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Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital | US Healthcare Employer

The Mercy team is going to introduce themselves and share all about their hospital and their location. Good morning to all of you before we get started, let's do some quick introductions, we are going to start with Brooke.  

Good morning my name is Brooke Doherty I'm the Director of Human Resources here at Mercy Rehabilitation South. And I'm so happy to be here with you. 

Well, we are so happy that you are with us, Brooke, looking forward to hearing from you. Let's go with Marvia next. Good morning my name is Marvia Samuels I'm a rehab nurse. I work at the Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital and I'm from Jamaica wonderful. Well, we're excited to hear all about your experience as an international nurse. Marvia thank you for being here today. And last but certainly not least, let's go with Rhonda. 

Hello I'm Rhonda Morse, the Chief Nursing Officer here at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Okay, wonderful. Well, Mercy team we are so excited to have you on our career day this morning. We are looking forward to hearing everything you have to tell us about your  Hospital and the state that you are located. You guys know the rules you got 10 minutes on the clock. Let's get ready, and go. 

Good morning I will begin with opening our presentation where you'll see a picture of our brand new beautiful facility, Mercy Rehabilitation South, we provide care for patients suffering from debilitating illness or injury and the average length of stay is about 10 to 11 days. Diagnoses include brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke, amputation, and complex orthopedic injuries to name a few. Our facility is located on Mercy South Hospital's campus in South County, St. Louis, Missouri. We have 50 private rooms amongst two floors 12 rooms are secured and our neurological unit. Additionally, we have an in-house hemodialysis which Marvia manages and Bariatric rooms with ceiling lifts. Next slide, please. So here you see our beautiful state-of-the-art Rehabilitation therapy gym. patients admitted here at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital South are able to withstand three hours of therapy a day, five days a week. This includes physical, occupational and speech-linked speech-language pathology and addition to therapy. nursing care is provided 24 hours a day seven days a week.  

So again, pictured here below is our therapy courtyard with a pickleball court putting green and alternative terrains for community ambulation simulation. Next slide. So illustrated here is our patient population by diagnosis and 2023. Mostly neurological at 44%. At this time, I'm going to turn the presentation over to Rhonda Morse. Rhonda, the floor is yours. 

Thank you, Brooke. Next slide please so once you arrive at the rehab hospital, in which we actually currently have about 10 International nurses from all over the world, so we welcome any new members. But you start with orientation and education. The first two weeks is basically classroom training and virtual training where you learn about documentation, how to administer blood, do skin documentation, blood, sugar's the mobility equipment, all those kinds of things that you need to know to become efficient on the rehab hospital area. Once you're done with those two weeks of classroom orientation, then you come to the rehab hospital where you'll be with a preceptor nurse for approximately another two to three weeks where you'll actually learn hands on training and get to actually do the documentation. That preceptor nurse also will show you like where the supplies are kept just how they do their day. Once you're done with the orientation and education you're not alone though, there's always a charge nurse on every shift 24/7 to assist in any questions or procedures that you may not have had the experience to do yet. Then the nurse patient ratio is about one nurse to seven patients. And along with you being the nurse there's also a patient care assistant, who also provides that hands on care of the patient with the turn timing and positioning and toileting and things like that. So I'm going to turn it over to Marvia.  

Now because she's been a nurse on our rehab hospital for an actually with us before for over two years, and his transition to being a Mercy nurse, so I will let you tell, let her tell you what it's like to actually being a nurse at our hospital. Go ahead Marvia. 

Good morning again, everyone. Being a nurse on the rehab unit is very exciting and challenging. You get to learn new things, different things from the General Hospital. So on a daily basis, we do medication passes, and we pass medication as per order using the EPIC system, and we use computers on wheels to do the medication passes. We also do wound care for patients who have wounds, pressure ulcers, inches incision sites, and skin tears. Other type of foods we do care as well. We also do IV insertions and blood draws. In IV, insertion, IV, fluid IV, antibiotic care, that sort of thing. And we also do IV dressing changes as well. If we have a patient with a trach, we do trick, trick Customer Care. as well. We do family and patient education. We inform we educate the family about the patient's medical management, their diagnosis, their been diabetes, we do blood sugar management, we do insulin administration teaching and instructions. We also do NutraSweet in the nutrition department. We give energy feeds. For patients who have a PEG tube we do feed in as well.  

We give bolus feeds and we give intermittent feeds as well. We do electronic documentation we document we document in UDS on rehab, and we also document on the EPIC system. That's where we give our medications. And we follow up our lab results. And we do our patient orders. We all do those things on Epic. IV and IV and IV documentation we do on Epic as well. Working here as been very entertaining, informative, very good. I enjoyed my time at rehab. When I came I was very apprehensive because I didn't know much about rehab nursing. We do have rehab nursing in Jamaica, so I was very apprehensive. But the staff here they were great. I met some wonderful people. I'm telling you. I was very nervous coming here. But when I came, I realized that I came into a family.

I met a lot of other international nurses while I'm here from all over the world, Philippine Zimbabwe, Africa nurses, they were great. We form a family and the nurses who are here on the rehab unit, we form a family where I live, it's close to the hospital. It's like 10 to 15 minutes driving. And the Euro is very secure. I feel safe. Whatever time I go in, I leave. I feel very secure. Shopping. It's within hand reach so to speak. There's the stores are available. There are many you can choose, pick, choose and refuse where you want to shop. You can. There's a lot of entertainment, you can go to the zoo, the park to the aquarium. There are rides you can go on. It's very wonderful here and it's very safe. I feel very comfortable. And I feel very safe here. My family came with me. So my kids, two boys. They were all over the place coming here and they just enjoy their time while they're here. So, thank you all. That's all I have to say for now. 

Thank you Marvia. Hopefully, we have time for the videos that we have remaining, but we understand if not. 

Hello, my name is Josiah I'm from Nigeria. Hi, my name is Sasha Kay Lynch, a registered nurse, from Jamaica. This is just a snap sis of my journey to the US, Registered Nurse walk in at the Rehabilitation of Spiro Mercy solve, also a recipient of June 2023 coworker of the month award. It began in 2018 after being accepted by OGP, into the international nursing program, and ended in 2023. After completing my required contracted period, and most of the US in October 2021, started working at Mercy in December 2021. Arriving here with only two pieces of luggage, containing clothing, and knowing I have to begin my life as if starting from scratch was very unnerving. We moved into an empty apartment and had our first prepared meal sitting on the floor. 

I really, really love my soul to rehab and I would recommend anyone to come and join our team. Wow, Mercy team I almost have a little bit of tears from watching that video that was really quite something really beautiful. It seems like you guys have got such an amazing and robust international community. I mean, Marvia, when you were talking about you said you were nervous when you came, which is completely understandable. I think every international nurse when they imagine making that journey to the United States, it makes you a little nervous inside, it's a big, big deal. And when you said you came and you found your family, you formed your family, you had all of these different nationalities from all over the world that you became friends with became part of your family. I think that just sounds so special, and really so touching. So I'm sure for a lot of nurses who are watching around the world and are looking for somewhere that they can go and have a community and have that support system.  

That's clearly something that Mercy Rehab South really has. I also loved how you all talked about the area, you talked about how safe and secure it is. That's something I know for a lot of international nurses whether they have a family or not. It's really important to them so more via when you said that you could leave at any time of the day or night and you don't have to worry, that's a huge deal. So thank you so much for sharing that and thank you so much to the Mercy team. Mercy Rehab Hospital really does sound like quite the amazing family especially for an international nurse. So we are so appreciative of your partnership, and of you coming on here and sharing all about your rehab facility and why an international nurse should choose you. So thank you Mercy rehab team. If you would like to work at Mercy rehab in St. Louis, Missouri, you can apply at And you can see they're excited, they're welcoming you they want you to come join. So thank you to the Mercy Rehab team.