you guys for allowing me to help you guys today. Thank you for being patient with me while we are going to connection issues at the beginning.

If you guys have questions, drop a message in my Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and I will respond to you as soon as I can. All right, you guys have a great day. Thank you so much. I'll see you soon every first Monday Connetics college with Connetics USA and Aspire RN with doctor nurse Paul have a great day. Bye