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Miller's Health Systems - Careers at the US Healthcare Employer

Good morning. I'm BJ Decola and the chief operating officer with Miller's health Systems. I've been with the organization for 27 years previously has been also, as the executive director at the facility level, I've had the opportunity to work with Connetics and a number of nurses that we've brought over in the past year, and I'll talk about that a little bit later in our presentation. Okay. And I'm Jaima Eisenhauer. I'm currently the Vice President of Human Resources and employee development. And like BJ, I've had the opportunity to grow with Miller's starting out like BJ did as an administrator in training straight out of college, where then I grew into an administrator and ran one of our facilities for 15 years before moving into human resources, where I've been now for several years. All total, I've been with Miller's for 24 years. And BJ, you've been with us for how long? 27 years to 37. And I think longevity is something that makes us unique.

We have a lot of staff that have been with our company, whether it's at the administrator level directors of nursing, even our executive committee and our corporate staff, we have a lot of longevity in our facilities, which is a wonderful thing for our residents and our staff. It helps us to provide continuity of care and an overall experience of quality care for those residents and a good experience for our staff. So a little bit about us. We are a post acute care company or a long term care company and we're located in Indiana, we have 14 skilled nursing facilities and seven assisted living facilities throughout the state. Those skilled nursing facilities that we operate offer short term rehab care, long term care, and we primarily serve the senior population. We also have seven facilities with a dedicated memory care unit. 

Our mission is very simple. It's We exist to serve. And that has basically been our mission since 1964. When the Miller family started the company. We provide compassionate care for loved ones and people across the state. One thing that also makes us very unique is we are an employee owned company. We're the largest 100%, employee owned health care company in Indiana. So those opportunities that we provide for not only quality of care, but a great employment opportunity with professional growth opportunities for our staff. So we wanted to give you an idea of where we're at. So we have the map here of the United States with Indiana highlighted in red. So you can see where we're centrally located within the country. And then we also have the map pulled out with a stars that represent all of our different locations of our facilities.

So one thing that makes us unique is being directly in the middle of the country. It's easy to access different parts of the country and even different parts of the world. Most of our facilities are within it within an hour or two drive of either Indianapolis or Chicago, which makes it very easy to get into those that are both international airports, which would allow you to be able to fly back home to see loved ones or get to any other area of the country where you may have friends and relatives relatively easy I mentioned that we're an employee owned company. So what exactly does that mean? It's an employee stock ownership plan, which is a retirement plan that is regulated by the federal government. Again, this makes us very unique, and you become an ESOP participant by simply working 1000 hours in each plan year. So any of our employees that meet that 1000 hour mark can participate in the in the ESOP. And what that does is it grows as a retirement account for all of our employee owners, for them saving for their future. So by the time we close our each of our years, the profits of the company, portions of those get dispersed into accounts for the employees to save for their future. So we believe in not only growing our employees professionally, but helping to provide for them personally as well. 

And we wanted to kind of give you a glimpse of things inside our facility. So I mentioned we provide rehab care, we provide long term care and memory care. One of the things that also makes Long Term Care a different environment than the acute care world or the hospital world is our patients are with us for longer than just a few days. average length of stay is less than 30 days. So we do a large portion of rehab where our residents or patients come into our facilities after having an acute care episode. And we do our best to rehab them, whether that's nursing care, in combination with therapy care, so we can get them back home into their community setting. Others will stay with us for the duration of their time. But the majority of our residents, we see going home back into the community. So our nurses are very skilled, we are more of a step down setting to the hospital. And that's a misconception. I think about a lot of long term care skilled nursing facilities, that nurses don't use their skills, and you absolutely will use your skills in our environment, we have nurses providing wound care, trach care, doing respiratory treatments. And then the other side is because they're with our patients are with us for longer than just a couple of days, you get to develop a relationship with them, you get to know them on a personal level as you care for them during that stay. So you get to know them, you've often will get to know their families and we become like a family to many of our residents. So that is one of the things that draws many of us like BJ and I to stay in long term care for many, many years, because it's an incredibly rewarding experience. 

And then we want to just share some pictures with you. You know, we've been in operation since 1964. Some of our facilities are newer than others, but we've worked hard to try to renovate our facilities to make sure that they are comfortable for our residents. And we can provide them the care that they need with inside. So this is just a couple pictures of two of our different facilities. Inside each of our resident rooms. One of the things that we're charged with is to provide them with a home like environment. So we have single rooms or private rooms. We also have some of our rooms that are semi private where our residents or patients will share one with another individual. Our therapy, as I mentioned is a huge part of what we do. So we have therapy gyms that have a variety of equipment in it. And the one picture you can see there's a little kitchen in the background. We work with the residents on activities of daily living, what do they need to be able to successfully do to get them home safely and successfully. And then we have dining room areas, lounge areas and common areas where they can visit with families or other residents that are in the look in the facility with them. BJ Thank you, Jaima. I wanted to discuss some of the benefits that we have here at Miller's health systems and also what we can provide the state of Indiana. We will provide temporary housing to any of our nurses that arrive.

We have assisted in getting our nurses settle and acclimated to the community. We have been very fortunate to have 14 nurses arrive through Connetics that we interviewed and hired approximately two years ago. Some of them have come with families and we're very fortunate to have employed some of their family members, spouses significant others actually believe a high school aged child in one situation. We've also assisted one of the families, one of the spouses in getting a teaching job at a local school. So we've been very pleased with how that's all worked out. And the nurses have as well. We have a competitive nurse package with salary and benefits, health insurance, vacation time, paid time off benefits.  

Another unique thing about us we had four nurses that we brought over approximately one year ago, and all of them have accumulated and saved their vacation time for this for August here of the current time that we're in and they've all traveled back three of the four have traveled back home to see their family in the summer and we've given them extended period of time off and all of them have told us how appreciative they were of that to be able to know don't only leave for a period of time but get some additional time off to go see family spend some time with family after being in the United States for a year. So that's something that we certainly will work with any nurses on and their families, because we know how important family is to them. We have a  401 K savings plan and program and the ESOP employee stock ownership plan that Jaima had mentioned, health insurance benefits that are available, and ongoing education and professional growth opportunities. That's something that we really want to keep our nurses not only educated and trained on the services that they're providing right now, but things that they might be required to provide in the future. We have annual skills training, and we're certainly open to sending all of our nurses to any types of classes that are offered throughout the state of Indiana. 

A cost of living comparisons, we wanted to point out that Indiana is one of the best states to live in in terms of cost of living. We are 9% below the national average. We have some large facility large cities such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne Evansville, but we're mainly Mollen small and midsize cities. So it's very appropriate to live in low crime, we offer four seasons, if you love the seasons. You know, we're in great summer weather right now. I'll fall here shortly. If you'd like snow, we'll have snow here in a few months. We have nationally recognized Higher Education universities throughout the state. And as Jaima mentioned earlier, we were very close by proximity wise to international airports in the Indianapolis and Chicago. Excellent. If you go to Next one, please. We have a couple of nurses that couldn't join us today.

But I just wanted to briefly touch on what they had to say, coming into the United States Neil had never worked in a long term care setting before had a hospital setting background and was very pleased with and appreciative of the opportunities that we provided him when he arrived. If you go to the next slide, please. And then Clarissa came with her family. She was one that arrived with her, her husband and three children. And she's talked about what a rewarding experience it has been for her and her family and the connections that she has made with both the residents and personally in the community of the local schools and their families. She's been very impressed with being able to witness the incredible journey of the staff and excuse me of the residents and their recoveries, and great sense of fulfillment, knowing that she can contribute to their well being and offer the best care possible. So in closing, we just wanted to say thank you for the time today. We are a premier provider of senior care in Indiana, we have a competitive wage and benefits package, a very low cost of living in Indiana for professional growth opportunities beyond just being a staff nurse, you'd like to become a manager or do something. Beyond that we are open to giving you the education and training that you need to do that. 

So thank you very much, Danielle. Thank you, BJ. Thank you, Jaima. My that was a very interesting presentation for our nurses who are watching worldwide. If you are interested in working with the senior community Millers can be clearly a very, very interesting opportunity. I know when you were both talking. I could just tell you know, it's a really it's a family feel. It's an employee owned company. You've been there for 24 and 27 years, I think that really speaks volumes. The fact that you gave your international nurses some extra time off so they can visit their families. You can just tell Miller's is the kind of place that really values they're nurses, values, families. So if that's something that's important to you, you want to go somewhere where they're going to value your family, they're going to value your children.

They're going to make you feel like a part of the family you can just tell Miller is really that kind of place. And also the state. I know for a lot of our nurses, they don't know too much about Indiana. But that was very interesting. I know you said I just wrote it down cost of living 9% below the national average. That's huge. It is extremely expensive to live in the United States and to live in a state where you know the cost of living is reasonable and affordable. That goes a long way.So an amazing opportunity to work at Miller's in Indiana. They have a lot of facilities, a lot of professional development opportunities. So thank you both Jaima and BJ for sharing for any of our nurses who are interested in working in Miller's you can apply at the Connetics USA nursing agency, website and tell your recruiter I want to interview with Miller's I saw them on Career Day and I am excited about them.