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Jackson Hospital - US Healthcare Employer

Hello, I'm Joe Riley the CEO Jackson hospital and clinic in Montgomery caring for the community. I invite you to join our Jacks member. We can now see it and we can make your clinic. Our Jackson team enjoys a rich history of 77 years caring for the communities in the River region. I invite you to join our Jackson team, where you'll find a family that cares for you and your professional for. Most importantly, you'll help us live our mission of caring for all those we serve.

As with anything, any great company, it starts with a team. Everyone plays their role in bringing together all the patients belong to everybody. You know, we help each other we both ideas and thoughts of each other and we get the help that is needed to really do the best for our patients.

I feel like everybody communicates really well here it's a very welcoming environment. I don't ever feel uncomfortable to approach physicians or even our management here is a full support system. I didn't know everything and I came over a year ago and are people who are willing to have work in the field.

Are you working with your family and friends? Not about me it's not about the nurses or boys about the patient. Just this morning I ran into the CEO. He knows you by name and that's what I just love about you and not just somehow relatively peace.

It's just very welcoming, quiet there's a lot to do and to to see. We have a great zoo here. The biscuit stadium for baseball, the new waterpark there's a lot of entertainment downtown with every good food who doesn't like good food it's a diverse area you can do pretty much anything that you want to do me as relates to weather situation nice and sunny most of the time and I look forward to welcoming you to the Jackson.

Maybe Mary Katherine and Mia you want to share why you both love working at Jackson? I'd love to hear I'm sure a lot of our nurses would love to hear.

Sure so I've been here for about 10 years one of the things that I've loved about Jackson is I've really been able to grow in my career. I started out as a unit secretary and a tech and Jackson has as helped me through nursing school, and I loved it so much that I would like that stayed afterwards, I've been able to explore multiple different specialties, and have found a real love for Jackson and the opportunities that they give me.

Wow, that's so wonderful to hear I love to hear when you know, someone starts their career somewhere and they're continuing on, I think that really speaks volumes about the organization. And what about you, Mia, how's your last year been?

So it's been pretty amazing so far at Jackson hospital. So since I started last year, my experience has been pretty good I have had a great support from Jackson hospital, everyone inside as well as outside the lab are super helpful and supportive.

I am originally from Nepal sorry, I forgot to introduce earlier. And so I feel beyond blessed to be working at Jackson because of the support that I get from the hospital. And the axon hospital is also constantly update. They constantly update the machines that are used in lab. So we are fully ECU with the newest instruments that that could be available in the lab, which makes our work so much easier and faster.

As a whole, I think Jackson Hospital is a very diverse hospital. And there's there are doctors and nurses from all around the world. And I really like working at axon hospital.

Wow, wonderful to hear I know, Keith mentioned that 100 RNs are coming to Jackson. So I'm sure there's going to be huge International community I know it's already growing there I'm going to hand it back to you guys.

There we go I think we did a real quick some overview slides before we talk specifically about more nurse recruiting efforts. But we're Jackson hospital. We're a nonprofit community hospital we're serving patients in the city of Montgomery and the surrounding communities and counties for 77 years. We're licensed for 344 beds, and we've got over 2000 employees and physicians here.

We're also fortunate we have we operate Jackson clinic, which is the River region we call ourselves a River region here in this area, the largest multi specialty clinic in the region, we've got over 100 providers with over 22 specialties, including family practice.

We're very fortunate we just in this past summer of 2023, we started our first family medicine residency program. So we're very fortunate to have our first group of PGY one residents, we have six of them we are we also have two PGY twos joining us. So we look forward to the coming years where this program is growing and assist us especially in the clinic area from seeing our patients.

We're very proud of all of our awards and technology here but we want to highlight a few of our technology, tech technical advancements, the robotic surgeries DaVinci surgical systems that we have in our surgery department, watchman procedures, TAVR procedures in the ER procedures that we can we now perform here and fortunately those are being performed in our new interventional radiology centers. So we're very excited about that.

As we said living in Montgomery is great. We are centrally located in the state of Alabama. We are the capital city of the state of Alabama.

What's great about working here is from a home perspective and work perspective, every it's a fairly medium, it's a medium sized city, the proximity to work schools, home or very close, not a lot of traffic, or whether we have great weather here we are in the Deep South, so to speak. We do have I guess mild winters, you're not going to see a lot of snow here. You'll probably go several years without seeing snow. The summertime the springtime does form here because we are really further south than most of the states. We're very fortunate.

As far as higher education. We're very fortunate that we have several universities, large universities in close proximity to us to facilitate professional development, career development, educational development, our entertainment, arts, sports culture environment is very diverse here.

You know, besides professional sports, minor league sports, just general family, individual entertainment, we have it all here. So it's exciting place to live being centrally located in Alabama, we're close to the beaches, we're close to the mountains, you can get down to the Gulf Coast or the beach areas in less than three hours. You can go about three hours north of Montgomery and you'll be in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. So we're very close proximity, different geographic regions. We're two and a half hours from downtown Atlanta. So that's a great advantage of being centrally located in Alabama.

And real quick, I'm going to pass them off to Mary Katherine again, so she can talk about nursing at Jackson hospital. We have multiple areas available to our nurses we have orthopedics, neurology of post cervical, we have a urology four. We have our med surg, our med surg on quality we are actually building our pediatrics for Jackson. We have a full range of women's services, postpartum labor and delivery and nursery. We do have some of our specialty care units of the emergency department critical care, we have the CVICU or open heart unit, or ICU. We do have a cardiac step down and a progressive care, which can also be called the ICU set down.

The professional development is one of the things that we love about Jackson, they offer a lot of different opportunities. Of course, we're a DAISY Award participant, we have a clinical ladder. We have our Nurse Residency Program, our simulation lab.

All right, yeah, you hit that 10 minute mark, but we got a lot of good information in so thank you so much for sharing Jackson health team. As I was listening to everybody, you know it right in the beginning, when you had one of the nurses on that said, the CEO knows you by name. I think that speaks so highly to the community that you have at Jackson, a welcoming, quiet environment, which sounds like it's perfect for an individual perfect for our family.

And one other thing that really stuck out to me so I live in California, and I saw it the low cost of living the median house price under $200,000. I think in California, it's somewhere around a million. So a super affordable cost of living, which is very jealous about that sounds amazing, especially with the happy weather that you get sounds like a wonderful place to move to and consider for International nurses.

So thank you so much to the Jackson team. If you are interested in interviewing with Jackson, you can apply online Our recruiters are on hand and they are excited to get you slotted into the Jackson interviews. Please consider joining their growing team. They already you've got 100 RNs there waiting for so let's get them more alright thank you, Jackson team.