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Monument Health - US Healthcare Employer

We are from Monument health and Rapid City, South Dakota will play a little bit of a video for you here shortly.

Monument health is headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota. Nestled In the beautiful Black Hills in a place characterized by over 5 million acres of forests, mountains, and oasis in the sea of prairie.

The system offers care in 33 medical specialties and serves 20 communities across western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming, serving a population of over 428,000. Over 4500 committed physicians and caregivers live by our mission to make a difference every day.

Monument health is comprised of five hospitals, eight specialty and surgical centers, and more than 40 medical clinics and health care service centers.

As the only member of the mayo clinic care network in South Dakota, Monument health physicians work with doctors worldwide to solve complex medical challenges, complementing local expertise and keeping our patients close to home Cancer Care, Heart and Vascular orthopedics, neurosurgery, general surgery and urology are just a few of the specialty services offered to our region.

With leading edge technologies and treatments, careers began and flourish at Monument Health. The Rapid City Hospital is a level two trauma hospital with one of the busiest emergency departments in a three state region seeing over 50,000 patients.

Rapid City Hospital is also a level three neonatal intensive care unit, caring for our smallest patients. The Black Hills location and culture is a dream come true for emerging physicians and their families. This area draws entrepreneurs, retirees and business leaders seeking quality of life. From the northern to southern hills. The rich history of abundant natural beauty and adventure draws artists, entertainers and tourists from all over the world. Those who move here call it stunningly beautiful, with endless year round outdoor activities with hiking and biking trails. 15 minutes away, a lunch hour can turn into an adventure. Numerous lakes allow for boating at the National Forest and trails are a mountain biker and UTV owners dream in the winter. Many enjoy the local ski resort and take advantage of cross country skiing and snowshoeing, trees, trails, lakes, snow, climbing, biking, hiking and fly fishing.

It's all here public and private schools serve every learning style from traditional to expeditionary home to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands Custer State Park, Spearfish Canyon, and more. And the rest of the world is only a flight away through rapid cities Regional Airport, Monument health invites you to make it difference every day visit our website for more information.

Okay, so that's a little bit about our region we are in the western side of South Dakota. It's a beautiful, beautiful community. I'd like to start with a little bit about our mission, vision and values.

I think it really resonates with a lot of our caregivers and in their simplicity as well. So our mission is to make a difference every day. And I think ours are fully able to do that our vision it starts with heart we all get into this caring profession and to do the right thing every time. So we value trust, respect, compassion, community excellence, and then you can see our priorities here for high quality care experience a great place to work impacting are you know, just to come over just healthcare system in western South Dakota.

So we do see a few other areas were able to say that they don't see snow but we do have snow. We have beautiful colors in the fall if you go to Spearfish, those other areas. We have five hospitals our biggest hospital that we're currently recruiting for is our Rapid City Hospital urgent cares, specialty and treatments.

List of many, many of our specialties I love those for you and we are at the Mayo clinic care and that just really awesome that we can expand those resources and really get that specialized care, even with our community being such a rural area. That being said, With us being rural, we are a smaller city, there's not much traffic. There's still lots of businesses, restaurants, things to do, but it's a very safe area and a great place to raise a family.

So our Rapid City hospitals, specifically the areas we're recruiting for currently our medical unit or oncology unit and our ortho neuro surgical unit I'll talk a little bit about our ortho neuro surgical unit. For our nurse caregivers, we have really amazing ratios, we have a four to one nurse or patient to nurse ratio. Our nurse aides are a one to eight ratio as well. There's always nurse aides on our pods with our nurses, which is awesome.

We take care of a range of patients, our patient population or ortho neurosurgical just like it sounds, we take care of our orthopedic patients, we take care of neuro patients. So we're the primary stroke unit for our hospital. That does require you to have a little bit of specialized education and then NIH certification.

We also take care of surgical patients. So anything post operative from head to toe, we don't typically do a whole lot of the heart and vascular but you will see some interventional procedures for our stroke patients, which is really exciting and new to our area.

We do take care of your general med surg level of care all the way up to our intermediate care patients, providing that better continuity. So our patients aren't happy to get transferred unit to unit. So we can handle some of those drips or more ECU needs for our patients as well.

All right, I'll let Latoya take over for Medical.

All right, so I'm gonna kind of explain a little bit about our medical department. We take pride in our medical department with also our patient ratios and between 415 to one with our nurse aide ratios, they will be roughly a five to one to a 10 to one with those patients in that area.

Similar to what Tarra had mentioned, as we will see those basic med surg patients anywhere from 18 years of life to the end of life. And we really do have a very diverse patient population. So we will see a lot of different cultures that will be coming in within our areas and within our departments as well. So we really take pride in the care that we will provide on our medical department, we do have some intermediate level of care patients that we will also care for, that are not fitting into the types of departments that Tarra had mentioned within that ortho neural area or our oncology department as well.

But I will go ahead and let me talk about our oncology department.

Hello, everyone so yeah, our oncology department here in patient and Rapid City. We are a 16 bed, all private room, half of a floor, we have a four to one nurse ratio, eight to one nurse aide ratio, and we also do med surg to IMC level typically they're more IMC just being the oncology patients themselves.

We do see a variety of different diagnosis is everything. We are able to do inpatient chemo's, we also are kind of one of our specialties is our end of life care, and Hospice and Palliative. We also train everyone, that's our permanent staff, so on our TPE, so plasmapheresis, we are the designated unit in the hospital to do that. So lots of opportunities within the oncology department to provide great care to our patients.

I think that kind of sums it up for us Tarra, go ahead.

Yes, there's some pictures of our awesome teams. We have a very diverse team already we use her parents who are born and raised in our area, we also have travel nurses, and then we have a large population already of nurses everywhere from the Philippines. Naika we've got nurses from all over and we love our team. We're very diverse. We're a big family, we like to do community involvement or volunteer activities. And we like to have a little fun as you can see to during the holidays and other fun time. We bring in some more, more new team members and hopefully you'll love this area and choose to make it a home for you as well.

And we'd like to add that our director for these units is the Christmas tree and she's inside this blowup this ministry. And that just kind of shows how much fun we like to have here within our units. So just a little insight. I love that that is a great little nugget right there. I think those pictures really speak volumes for the community and the family that you have at Monument health. You can really tell that you guys enjoy being together and when you're working day in and day out with the same people you want to make sure that you're enjoying your coworkers and that definitely translates for Monument health. Have some very interesting information from you guys.

Very interesting that you're connected to the Mayo Clinic and all of the resources that I'm sure that brings. And also just sounds like a wonderful place to live to bring the family.

I think it was Tarra, who mentioned a lot, a lot of traffic safety. I live in Los Angeles. So not a lot of traffic and safety sounds really great right now. So that is definitely something to really consider. Also cost of living much lower where you guys are at. So that's definitely something that's another big draw along with your very diverse community of International nurses already. So sounds like a really great place to work. Thank you to the Monument health team for sharing all about your hospital system.