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Is Maryland a Good Place to Live?

Is it safe there in Maryland? do you feel safe?

I feel not safe on some areas. In any part of the world or any part of the US, there's always one area that's notorious for some places that you don't want to go, it's like compared to Philippines. Philippines, we all know that in a developing country, but there are places that you're going to be secured.

So there is a difference between secured and safe. So when you're safe, you don't need police officers around that's how I do it. Like New York City, Harlem. it's safe, it's secured. Everybody knows Harlem It's one of the secured places on earth. I'd rather walk in Harlem than walk on certain streets in Baltimore, that it's notorious there, something like that.

So there's always some areas like couple of walks will be like notorious and then couple of walks, will be like, hey, this is good area. So there are places that are very high secured, and they're very safe. Like literally safe that even though without security, you'll be fine walking, so technically everywhere. So where I was, so you got to be very specific with researching where you live. So where I was, everybody said Baltimore's very ugly, very dangerous.

I showed them look at this school, this is the number one school. There in Towson. The community built their own school and it was fully funded. Because they said the kids here actually were performing great so we're gonna sponsor the school. So they build a new school in there. And it's still part of Baltimore County, if you look at the houses there. When we look at houses six years ago, five years ago, the houses were reasonable were reasonable, but on the higher skill, so now a rental will cost is $3,700 for a family

So there are good areas, and there are bad areas. It's not the entire place is bad. So if it's secured or safe, I would say secured, yes.

In a big city, in the world have those few streets that you have to, as my mom always said, keep an eye watch, you know? You have to watch and it's all over the world that stuff like that and Napoli, so many states in the United States, all big cities, you have to really watch where you go find out from locals where not to go. But then they're of course all around the entire state of Maryland, not everything is a big big city there. There are definitely lots of suburban towns, very quaint neighborhoods, very safe areas.