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International Nurse Support Group in California

You spoke about your family and how helpful the family have been in getting you settled. Not everybody coming is going to have their family in a town nearby. Did you search for a support network If so, how did you find it? Were you in touch with places of worship? Is there a community there? How multicultural Hanford Fresno area, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Well, for the basic support, like for a place to stay and transportation, my family provided me that, but for other support, like, for my job, if I have to go here, get my medical exams, or have my BLS accreditation, Connetics nurses recruiting agency provided me with an onboarding specialist, and he's the one who will search the area. For those things for me, when I had trouble with my transportation when I started in Hanford, he looked for taxi businesses that can take me every day to and from work. And it's you know, it's not easy. He was always messaging me everyday calling me messaging every day if I'm doing all right. If I have done this, if I need more support, he even connected me to a Filipino community.

Thanks to Richard. So you will never feel alone even if you come here in California, without your family, there will be support. So you won't be left in the dark because I've heard some people, you know, some stories, but with your onboarding specialists, he will provide you that.

Richard will be glad to hear that. Richard is one of our onboarding specialists who does a fabulous job we have does a great job really looking up to you.