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M Health Fairview - US Healthcare Employer

There are very few things in history of mankind that are as glorious as medicine. But healthcare in the United States, not to be pessimistic, is broke. We can handle the healthcare market in a smarter way.

We have so many good willing people, so many smart people, we will own the complexity, and recast how we look at healthcare. This gives us a really a huge opportunity to continue to advance a health care system that really works for people. That's why we're here is to make sure that we're continuing to serve the citizens of Minnesota to make sure that they have absolutely the highest probability the best chance of being healthy. We're building it, we're building it today. We're building it together. It's not impossible. How would you fix health care? 

I don't know I want the best health care for my kids. But I don't want to waste a lot of time driving around trying to get it you might read about some cutting edge research, how does that get down to us, the resources need to be easily accessible, just like the discharge process and are very easy to get there to take off time for work help me and show me where I need to go. A little love could go a long way healthcare does have a lot of little hassles.

By combining M health and Fairview, we're getting the best of both worlds. I think that we're breaking barriers to the best care and the best treatment, everything comes together the hospital, the medical school, the research center, the cutting edge research translate all the way to the clinic in one seamless line. It's using the things in science to frontlines the things that we have that no one else does. That's where healthcare has to go we're doing a lot of little things, even things behind the scenes like collaborating with other teams.

We had virtual visits or home care visits, how can I get you the right kind of advice, the right kind of guidance, using technology, even something like staying on schedule, staying on time makes people feel like their time is important, because there's too many coordinators to doctors, we try to keep as smooth as we want the patient to feel supported.

Compassion is the heart of everything that we do when I go into a room and there's a baby being born, I cry when they cry. Empathy is very important because love is what you're going to need to heal. We're building it's happening. That's what we're doing every day it was too big to move but we can move all right, so we're gonna get back to as you can see from the video, we have a passion for patient care. 

We're an academic healthcare system and we are world known for transplant and research. And we would be excited to have any of you come and check on our positions and consider working amongst our other RNs here at M health Fairview. I can see the PowerPoint. Okay, awesome. So, why consider M health Fairview as Michelle said, we have 32,000 employees here, M health Fairview, as well as with Ebenezer. So one of the opportunities in Minnesota is it's the ability to look at our health care from birth all the way to old age.

And in Minnesota, we're located in the middle of the United States you can see it in red here by Canada, the Dakotas, Iowa and Wisconsin, right. So we have four seasons, it's beautiful in all four seasons, it's something to experience and yes, we do have snow. Yes, it gets cold but it also gets warm in the summer fall is beautiful with the changing colors we have green during the summer and then you see that beautiful fall colors of orange and yellows and that change which is something unique. for Minnesota.

We have 10,000 lakes as mentioned, with multiple activities and a great place to raise your family. What does it mean to be Minnesota, as I explained, we look at the birth to old age, we really focus on care, and how we can care for our patients.

We create these talent pipelines for you to understand what it means. So if you wanted to be a med surg nurse, we're gonna move you through. And you could be an ICU nurse or you could change and start at medical surge and get into a specialty and do dialysis. You could do NICU, you could do multiple different areas, M Health Fairview has diverse populations, diverse employees, and we look at all different types of health care. What that means is we're an acre mission anchor mission pulls in our University of Minnesota, our specialties of ump, and then Fairview health services and we combined so we can transfer patients, depending on whatever diagnostics you have.

And we can move you to all of these different areas so that you get the best health care possible. So you heard that when you listen to the video, and how we transfer care and work together as healthcare professionals, we do hold some, some organizational recognitions with our hospital association, the US Department of Labor and some of our White House initiatives to ensure that we can work with people and move forward for their care, Minnesota seeing this large shortage for nursing. This is where the International nurse comes in. We're looking at 5000 registered nurses each year that are going to have that shortage and we really need to be able to balance our nurses with our patient populations and the diverse groups.

We also have other areas in other than nursing, we have medical assistant, mental health providers, it lab housekeeping nutrition, these are opportunities that you can consider if you're bringing spouse, spouses with you or other family members, we do have those openings to offer your family as well.

We're located obviously Minnesota has the locations in Wisconsin and Florida, which are in other parts of the United States. But we have rural health city's health, we're spread out even with our Ebenezer sites. So each area is special with the communities that we serve.

And those populations that we serve our ethnicity, we have so many different opportunities. We have African American to Native American to Asian to east, African, to European to Hispanic, we even have our subcultures of LGBT, deaf and hard of hearing, blind dis disabilities. We work with every type of population that you can imagine.

We also have employee resource groups, which we call our ERG groups. These are communities that focus on the different cultures, and we celebrate these, these are super important to M Health Fairview, because that's what we call community. We're working with community connections and organizations to ensure that you have that support.

When you come here as an International nurse, were recognized with our health care system with transplants, multiple transplants, we have multiple cultures with 92 different languages that we support, as well as we were the COVID designated hospital during the pandemic for Minnesota, which we set up within months timeframe to ensure that our patients could be taken care of during that pandemic time.

So nursing, we have areas in different levels of care from emergency care, trauma, critical care, immediate care, medical surge, NICU pediatrics, we provide, like I said, from birth to old age, it's a very exciting place to work. Our hospital situation is the Chief Nurse.  

You know, I want to hear in 10 seconds, just one reason why you love working at Fairview for both of you. The one reason I know it's probably a lot of reasons, but just your main reason.

Okay, I'm coming back to you the main reason is the opportunities to work here at Fairview, whether it's the benefits or whatever it is, it's the ability to grow within your profession. So I started as a nursing nurse a tent, and now I'm a provider and that's amazing. That's so great to hear, and what about you, Michelle in 10 seconds, just why you love working at Fairview.

I love working at Fairview because of the passion that our physicians and our nurses have for our patients. And the partnerships that Fairview with his building with our people that we serve in our communities, to help lend for better health care services for people that we serve anything.

Love that well, thank you both so much. That was so interesting to hear all about Fairview I mean being ranked America's greatest workplace for diversity in 2023 that's a huge ranking. So that's pretty amazing I mean, knowing that you were the COVID designated hospital, that obviously means for the state of Minnesota, a pretty big deal, Fairview must be a pretty big deal in Minnesota.

I know, you talked about all of the different opportunities and the different professional developments that your nurses have. So sounds like some amazing opportunities, something else you actually didn't touch on. But that I was thinking about when you were talking about Minnesota is cost of living, you're located right in the middle of the United States. And that's something that I think a lot of nurses really should take into account is cost of living, very good cost of living in Minnesota.

So thank you, Tanya, and Michelle for coming on and sharing all about Fairview if you are interested in interviewing with Fairview you can apply on our website, and our recruiters are on hand ready and waiting to slot you into the Fairview interview schedule that's coming up. So thank you, Tanya, thank you, Michelle great to hear from you both. Thank you for having us.