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Jackson Hospital & Clinic - Careers at the US Healthcare Employer

All right. Hello, and welcome, everybody. I'm excited to be here today to share Jackson Hospital and Clinic with you. My name is Keith Prutzman. I'm the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources. Just show a little video which will tell a little bit more about us. But if you're interested curious. We are located in the central part of Alabama and in a city called Montgomery, Alabama. Real quick before we start on the video, I want to introduce who we have on the live career event with us. I have Rebecca Hayes. She is our Director of nurse recruitment. Got Keisha Leiba. While she is one of our registered nurses on one of the med surg units. And Manvi Ligal, she is a medical technologist and our laboratory. Just real quick want to mention our partnership with Connetics USA. It's a recent new journey for us. It's been a wonderful experience. And we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first group of approximately 60 RNs and we have 10 med techs that will be joining us and I hope that will be really soon so we're looking forward to that. So let me present our hospital let me just share a video. 

Hello, I'm Joe Riley, the CEO of Jackson hospital and clinic and Montgomery, Alabama. Our Jackson team enjoys a rich history of 77 years caring for the communities in the River region. I invite you to join our Jackson team, where you'll find a family that cares for you and your professional for our most importantly, you'll help us live our mission of caring for all those we serve. That's what you need great company. It starts with a team. Everyone plays their role. They bring it together. All the patients belong to everybody. You know, we help each other. We bounce ideas and thoughts off each other and we get the help that is needed to really do the best for our patients. I feel like everybody communicates really well here. It's a very welcoming environment. I don't ever feel uncomfortable to approach positions or even power management here. There's a full support system. I didn't know everything and I came over here but there are people who are willing to have you working with your family and friends. Not about me. It's not about you know, this was about dictation. Just this morning. I ran into the CEO and he knows you by name and that's what I just love about somehow make peace peaceful. It's just very welcoming. Quiet. There's a lot to do a lot to see, we have a great zoom here, the biscuits save for baseball. In order Park, there's a lot of entertainment downtown with every food. And there's a lot of good food. It's a diverse area. And you can do pretty much anything that you want to do. 

For me, in this really weird situation since I was so cheap here compared to other states, since it's really good to be here, Montgomery. I think it's a privilege, it's a dream come true. I look forward to welcoming you to the Jackson. All right. Also, let me share some slides, as well to give you a little flavor of what we are about here. We are Jackson hospital and clinic. We are a nonprofit community based hospital. We're licensed for 344 beds, and we have over 2000 employees. We've been serving our patients in the and the community here in Montgomery, Alabama, in the central part of Alabama, for 77 years now. We also have the River region, which is what we call the central part of the state. We have the largest multi specialty clinic in the area, it has over 100 providers, physicians and we have over 22 specialty specialties that that we provide for the community. We're so happy to announce that we have started our first our family residency program this we have the first group of PGY residents and we're fortunate in that first round group to have PGY to join them. So they just started here this summer. So that is an exciting venture for us that we're looking forward to, for growth and to better serve our community and to patients here. Um, a few tech not obviously, we're proud of our awards and what we've accomplished here as an organization. That's some technology that we're very proud of here, robotic surgery, the watchman invasive procedures that we have available for patients to havers in ER, so I'm very excited about the awards and technology that that we are afforded here. I'm live in Montgomery, Alabama, it's like it We're centrally located in in in Alabama in the state of Alabama. The unique feature about where we're located is we are so there's such a diverse and diverse variety of the geographics that were afforded here, we're real close to the beach. It's probably about a three hour drive to the beach, three hour drive to the mountains, foothills of the mountains, if you go up north a little bit temperatures, it's warm, it's in the south, but it's always the perfect temperature. I think for us here.  

Another good feature about the area that we live in is we have we're very fortunate to be surrounded by several higher education institutions that service our area and the community. So great opportunities for educational growth and further educational opportunities. There are our entertainment recreation is great here in Montgomery, we have some variety of different things, as you saw on the video to as far as recreation just that's a little bit there. Birmingham, is an hour and a half north of us you can get to the beach, which is Gulf Shores and about three hours Atlanta is within a two hour drive from us. Like I said, the mountains when you get into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains that's about a three and a half, four hour drive from here. So we have a big variety of recreational things that we can take part of here in Montgomery, Alabama. I'm going to let Becca take over right now and talk a little bit about nursing a Jackson.

Hi everyone. I'm Rebekah, Director of Professional Development and nurse recruitment here and I am live from Sweet Home Alabama. We are really excited just to get to present to you guys today. So a little bit of our opportunities of our nursing at Jackson hospital. We have several units we have orthopedics, we have several that are considered med surg, but they also have specialty med surg, that's neuro ortho, oncology pediatrics. We also have, of course, our specialty care units, our ER critical care CV ICU, which is really interesting. Oh, our PACU endoscopy. And of course, we have our step down units, and of course, our labor and delivery as well. So we have opportunities available in all of those units, professional development, some different opportunities that we have here, Jackson does a great job supporting their employees to further their education. We have a clinical ladder program where you can actually earn bonuses for three years and up to $6,000. In bonuses in three years. We have tuition discounts. We have our Nurse Residency Program where we're Hildur support students.

We have tons of student programs out there and then we have our simulation lab that is available to you as an employee, you can come in there and you can practice anytime that you need to. We have course preceptor in charge nurse classes Daisy awards, we are also a DAISY Award of participant. I will go ahead and pass this on to Keisha. 

Hi, my name is Keisha I'm an international nurse here at Jackson hospital at present work on six north with his which is urology med surg I extremely happy and pleased to represent Jackson hospital and also my unit six north in encouraging international nurses to come here find a whole find true support and, and professional development as a nurse here in the US. It's very different transitioning from a totally different country, a different system to be able to function effectively as a as an RN here in the US, but I have fallen. So support and love here. And I would just encourage anybody to come and be a part of this family. I'm here to welcome you and everybody is here to welcome you. So just a wonderful place to be.  Hi, thank you Keisha me and tell us a little bit about your experience.

My name is Manvi. And I am originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. I came to the US in 2016 as a student and then I finished my bachelor's last year I started working at Jackson Hospital in September. So far I have had a great experience at Jackson hospital. The team the AMN. Okay, looks like we lost man be there. No. She has great stories. And thank you Keisha as well. And then we're out of time. I just want to thanks all of you all. Thank you for this time to share organization with you today. And always willing to help and motivate you. We have a text that I've been working on. Go ahead, Keith. Okay. I just want to thank everybody today, and we look forward to you joining Jackson hospital and clinic, joining our family through Connetics USA. So thank you very much. I enjoyed this.  

Thank you Keith. Keisha Manvi, thank you for all being on today and sharing a little bit about Jackson hospital. I think for a lot of our nurses, you know, it's great to hear from another hospital in a different location like Alabama, and some considerations that you might have some things that they shared about Alabama, that really stood out to me a lower than average crime rates than the national average. I think that's huge. I know a lot of our nurses are coming with families, they might be concerned about safety. That's definitely very important cost of living, looking at a state like Alabama, where the cost of living is very reasonable, lower than what other states may be. So also another very important factor and another reason Jackson health might be a very good choice for you. We heard from Keisha, one of their international nurses who said that she decided to stay there because of the love and support that the community gave.

So maybe in a state like Alabama, you have that love and that support that close knit community. So if that's something that's important to you, maybe Jackson hospital might be a good consideration for you. We're honored to work with them. They are an amazing hostel at all with amazing opportunities for our international nurses. So if you are interested in working with Jackson hospital, you can apply on our and tell your recruiters you are interested in Jackson hospital, and they will get you on the schedule