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Med Surg RN Jobs in Maine | Northern Light Health

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all of you wherever you may be joining us from today. Thank you so much for joining us this morning. We are honored to have our esteemed partner and Northern Light Health system located in the beautiful and majestic state of Maine. Join us today to give us lots of great information about opportunities available in this beautiful state in this fantastic health system. So my name is Deirdre O'Regan, for those of you who have not joined the shows before I am the Senior Director of Recruitment at AMN Healthcare International, the leading organization for both staffing and direct hire opportunities in the US. So again, I am honored to have our esteemed partner here today going to do brief introductions here we are joined today by Deb Sanford AVP of nursing, Joanna Morrison, AVP of talent acquisition, Gina Gillette nurse manager Chris Laird, AVP nursing operations and last but not least, Danielle Lawson, Nurse Manager. So I'm going to hand it over to Deb to do a brief introduction and followed by the other members of her team. And then I come back to me and I will let you know what to expect today, so thank you so much Deb over to you.

Good morning, everyone I hope your day is going well Northern Light EMMC. We, as the video said we're in the heart of Maine, right smack in the middle, close to oceans, close to the mountains. And the beautiful people we have here. I'd like to just say thank you for joining us.

Thank you, Deb. Joanna?

Hi, everyone my name is Joanna Morrison and I've been a lifelong Mainer. I was born at Eastern Maine Medical Center so it's it has a very special place in my heart my children were born here as well. So I'm very honored to invite you to come and work with us.

Thank you, Joanna. Gina, if you'd like to go next.

Sure, I'm Gina Gillette I'm the nurse manager for one of our inpatient cardiac telemetry med surg units. I've been here in the hospital 30 years and like Joanna, lived in Maine my whole life. So really enjoying our international nurses that come and work with us. We have a lot in each of our departments, and it's a great, great working relationship.

Thank you, Gina. Chris?

Good morning my name is Chris Laird I'm the AVP for nursing Operations here at Eastern Maine Medical Center. I've been here for a little over two years. I loving the Maine State being able to go out and see different places. I have over 20 years of experience and leadership from all over the United States. And welcome, thank you so much for joining us.

Wonderful thanks, Chris and Daniel.

Good morning my name is Danielle Lawson. I'm the nurse manager on Medical/Surgical which is our surgical floor. I've been at Eastern Maine for well over 20 years, and just look forward to our partnership.

Thank you so much, Danielle. And so this is our team for today we've got a lot of great information for you. This is your opportunity to ask questions so please If you have any questions, pop them into the chat, and we will address them in the Q&A section of our presentation today. Bear in mind, if you have a question, most likely others on the line have the same question. So please don't be scared to answer it to ask that question this is your opportunity to do so. So love that you're popping in where you're dialing in from I see London, Zambia, Philippines, Qatar, Ghana so we've got representation from all over the globe, please continue to pop in where you are dialing in from we love to see that. And also throughout the presentation, you'll see some pop ups that will ask you to apply. So we are asking that if you are on this call today and you are interested in opportunities in Northern Lights, particularly the Eastern main campus. So we talked about Eastern Maine, that is the largest campus, that's what we're going to focus on today. We do have some prepared content that will introduce you to the other campuses in the health system. But today, we want to focus primarily on opportunities available at EMMC. So with that, I am going to hand it over to Deb to kick us off with our prepared content. do submit your questions, we do have a member of our team on the back end moderating those. So we will see those as you are as the questions are coming in. As with these live events, we get so much participation, so much interest that we may not get to answer all questions, but the team is focused on going in after the event making sure that all of your questions are addressed. Okay, so with that, I will hand it over to Deb to kick us off with our prepared content and see you guys soon.

So good morning, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, again, I just wanted to give a little bit of background about Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, where we have exceptional health care with a passionate pursuit of excellence and safety, quality and service. Northern Light is recognized as a leapfrog A and a four star hospital from our organization from our government. You can see us right here on the right on the shore of the Penobscot and we are a 411 bed tertiary care unit. That is the safety net for Northern Light health in the state of Maine, we have 363 active providers. And we provide every single type of care here except burns and transplants, so it's a busy place with a large service. And again, we cover the northern two thirds main and I'm going to turn this over to my colleague Chris to come to continue the presentation.

Thank you, ma'am and we can go to the next slide it we do cover like Deb said a significant portion of the state of Maine. And we have specialties that cover from birth to end of life, palliative care services and everything in between. We do cardiac surgeries within our critical care units have a huge amount of primary care visits and service over two thirds of the state of Maine, we do have a couple of pictures, we wanted to show some of the beauty in the general area that we have surrounding the state of Maine places to be able to go and visit the four seasons that you don't necessarily see everywhere right now we are in the middle of winter so it's a little chilly. We'll get to some of those pictures later but a lot of beauty, a lot of significant areas to be able to go out and view to see and to enjoy while you're here. We do have some amazing staff that go through that care for our patients. And we have international population here that helps to service our staff that helped us service our general area and population. We love to be able to bring in extra help to be able to facilitate the care that we have. And as we go through we have some other opportunities that continue to identify bringing our staff together to be able to support our patients and what we do on a daily basis, next slide. Go through a couple more here this is Koda, one of our service animals that makes trips throughout the organization different times, next slide. And I will turn it over to Gina for our pace.

Thank you so pace is our professional advancement commitment excellence program. This is a great opportunity for our staff nurses to advance in their careers it's a method to road advancement, while fostering environment of clinical excellence in accordance with our mission, vision and values. It's very tailored to each nurse, there's a lot of opportunity, a lot of different choices they can make and how they advance through this career ladder. If they're very engaged with community volunteering, that can be one of the aspects of the program that they choose. There's lots of opportunity for projects, working in different committees on their unit, inter departmental committees, projects, ebp projects, so lots of opportunity. It's three tiers such as staff, nurse, one, two and three. It gives gives big opportunities to develop leadership skills as well, so a lot of mentoring and a lot of teamwork.

And I'm not sure who's next press, the next few slides go through some of the awards that we give out to recognize our staff, and to recognize the hard work that they do. We do Daisy Award to celebrate our nurses, we also have some sunshine awards that celebrate our CNAs and unlicensed personnel and we truly like to be able to bring the staff together. The next slide shows some of our pictures where we actually pull everybody in together hoping to be able to do one of these in February with our everyone where we're at day four to support Heart Month. I believe the next slide goes into our tertiary care, which we'll turn over to Danielle.

So like Deb touched upon a little bit, we are a tertiary care center in a level two Trauma Center. We encompass a lot of different types of surgeries and opportunities from advanced cancer, cardiovascular, orthopedic emergency women's health. We are specialized in robotic assisted surgery, which kind of pairs with our surgical center of excellence and we encompass several different services and a lot of like 27 surgeries, I believe. We also have lots of locations in Bangor, Brewer Orono, for primary care as well as walk in center in Brewer as well I mean, sorry, in Bangor. We have life flight right on deck here in eastern Maine. And we have a life flight critical care provider we're leading in the research with genetics in cancer, cardiology prevention, medical trials, Alzheimer's disease, and we're a leader in Nursing Excellence. We have a lot of nurses over 220 that holds certificates in 30 Plus also hold multiple certificates in those areas.

Turn it back over the next couple of slides that will go into show some of the beauty of Maine during Deb said we're very close to the ocean. We have a lot of significant outdoor activities that you can go through there's kayaking, there's the ability to see Mount Katahdin ocean streams, fields, forests, wildlife, you can see the moose there in the background, there's several moves that you can go out and find in different areas. The lighthouses are well known throughout the state of Maine to be able to go see different things that are out there. Our next slide is looking at some of the typical positions we're hiring for. Right now we're truly, really, really focused on some of the med surg positions that we have. But these are some of the units that we do open into, depending on what positions are open. So we do have our Medical Center of Excellence, our surgical unit of excellence, focusing on truly bringing in excellent staff to be able to help support what we're doing in those units. But we do have the operating room pack you our supplemental inflow pool, which helps to support all of the different units that we have, as well as some of our Women's and Children's OB labor and delivery. Anything you want to add there, Joanna?

Yeah, I'm sorry everything would be available and open at the time of conversion. So we're excited to have people learn more about the different units and have some experience once they're they arrive in the States.

Thank you, ma'am. Several of the next slides actually go through Through the beauty of Maine during the fall, we've got a significant amount of trees and areas that transition during the fall and it makes for beautiful colors, hiking trails to be able to go out and see different parts of nature, Sugarloaf for anybody who likes to go up and ski to see the wildlife. Areas like that has a place up there, it's beautiful. And then individuals that love to look up at the stars look at the sky at night. Being Maine not being as populated as some of the other areas has a huge ability to be able to see the stars and look up and see what's out there. This woman is from Sugarloaf, there's the stars, the next one that we have is looking at employee benefits after transition, which I'll hand over to join.

Thank you, yes, we have many excellent benefits. Our dental, medical and wellness programs include vision and prescription programs, our paid time off is very generous. We most recently added a paid parental leave program and have very robust leaves of absences available, if in times of need. We have life insurance programs that are available as well. And retirement benefits that you can contribute to every unit has access to tuition reimbursement programs that you can have classes reimbursed for. So as you have tuition, you can have that paid back based on your approved program if you wanted to continue your education, we also offer some loan repayment programs. If you needed to take a student loan, then we would offer some repayment depend and have you continue working with us as you repay that loan. As you become a permanent employee, we would also offer a sign on bonus with that, along with a continued commitment to working with us at Northern Light EMMC.

Thank you, ma'am. Now we'll bring it into winter snow the water freezes over, there's opportunities to go skiing, snowshoeing, there's still a lot of beauty here with the four seasons and then the winter, we're in the middle of winter right now. We don't have as much snow down in Bangor, but short drive up to Sugarloaf and I believe that was skiing yesterday enjoying the slopes. So we do have some information on our caring behaviors that comes up next, we truly focus on the caring behaviors within our organization, looking at service excellence, teamwork, bringing the team together, character showing truly who you are inside, making sure that our staff have that ownership to own the organization own the care that they provide, as well as privacy to respect the privacy of others, and respect the privacy of our patients. Last couple of slides, we do go into some for Christmas here for those that celebrate the holiday season here beautiful lights go about in the city there's a lot of different areas that go through and decorate. And a lot of celebrations that happen to celebrate all different religions that we have the last one I'll turn over to Joanna and it's talking about some of our member organizations throughout the system.

Yes, we are at 10 hospital system so there are locations all across the state so we're in the like Deb said in the middle. So about two and a half hours north is our most northern hospital and about two and a half hours so well two to two and a half hours. So depending how fast you drive is our most our southern hospital in the state that we are a part of. So there are several critical access hospitals which means 25 beds or less we have some community hospitals which are bigger but not as big as Eastern Maine Medical Center. We have a few nursing homes that we are connected with and then we have a homecare and hospice program where we go out to people's homes to help provide care for them right where they live. And we also have one of the only behavioral health hospitals in the state. So very exciting work that we do all across to state and provide care for many, many Mainers.

The during the presentation we did speak about the pace program that is our career ladder here for staff. We also have that career ladder available for our international partners we've set that up to be able to help support the growth and development of individuals that come into the organization. We truly want to focus on that evidence based practice, and building that clinical expertise for our staff I think now we're going to turn it back to Deirdre for questions.

All right and the questions are coming fast and furious, I'm sure you can see in the comments section. But while these shows, presentations are a great opportunity to see from a professional perspective, what's available in the health system, but it really is all about what's it like living and working in Maine. And so to see those pictures, some of them to me as like, is that real? I know, they're real, it's so picturesque it's so beautiful. And one of the things as well is that, some of the best food I've ever had in my life has been from Maine. So just, I think that is quintessential mean that lighthouse reminds me of a movie. So thank you so much for sharing what it's like to truly live in four seasons and just what a beautiful and majestic state. I think that I speak for almost everyone on the line right now when I quote naggy at where she said Maine is her dream place in the USA. So thank you for sharing that I had to write down all of the places that we've got participation from today in in all the times that we've done shows like this. It's just a testament to the interest that in not just Northern Lights, but in US as leaders that are that are international nurses want to find out more about the amazing opportunities that are available. I see we've got listeners from France, Northern Ireland, Australia, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Seoul, Korea. So just a testament to to the amazing opportunities that are available in your health system. I'm going to jump right into questions. And as I said, they're coming fast and furious. We may not be able to get to every question we'll do our very, very best. But I'm going to start. Gina, this is a question for you, can you talk to us about what the typical nurse to patient ratio is?

Sure, so I'm in a medical surgical department like Danielle and we staff for nurses to have for patients on the day shift five patients on the night shift. We have certified nursing assistants for support, we keep our charge on assigned and during the day shift, we usually have a resource nurse who's also helping with patient assignments, I know and grip care, it's one to one or two to one depending on the level of acuity of the patients. And in our Intermediate Care Unit, typically three patients per nurse.

Okay, great thank you Gina. I know at the top of the show, we talked about the the need to fill our medical surgical opportunities with an EMMC. Joanna, are there any other specialties that you were recruiting for?

We have some intermediate care and we have had some different areas that open from time to time. But specifically, we're looking for medsurg at this time.

Perfect thank you so much. Chris, can you talk to us a little bit about the continuing education opportunities that are available?

Absolutely I think for nurses, the growth opportunities abound. We do have a wide range of clinical specialties with extensive experience teams ranging throughout the hospital, we offer continuing education through some of the classes that we offer throughout for growth and development of staff. We cross trained individuals into different areas of the hospital, offering a critical care class we do offer annual skills which go through but I think the other continuing education opportunities are with our partners that we have here. Throughout the state we have educational opportunities for growth and development furthering degrees, as well as we do leadership opportunities for growth and development for our leadership retreat. We actually have one coming up the end of this week. So that I think there's a lot of continuing education opportunities for the individual growth and development staff.

Great thank you so much, Chris. And Danielle, can you talk to us a little bit about what the orientation looks like for an international nurse?

So our orientation is very robust we have not only a 12 Week Orientation program, but we also have built in Sims labs for our international population, which you get one on one with our educators down there. On the floors, we start out people with a reduced assignment as far as for orientation purposes. So you start out at a lower ratio, and then you build up as your skills and you get comfortable and your skills build up. And we do that over a certain span of time. I popped off of me for a second there and we have a team that super supportive for all of our orients and our onboarding and I hope I answered what you needed there.

Absolutely thank you so much, Danielle. So we already showed a slide with all of the campuses on their brand and if I may ask you to pop that slide up. Again, we do have some questions about the campuses within the Northern Lights health system, so we'll pop that slide up again. Today, we are focused on eastern Maine Medical Center, and looking forward to more events in the future where we can focus on on the other campuses as well and introduce you to the other campuses. So they that's that so hopefully that will answer that question for you. So we kind of alluded to this in those beautiful images that Chris shared with us and they prepared content. But can you talk a little bit more about what it's like to live in a four season climate, many of our international nurses, that's something that they are very interested in understanding and may not be their experience in their home country. So Chris, could you talk a little bit about that?

Absolutely I am from a way so I can kind of speak to coming in to seeing the different climate that we have here in the state of Maine. Winters being able to see the snow, get snow outside, having the summers where everything is lush and green and beautiful the spring where we've got flowers coming up. I think the opportunities to be able to see the different seasons is amazing. Previous I was in Arizona so it was very desert and dry there really weren't and you had two seasons you had winter and you had summer and that was pretty much it. It was either hot or cold and cold really wasn't cold so here it's truly beautiful. Being able to see the all the degrees with the fall when it changes over and everything growing during the spring I think the opportunity to be able to live in an area where it does have those four seasons, you get to be able to do all of the different activities. You can go out in ski you can go out and snowshoe you can go out and hike the trails swim in the ocean I think being able to have that opportunity with the various seasons that we have here I think it's truly amazing and it's something that is it's beautiful to see. And like you said it is picturesque um a lot of times I think that some of these are fake bu.

I know looking at it like that it's just so so beautiful and there's something to be said about having four seasons and being able to witness the leaves change color all that stuff but you know they I lived in Southern California myself for many many years so can attest to the desert Chris and while of course it has its its beauty there is nothing like experiencing those those four seasons and it's just so so gorgeous and it has something for everybody. So if you want the the ocean, your host of the ocean if you want the mountains or close to the mountains, so truly does have something for everybody, so thank you so much.

Deirdre I just wanted to add, Maine is absolutely beautiful from the four seasons, but we also have a pretty urban at times experience with a waterfront concert that has 15 a venue that has allows us to have 15 concerts outside during the year plus internal right next door to it in our convention center. We also have five star restaurants, lots of different cultural events that go on not only here but in Portland. So it it combined Kings, Maine combines both a rural environment and an urban experience.

Thank you so much, Deb appreciate that I know our listeners appreciate that as well so thank you so very much. Joanna, this question is for you, what spousal support is available to find employment opportunities, etc?

Sure, that's a great question we offer spousal support. Of course, we'd like love to have a supposed to work in the hospital system itself, we have supports programs throughout the hospital, or the home office, which is located right across the river in Brewer. Maine have lots of different positions available. And if that just isn't going to work, we have lots of connections within the community, we belong to the Chamber of Commerce, we have lots of connections, and we make phone calls to local businesses and community members to help find positions. And use those connections to help people find those nursing jobs.

Perfect thank you so much thanks for joining Annie, thanks for joining from England. Joanna one more question for you, can you talk a little bit about the access to schools, colleges, universities, for those international nurses who may be coming with children?

Yes, we've got some of the best public education in the state award winning in the greater Bangor area. So we're very fortunate to live in this community. Very strong public education, we do offer some private education as well if that's what people were interested in. And that's for elementary school up until they graduate and go to high school. They also is there are some private high schools in the area as well, but public high school is fantastic in this region. We offer some community college that is very inexpensive for students and right now the state is actually offering some free community college opportunities. I'm not sure how long that will exist but it is a great opportunity right now. And then we have the University of Maine is a wonderful school and Hudson University is a another university right nearby. We've got some wonderful connections with all of those schools and can work together with all of the students if they have any thing that they're particularly interested in.

Perfect, thank you so much I and AK if you want to refer your friend, yes, please do. So today, Annie will put up the handle to apply today, our team of international expert recruitment is on hand to help you and submitting your application on during this live event today, we'll make sure that your application is prioritized for eastern Maine so that we can get you processed with our recruitment team and in front of these amazing hiring leaders. So a couple of questions here I'm just going to go down through as I said, there's a lot of questions. I'm going to get to as many as I can. Will how to apply. So yes, please submit your application today www.AMNHealthcare/International. So we'll put that handle up there for you to apply today so go ahead and do that gold similar question. You've passed NCLEX already congratulations, and interested in me in any location at all med surg. Please submit your application today if you have not already, and we will make sure that we prioritize that for you. So there's a number of questions do you have a nursing residency program for those with employment gap or with no clinical experience? So Laura, there are opportunities but really looking for more of that qualified where you do have that current acute care bedside experience. So please reach out to our recruitment team we will evaluate your experience and point you in in the right direction where you will be most successful. Okay, so there's a question here, can an applicant apply for a med surg position, even if their experience is from PACU and outpatient so I don't know who will take that question.

Yeah, I'm happy to take that I do think that that's something that we would look at. I think that PACU and outpatient experience is something that would be very supportive within a med surg environment. So we would definitely look at any applicants that had that experience being able to come into med search.

Perfect and Loi, I think that that answers your question as well. Do you accept applicants without patient experience, so Chris has addressed that. And question in here is, can you talk a little bit about the cost of living in Maine, and I know that will probably vary depending on if you're in a more rural location or a larger city?

I think overall the cost of living, I can speak to having come from Arizona, California, different areas, the cost of living here is much less than a lot of the other areas that I've been at, I think we are below the national average. But Joanna, do you have any of the specifics on where we sit with the national average?

I don't but anecdotally, what people have told me is that it's lower than what they've been seeing recently. Especially if you're living laid out sometimes when you people live right in the middle of town, it might be a little bit more expensive in the city of Bangor. But there are many outlines, both towns that are very close, that are less expensive.

Perfect, thank you so much, are there opportunities to transition? So let's say an international nurse comes and starts working on a med surg unit, are their opportunities to transfer to other units and what does that look like?

I have an example actually, we had. We've had a few different nurses come from different areas in nursing to my cardiac unit. And we've had some critical care nurses come that have since transitioned to ICU here in the medical center after working a couple of years with us on cardiac.

Absolutely, that's a great example.

We as well on merit three years have had two international nurses complete their contracts and go up to peds and OB, which was their passion, as well.

That's fantastic. I know our audience loves loves to hear that. Always about what what other continuing education or professional development is available, when I when I come to the US because motivations are different. Maybe you wanted a better life, your family, your children, maybe you want more professional development for yourself so I love to hear those examples. A question here from Odie, do you have daycare available for children within the hospital?

So this is Deb Sanford, we don't have daycare within the hospital. We have partnerships with some local daycares that are surrounding the hospital within a mile or two. And we're working on some additional partnerships.

Wonderful thank you, Deb. Dibsy do you take nurses with diplomas, yes, we do have opportunities for nurses with diplomas. So please submit your application today and we will make sure that your application is prioritized. Yes of course, we absolutely are looking for registered nurses. So get your application in today lots of questions about qualification and lots of questions trying to get through all of these. Eddie, you are asked a question about working while waiting for retrogression so great, great question I know that many listening in today have the same question. So yes, absolutely control what you can control and when you think about what you can control, you can make sure that if you do not have NCLEX yet that you are studying and preparing to pass NCLEX if you do not have English yet that you are studying and preparing to pass English so that you can secure your visa screen. The positive news is that we have seen the visa bulletin progress positively over the last two months. Again, we keep a very, very close eye on that but what we would advise is get your place in line today, right? So the sooner you put in your application, the sooner you can get connected with a recruiter, the sooner you start your process, and the sooner you establish that priority date. So that's what you can control and that I think will keep you motivated to just do the next right thing to get you here and living your American dream. So that's what we would advise for you but thank you you for that question and then. So some some questions about the weather how cold is it in in winter? I think Chris has addressed that the good thing is that you can always bundle up. But I think that Chris has talked about that in some detail, Janina is 100 bed hospital capacity requirement when applying. So please reach out to our recruitment team, we may have some opportunities for you. Cre is the same in regards to experience, what do you prefer level two or level three. So everyone's experience is going to be different and that's why you want to work with a trusted partner that will guide you in the direction where you will be most successful. So when you are speaking to your recruiter, then share with them what your goals and what your aspirations are. Why do you want to come to the US What is your motivation, and we'll make sure that we get you in the right place. Eastern Maine Medical Center is a great place to start your your US journey I know that many international nurses who have come here have stayed. And you can see that in our hiring leaders here today there is a lot of tenure, Joanna talked about. She was born at Eastern Maine Medical Center and now full circle working there and you've got to love where you work in order to stay there and be successful. So I love to see that in these shows is that the hiring leaders have a personal investment in that health system as well and truly, truly love what they do and the people that they work with. And that's very important. So Wil is this direct our staffing? So what we are talking about today, our staffing positions, so it is a two year commitment. The goal is that you convert to core staff at Eastern Maine Medical Center, which many of our international nurses do, but this is for a staffing opportunity for a two year commitment with with the hope that you will convert to core staff at the end of your commitment period. Okay, I'm going to there's, there's a lot there's like over 100 questions, which is fantastic. So Jeff, you have a question about currently working with another agency, so we'll take that one offline with you. So if you please reach out to one of our recruitment team we will guide you in the right direction. It Connie has asked can someone who only has a war experience apply to work in a med surg unit already passed NCLEX congratulations on passing NCLEX a Connie.

Yep, I think this is similar to the looking at outpatient impact, or experience we would take into the med surg area as well. I think any previous experience working in most areas of the hospital, I think it's beneficial to look at. And we would definitely review but yes, that's something that we would review and take.

Perfect, thank you so much. So a lot of the questions are on the experience that we have addressed so the Grace, do you sponsor a pre NCLEX? So we do have limited opportunities to qualify for our pre NCLEX program, looking for very strong experience in an acute care setting must have already passed English with enough validity on that to get through the NCLEX program. However, now that we're in visa retrogression, this is a perfect time to start working on studying for NCLEX. So that as as that visa bulletin continues to move, hopefully in a positive direction, then you are prepared to take the next step. courtly, how long does the application usually take? So once you are connected with a recruiter, so get your application in today, you will hear from our recruiters in 24 to 48 hours. So after that the process is pretty quick on getting your application process your I-140 filed really is just a matter of how quickly you can gather those documents together that we need to file that immigration petition. But that happens pretty quickly. And then you work with an immigration coordinator that kind of walks you through every step of the process. We keep you posted as your file moves forward. But take take the first step today get that application in our recruitment team is on standby waiting to assist on all applications today and we're excited to be working with you alright. Do you have any behavioral unit? So today we're focused on filling those medical surgical positions. So but please, again, reach out to your recruiter if you have not applied yet and we will discuss all open opportunities with you. Yassy what happens after your two year commitment? So ideally, you convert to core stuff, which is what many of our international nurses do and so that's, that's the goal. And we always want you to land in a place where you see that you can have a future, you can raise your family, you can continue your professional career. So that's the goal is staying on as a member, of course, staff at EMMC. So I hope that answers your question I can.

And I can actually speak to that we've just had three internationals convert this past summer. And I have two more converting in February as well.

Wow that's, that's amazing so that's it. That's a testimony to how our international nurses are received and just with the with the utmost respect and for their for their experience, you come with a lot of experience from your home country. And this is an amazing place to be and that's a great testimony. Danielle, thank you for sharing that with us last, do you need recent bedside experience, you just pass the NCLEX exam. So congratulations on passing the NCLEX. So again, that's going to be dependent on what your previous experience has has been. So let our recruitment team review that with you. And we'll be able to present opportunities that you may qualify for. So there is so Wil you've asked some questions about sign on bonuses and reimbursements. Yes, there are, bonuses and reimbursements that you may qualify for depending on your experience. So again, that will be a conversation that you will have with your personal recruiter and hopefully they'll be able to answer all of your questions. They are experts, and they'll be able to guide you in the right direction. All right, I think that we have more or less answered most of the questions, a lot of questions are on the same topic. But I do want to be very respectful and mindful of the time that our hiring leaders have dedicated to us today. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for sharing the great information not only on the on the health system, but also what it's like living and working in Maine. So please, Amy has put up the handle again, apply today at your application will be prioritized for eastern Maine Medical Center after our live event today. I again, I want to end with them thanking all of our leaders here today for taking the time to introduce us to the amazing Northern Lights health system and the beautiful and majestic state of Maine. Looking forward to our next event and where we can highlight the other campuses but thank you to everybody who took the time to listen in today. Just great to see the global representation from all four corners of the globe and I know that there is a lot of great information that you receive today. Any questions that will continue to pop up during the day I know that many, many nurses are working a shift and may not have the opportunity to listen in live. So the team will be in there routinely throughout the day addressing all the questions. But again, thank you so very much to all of the Northern Lights hiring team we really appreciate your time today, this morning. And thank you to all of the participants thank you to Amy and Brandon for moderating in the background and making sure that as many questions as we can answer get answered live. But those of you that we didn't get to then we will get to throughout later today. So thank you so very much, thank you, Deb, Chris, Gina, Danielle and Joanna. We look forward to our next event and hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day. Thank you so much.

Northern Light eastern Maine Medical Center's nursing professional practice model was created for nurses and by nurses. It demonstrates how we as nurses practice collaborate, communicate, lead and develop professionally. The foundation of this model is our mission, vision and values at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center are pillars of excellence, Watson's theory of caring, and shared governance. It serves as a guide for all nurses at all levels in in all settings across Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. Our model defines what the practice of excellence and care for our patients and families and team members looks like each and every day.

Nurses at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center recognize the value of commitment to caring. Caring is the foundation of all of our interactions and relationships with our patients, families and each other caring behaviors are guidelines of performance for all employees towards their co workers, patients and visitors. We pledge to uphold caring behaviors by choosing our attitudes embracing safety is everyone's job protecting patient privacy, delivering excellent service, being committed to our co workers, showing a professional appearance at all times and acting like an owner. In order to achieve our goals for high performance, we organize our efforts under the pillars of excellence. Nurses recognize that the essence of caring and care delivery is human connection created through a healing environment with the patient and family at the center. authentic presence is the core value by which we establish human to human connection and create caring interactions with patients families and each other. Nurses at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center are committed to a holistic approach in the care of patients, their families, each other and the community based on trust, dignity and compassion through shared governance. Nursing representatives from various areas of the hospital come together to address concerns and questions brought from nurses within their departments. By working together we explore innovative approaches to nursing practice uncover opportunities to advance nurses as leaders and improve evidence based practices to promote positive patient outcomes.

I'm so very excited to be working with all of our nurses to ensure we reach the highest level of professional practice here at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center. Thank you to everyone for your commitment to caring for our patients, their families, and each other you truly are all so very remarkable.