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IELTS and PTE Exam Actual Exam Experience

Okay, it's the time of the month. It's the fourth Monday of July. And guess what time is it? It's time for Connetics College. So greetings to our nurses room. Hi, this is Connetics, USA nursing, featuring free lessons on English examinations and NCLEX. I'm Ervin Temporal, the founder and CEO of 9.0 Niner. Well, unfortunately, Sir Brian cannot join us for tonight because he's feeling a bit nauseous after taking meds. But still, we're going to pursue with our free Connetics College class for tonight. And what's the topic for tonight, our dear nurses worldwide, it's actual examination experience. So what exactly did I do on the day of the examination? What were my preparations before that? Now I need you to tag as many friends as you can. Because if you are going to if you are one of the most participative Facebook Live viewers for tonight, we're going to give you a price by the end of tonight's show. So will you please use the comment section and let us know your location so that we can properly greet you, I look at the comments section of our Facebook Live. Right now. There are 79 Live viewers. Let's take a look at your location. Again. We're going to give a prize to the most participative Live viewer for tonight. So what are you waiting for, use the common section and tag as many friends as you can. Now, if ever, you are new to this one and you have just joined us Connetics College is this weekly activity sponsored by Connetics USA nursing. So every Monday of the week, Connetics features free classes on NCLEX and English examinations for NCLEX. It's every first and third Monday of the month, featuring the NCLEX Review Center partners up Connetics.

There's Aspire RN and Ipass mentoring Academy. Both by the way are also partners off 9.09 Are every second and fourth Monday of the month. It's the turn off Connetics partners for English examinations, to do our things every second Monday of the month. It's a term of it's the turn of switch to talk about speaking and listening. But every fourth Monday of the month, it's the turn of 9.0 Niner to talk about listening, rather reading and writing. For the longest time we have focused on essay writings that mystical writing letter writing and the tips for true false not given any matching headings. But for tonight, something is different because instead of talking about the tips or sub tests, what we're going to discuss is the tips on how to make yourself ready, let's say the night before the exam and on the day of your examination. So I'm going to share with you what exactly I did when I took my IELTS twice. So for the record, I did not fail the IELTS. That's why I had to repeat the examination. But I took it twice because I took one academic module and one general training module.  When I took the examination back then only IELTS on paper was the option. That's why for both of my instances, or for both of my attempts in passing English examinations, I took the paper based version it was just a few years ago like 2018 When IELTS on computer was introduced to the market, so later, I'll also share with you the experiences of our interviewees who took IELTS on paper and for PTE. Remember, there is no paper based version only computer delivered version. That's why I'm also going to tell you some of the important details that you need to know on the day of your PTE test. It's a little bit unfortunate that Sir Brian is the one who took PTE examination and he would have wanted so badly to share his actual examination experience for PTE. It's just that he cannot join us for tonight because he's feeling nauseous after taking meds now we have 108 LIVE viewers and let's take a look at the comments of our attendees on Slack. And so Han Pincus or rob or maybe that's Barone is watching all the way from Japan.

And then Rwanda. Muswell durian is watching from Dubai together with Bryce Galvez, we have one viewer from Baguio City. It's Jennifer UNGA and Salvador. Joanna Montemayor thank you so much for tagging several friends to join us for tonight. If ever your friends cannot attend the full version of this, nothing to worry because this will be available immediately after the Facebook Live session. All you have to do is to go to the Connetics Facebook page.  Okay, Edison Blanca is watching from Manila. I have a fellow beside here watching Hello as Ben has been from Cebu. Wow Vladimir is one of our coaches is watching all the way from Dublin Ireland. Good afternoon to our dear nurses in Europe, Rajan in Viola Maniago is watching from Bula Khan. Ibn iron is also watching from the Middle East in particular Kingdom of Saudi Arabia era who is watching from Canadian, the Auto City Now speaking of today and the Auto City. I will be there next week, Friday and Saturday. Why? That's because we are going to launch our eighth Testing Center for IELTS on computer and that's 9.09, so prior to the launching on August 4. We have launched seven testing centers for IELTS nationwide so these testing centers are 9.09 are in Manila. 9.09 are Makati both are located in Metro Manila. Nine points uniter Makati is the official testing center for IELTS on computer courtesy of the British Council. For Manila though it's ideal for everyone taking the IELTS because it has IELTS on paper and is on a computer testing facility. However, if you Live from the southern part of Luzon like a V that Laguna and Batangas Nothing to worry because we are also the official testing center for IELTS over there in Kavita, we're located in a moose city for the province of Batangas. We're located in Lippa in association with Romand, Canadian immigration and then for Laguna, we are located in Colombia. So those are our first five testing centers. We also do up north so one is in the Gabon, and the other one is in Tuguegarao.

Both of them are in partnership with IPass processing. And we're going to open our first IELTS on computer testing center income they end the order that's Friday next week, but I have to travel all the way to Botswana the following day, because an Aug five, that's where we're going to reopen our branch in Agusan del Norte so hope to see you in Cagayan de Oro era wall. Jacqueline Gamboa is watching from Angeles City. Thanks again era for tagging your friends. Ernest John Alvarez is watching from Batangas greetings to the Napa family who are based in the Batangas Miss Anna Cruz. Hi, Miss Anna. I hope you're feeling ecstatic. Who else do we have here? Miko McKnight. Thank you for tagging your friend. Those elders is watching from Saudi Arabia Quezon Province, kooky beguiling is also watching us from CDO again I'll be in studio next week for the opening of our computer laboratory. Okay, thank you Mark Francis for the for tagging your friend. Kathleen is watching us from passing and just last Saturday we opened 9.0 Niner passing located along Ortigas Avenue extension it's Oasis hub. Cindy Relia tagged her friend and thank you for that. Jessica joy it almost unsay is watching from Lipa city, Bill Joy Cruz is watching from Pampanga. Kim Rivera tagged his friend, thank you for that. Miko McKnight is one of our new enrollees from Perth, Australia. So greetings to our online review ease or allied right now as we checked our statistics 9.0 Niner has online reviews from 142 countries in six habitable continents. So thank you for your trust, regardless of where you are.

Who else do we have here? Cindy Relia is by the way watching from Killeen or providence. Well, we still don't have any branch and Katie you know, but if there is anyone whom you know who might be interested do franchise 9.09 or in kitty no please let us know. Who else okay, John. Alex Beha is watching from Dubai. Yes, like Kino province, we do not have a branch in Palau and so if you know anyone who is interested to franchise nine or in Palawan or would like to teach in Palau one, we are a message away it could be via email via Facebook. Okay, doesn't just said good evening, good evening to YouTube, Margie, Davin, a fellow Mindanao, Nan, she's watching from Bangalore City Misamis Occidental. Hopefully, there'll be more branches in this is in Mindanao, because currently out of our 52 branches. 31 are based in Luzon then are based in Metro Manila. So we only have five branches in beside us and five branches in Mindanao, but we're hoping that their local businessman or entrepreneurs in the area, we're going to bring nine coins at your diner to the rest of his is and Mindanao. Alia is watching from Pampanga and Croissette Messiah is watching from UAE, by Lena name, Pauline is watching from Sarala. Fortunately, we already opened our branch in burlap, May of this year. So after greeting all of the Live viewers now we have 100. If ever you have not started anything with your US application, then you are on the right Facebook page.

Because AMN Connetics is one of the largest out there, a direct hire company helping nurses go to the United States of America. So again, if you have not started anything with your application, all you have to do is to visit this link it's The purpose of visiting this link is for you to have a for you to jumpstart your application, you upload a copy of your resume and in a few days time representatives from AMN Connetics USA are going to coordinate with you to schedule you for your interview. So once again, what's our topic for tonight, it's actual examination experience. So now I'm about to share with you my first attempt in taking the IELTS back then. There was no IELTS on computer option it was just IELTS on paper, but for the benefit. For the benefit of those who are interested to know what are the main differences between IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer that we're going to talk about not to help the others decide which type of examination they are going to pick, in order for them to maximize their potential in acing the examination. I want to begin with the level of difficulty. There is by the way, no differences at all between IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer when it comes to difficulty of the material. That is because whether it's paper or computer, it's exactly the same material that's going to come up. So instead of asking me which one is easier, or which one is more difficult, I would rather throw the question back at you and you must ask yourself between the two. Which one are you more comfortable with? Are you that traditional person like me who prefers to have a pen and paper all the time then? If that's the case, go over IELTS on paper.

However, if you feel you are more technologically savvy, and you can do things better, if you're using the keyboard instead of using pen and paper, then that's when I would recommend you to take IELTS on computer. But if you look at the statistics of British Council and IDB, how come more than 80% of the candidates choose IELTS on computer that's because of accessibility. Why? If you look at the schedule, IELTS on paper is only available four times a month in Metro Manila. But IELTS on computer is available literally every single day from Monday to Sunday. We are in particular where else that's British Council 9.09 for IELTS on computer and for IELTS on paper, British Council 9.0 Niner menina. That's two times a month but for British Council I 9.09 are in Manila is on computer it's available literally every single day. Now that's one thing for you to consider. For IELTS on computer in the provinces. It's usually available three times a week I'll give you an example. Kavita Laguna Batangas. The goo but to get it out. We are We are the official testing center. It's usually available Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Saturday, Sunday Monday. But if you choose to take the IELTS on paper is on paper in most provinces is available only once a month or every other month. Imagine you have to wait for up to seven weeks for you to book for the next available IELTS on paper test date. But for IELTS on computer, it's available every week. So because of this convenience, more people are choosing IELTS or computer now, one thing more than availability of results. If you're going to take IELTS on paper, you have to wait for 13 calendar days before the result is going to come out. But you don't need to be anxious if you're going to wait for the results of IELTS on computer because the results are readily available in just three to five days. Now you might want to ask how come it's three to five days? Can they?

Is it possible for them to give a definite date more most of the time, they don't release results on weekends. So if you're taking the examination on Monday, you have to wait for three days. So Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you get to know if you are able to get the required band score. But if you're taking the examination on, say for instance, Wednesday, remember that the third day is Saturday. So this is when they postpone the release of the results to Monday. So you have to wait for five days if you're taking the examination on a Wednesday. Now this should help you decide which day of the week you're going to take your IELTS on computer speaking off decision. The British Council is happy to in for you that there is it. Excuse me promo for IELTS on computer and this coming August instead of paying 12,350 pesos I held on computer this August if you're going to take it on a weekday will only cost 11,350 pesos in this day and age where everything is becoming more expensive day by day, this 1000 pestle discount offer of the British Council will definitely make a difference. So all you have to do is to message 9.09 or Facebook page or to send us an email so that we're going to give you the link where you can register for the August examination for IELTS on computer on a weekday and enjoy 1000 vessels discount for the actual examination. There you go. Some people are busy working, okay. Please let me know if you are working by writing a comment. Okay, like me just type ME on the comment section.

Let me know who among you are working? Okay, again, just type me. Why am I asking this question? That is because if you are working IELTS on computer is ideal for you. Because you get to finish all the four sub tests in one day. Same with PTE. You get to finish all the four sub tests in one day. I'll give you an example. If you're if you choose the morning session for the written exams, when are you going to have the speaking subtests definitely in the afternoon. Now, if you choose the afternoon session for the written exams, when are you going to have speaking definitely in the morning, but if you choose the evening session for the written exams, your speaking session will definitely be scheduled in the afternoon. So one thing is for short, if you choose IELTS on computer, you get to finish all the four sub tests in one day. This is not the case note for IELTS on paper. Because for IELTS on paper, there is a possibility that your speaking examination might be scheduled the day before the examination. It might be on the same day as your written exams, or depending on the volume of candidates. It could probably be scheduled the day after the written exams. So ladies and gentlemen, there is a probability that for IELTS on paper, the venue for the written examinations might not be the same venue for your speaking subjects. So imagine that there are groups that you have to go through by transferring from one venue to another and going to a different going to the written exams on a different day and having the speaking test on a different day. Because of this inconvenience. That's the reason why more people choose IELTS on computer. Okay, let's take a look at more comments here before we proceed and I'll share with you what exactly I did the night before and on the day of my examination.

Okay, Jeanette is watching us from Anakin city, so apparently we're just neighbors because I knew you're in PA side aren't as nothing he is watching from a girl little neon. I was there in San Fernando on your last day when we opened our branch near the provincial capitol. Thank you Ernest John Alvarez for tagging a lot of friends. Okay, so we have a lot of Live viewers who are working full time and I recommend that you're if you're if you choose fails, go for IELTS on computer so that when you file for leave from work, it's just for one day when you file for leave from work for IELTS on paper, probably three days why file for a leave the day before the exam, obviously, the day of your examination and the day after your exam, because you'll never know ahead of time, the schedule of your speaking examination it will only be sent to you via email three days before the examination. Now going back to what I was saying about the schedule of the speaking test for PTE, when you file for leave from work, it's just for one day because you get to finish all the four sub tests on the same day. Now, what I did the night before the examination I slept early. Why? That's because if you choose IELTS on paper, registration starts as early as 6:30am. And guys, you heard me right as early as 6:30am. That's for IELTS on paper. So if you are not a morning person, then I do not recommend that you would take IELTS on paper. Especially if you Live in Metro Manila, where the traffic condition is getting worse by the minute. Just last Friday. We traveled for two hours and 15 minutes from Pasadena City to reach Ortigas city. So this is something which is not really favorable.

That's the reason why if you're not a morning person I'd rather that you take IELTS on computer because your afternoon sessions that by the way, start at 2pm or evening sessions that start at 5:30pm. So what about the morning session for IELTS on computer? The registration starts at 7:30am. But for IELTS on paper 6:30am Now you might be wondering how come the registration for IELTS on paper is earlier as compared to IELTS on computer? That's because for IELTS on computer, most of the testing labs, most of the computer labs only have 10 computer units. That means to say, when you take the examination maximum of 10 Humans inside the room, however, if you choose is on paper, there is a possibility that if you're taking the test in Manila, there are 100 people taking the examination together with you. If you take the examination in the province, the average number of IELTS candidates on a monthly basis that's around 40 to 60. So ask yourself, Are you the kind of person who is more comfortable taking the examination in a big ballroom? Or are you the kind of person who prefers to take the examination in a small unit? Because sometimes this affects the performance of the candidates. Once again, for IELTS on computer a maximum of 10 examinees. Taking the test together? That's why registration is faster. It starts at 7:30pm. But for IELTS on paper, imagine if you're 100 candidates seeking the test together? No.

Definitely, it's not a surprise if the registration starts at 6:30am. Now the question is, they recommend that you're going to drink coffee, well, I am a coffee person. But I really wouldn't recommend that you take plenty of coffee before the examination for two reasons. Number one, you might be palpitating, or you might be even more anxious than you already are. And number two, obviously, it might make you pee in between the examination and we do not want this to affect your performance. So you can drink water, but just the right amount of water. Because for the listening test, which lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes, no one is allowed to go out of the examination venue while the test is going on. What about the that portion in between listening and reading. So this is the time that you're allowed to go to the toilet. Now, imagine that the test invigilator is going to accompany you when you go to the toilet. And you have to use the biometrics to go out of the computer lab or go out of the ballroom, go to the toilet and then come back. Now imagine if you're drinking plenty of water before the examination, you might have to go to the toilet more than once. So this is something which is not really recommended. Because time is of the essence in the reading and writing component. Why? Remember, they're under time pressure in reading, you have to find the 40 answers within 60 minutes. And in the writing subjects, you have to complete two writing tasks in one hour. Now why is time very important in the writing subjects?

That's because I learned a very important data from two of the big bosses of IELTS in Asia when I met them personally when I went to Shanghai in December of 2017. And what is it that they said that in the Philippines, only 80% of the candidates can finish the two tasks in one hour. Expect that 20% of the candidates cannot finish the two writing tasks in one hour. So this is the reason why avoid any circumstance that will affect your performance in reading and writing. And let's avoid wasting time by going to the toilet unnecessarily. So the recommendation is avoid drinking plenty of coffee more. So try not to drink plenty of water before you take the test. But what about the meal, I recommend a heavy meal. Because imagine if it's a physical exercise, it's going to be tiring. But I tell you, mental exercise is more exhausting than physical activities. So you're going to use or you're going to need plenty of food for you to perform well until 12 Noon. So let's go back to the registration. If it's IELTS on paper registration runs from 630 to 8:30am. For IELTS on computer that registration is from 7:30am to 8:30am at 9am when there are no technical difficulties, that's when the test supervisor. We'll start with the listening subtests. So nine to 930, or 940, that's listening. And then reading usually starts at 945. That's until 1045. And then writing usually starts at 1050 and ends at 1150. So imagine if you are at the examination venue as early as 6:30am, and 730, or 7:30am. And the next time you're allowed to eat is around 12. Noon, for sure, you will be very hungry, if you don't eat a heavy breakfast. That's why for everyone, please make sure that you don't take the examination on an empty stomach, because you'll be needing as many brain cells as you can to perform well.

The question is, what if you're taking the examination in the afternoon, remember what I said earlier for IELTS on computer, the exam starts at 2pm. So registration starts at 1pm. Why only 1pm to 2pm. For the registration, there are fewer candidates seeking the test in the afternoon, most of the time, five, or even less than five. Sometimes the common feedback of the candidates, whether it's PTE or is the keyboards of their seat mates are relatively noisy. I am sorry to break it down to you. But technology has not yet invented a silent keyboard. So imagine if there are 10 people or 15 people in the room, typing together and you're easily distracted by that one. My recommendation, don't take the examination in the morning, because more candidates take the test in the morning. If you want to be very noisy with a keyboard, like do everything as you wish as you please, that I would rather that you take the test in the afternoon or at night, where there are fewer candidates, and you cannot distract the others with a keyboard or with a keyboard sounds that you are making. And they cannot distract you as well, because usually there are less than five candidates seeking the examination in the afternoon or at night. So again, that's one to 2pm for the registration. If you're going to take the afternoon session, then listening starts at two, and most likely, you'll be dismissed at 5pm. But what about the evening session? The evening session starts at 5:30pm. And the registration starts up 5pm. So imagine the registration is becoming shorter and shorter as time goes by. Because at night, there are very few candidates seeking the examination. But this is what makes Elsevier flexible exam because it's available seven days a week and three times a day.

Now, we have discussed what time you're supposed to be there, and you need to eat plenty of food. But what about the things to bring? Apparently, I would rather that you bring two valid IDs. But why to number one, the same ID that you used when you're registered for the examination. So the question is which IDs are acceptable, we have the following game. There's your passport, or PRC license, or SSS ID or GSIS ID or the government unified multipurpose ID or the human, I repeat, you do not need to bring all five of them, you just have to pick one. Whatever Id used in the registration, that must be exactly the same ID that you're going to bring with you on the day of the exam. But how come I'm telling you to bring a second ID? That's because if you're taking the examination on paper, or on computer, some of the venues are quite strict, they need you to leave an identification at the lobby of the venue. So what are the two IDs for ID the one that you use when you register for the exam and another valid ID that you're going to leave at the lobby of the examination venue. Okay, apart from that, what else are you allowed to bring? If you're going to take IELTS on paper, you are not really required to bring a pencil with you because they provide pencils, the examination venue, it's just that teaching IELTS for 17 years now I have heard that they are people with a myth or lucky pencils, so they bring this lucky pencil with them. If you have that lucky pencil with you, please make sure that it's Mongo number two, okay. Not a mechanical pencil, not other kinds of pencil but it has to be number two.

Also, even if the pandemic is under control, we would rather that you bring a face mask with you and your vaccination card just in case. The hotel or the venue is relatively strict and they don't allow people to enter without face masks on. What about bags? Yes, there is what we call a an area for you to leave your bags. But we do not recommend that you bring a big bag with you especially because the lockers are relatively small. The lockers are only idea for her purse or handbag or shoulder bag. But Neff is definitely not the backpack type. Okay, what else we have talked about what you're supposed to do. By the way, you are not allowed to wear wrist watches, because sometimes rich wrist watches are too intelligent, and they may be used for cheating. That's why now, in English examinations, you are not allowed to wear wrist watches, especially the digital ones. The question is, how are you going to keep track of your time, if you're taking the examination on computer, all you have to do is to direct your attention to the lower right hand side portion of the screen and there you will find the time. If you're going to take IELTS on paper, don't worry, because they flash the remaining time on the white screen. What else if you want to bring an eraser? Go ahead. No need to bring a scratch paper because you'll be provided by the test supervisor. But the question is, if it's if it's on computer, are you still allowed to bring a?

Or are you still will you still be given a scratch paper? The answer is yes. So even if it's IELTS on computer, you are still provided with one scratch paper that you can maximize for listening, reading and writing. Okay, what about water? You're allowed to bring water as long as it's transparent. Okay, so you cannot bring a flasks where the test supervisor cannot see what's inside. You're only allowed to bring transparent bottled water. Okay. Now, what about the seating arrangement? It's not as if you arrive at the examination venue and you can just sit wherever you want. FYI, there is a seat plan. So before you enter the venue, you have to look at the seat plan. Usually it's on a bulletin board, you have to find yourself and remember your arranged alphabetically, you cannot just sit anywhere you want. But if you want, you can call the attention of the test supervisor from the beginning that you'd like to make the necessary adjustments. Say for instance, I feel that from where I am seated, it gets to be too cold and I forgot to bring my jacket with me, can I be transferred to a different chair? You have to do this early on because at 9am when the test supervisor feels it's the right time to start the examination. No more transferring of seats. Why do I recommend that you arrive there at 7:30am or before 8am For you to have a feel. Now, I would rather that everyone, please make sure to bring a jacket with you. If it's hot, all you have to do is to remove the jacket. I think that's better as compared to going to the examination wearing a t shirt or wearing a polo shirt. And at 9:30am You already felt cold.

Remember you're about you're supposed to finish a 12 noon so how can you focus well if the temperature gets in the way of your performance so for everyone taking the examination, bring a jacket with you. Okay? Sometimes for IELTS on computer the where you're seated does not matter anymore because everyone is provided with an individual headset but for IELTS on paper not everyone is provided with an individual headset and that's why 9.09 are requested the British Council to provide all of our examinees at 9.0 Niner pecan pie Spania Manila a headset. Individual headset provided by the British Council. FYI in other locations. No individual headsets are provided for IELTS on paper examinees That's why if you want to take the examination using an individual headset, you have two options guys number one daily is on computer regardless of location, because all IELTS on computer examinees are provided with individual headset. But if you're taking the examination in Metro Manila and you're looking for an individual headset for IELTS on paper, then simply choose 9.0 Niner pika Espana Manila Okay, let's have a rundown of what we have discussed so far. How early you're supposed to be there. Are you supposed to eat a lot? Are you supposed to drink a lot? What kind of ID Are you going to bring? Our guests watches allowed you bring a jacket? Do you need to bring a scratch paper your vaccination card? Oh, this one I almost forgot. Do you need to print your confirmation letter? The one that was emailed to you by the Testing Center? The answer is no. The moment your examination is confirmed, that is enough. You don't have to print it. You don't have to bring it with you but for peace of mind if you want to print, go ahead but it's not necessary anymore. Okay. I've also mentioned which locations have had said

In which ones do not have. Now, let's proceed to the reading sub test. If you're going to take IELTS on computer, you are going to answer directly on the keyboard, right. So you can use your mouse to highlight. And then you can also change the font size if you're taking the tests on computer. But this is something you cannot do if you're taking the test on paper. So this is the reason why 9.0 Niner offers a free mock examination on computer every Monday afternoon, I repeat, that's every Monday at one to 4pm All you have to do is to bring with you your IELTS examination confirmation that you're taking the test with British Council Niner testing centers, and from there, you'll be allowed to take our free mock examination on computer using the actual software that's being used by the candidates in the exam. I totally understand that there are a lot of computer delivered practice tests proliferating on the web, but they do not use the actual software. That's why for our candidates who took our free mock examination on computer, they gave us a feedback that they are so thankful that they finally they are able to use the actual software because some of the practice tests they used during the review, they felt that there are certain features which are absent. But in the actual examination, it's you're allowed to adjust the font size, you're allowed to adjust the font color. These are not usually available in the free computer delivery practice tests available on the internet. Now, what about the writing sub test? Remember that you have two tasks. Okay, there is task one and task two. What's the difference between IELTS and PTE for PTE, there is task one and task two, but you have to finish task one first before you move on to task two. But for ales, it's totally up to you. If you want to start with a task one if you want to start with a task two, in fact, you can flip flop, start with task two, then move on to task one and then start with task one, then move on to task two, or what you can do is start with a test tool. Then write task one. When you're finished with one and two, you can go back to two to review your work. That is something that's allowed when you take the IELTS on computer. Now speaking of IELTS on computer,

I would rather that you start with task two because this is 66% off your game as compared to task one, which is 33% of your grade. If you go back to the principle that was shared by our big bosses of elites in Asia, if they say that 20% of the candidates cannot finish two tasks in the actual examination, imagine the deduction if you were able to finish task one, but you're not able to finish task two, so obviously, the deduction is twice as much. That's because the value of task two is 66%. Whereas the value of tasks one is just 33%. Now, what happens after the written exams, excuse me, when you take IELTS on computer, I need you to have a quick lunch break. Because the speaking examination is going to start at 1:30pm. And it goes all the way to 6pm or up until 8pm Depending on how many people are taking the tests. What is it that we recommend that you book for the examination earlier? Like how early we would recommend if you can probably book three to four weeks before the examination is so that you can pick the ideal time slot? Guys, if you're taking the test in the morning, like you arrived at the venue at 7:30am for IELTS on computer or 6:30am for IELTS on paper. What time would you like to have your speaking from 1pm to 6pm? Pick a time slot is it 1pm 1:30pm 2pm 2:33pm 334-430-5530 Use the comment section and tell me which time slot is most ideal. Remember, if you are one of our participative viewers, I am going to identify a lucky winner towards the end of our Facebook Live session and give a price courtesy of 9.09 or while you are typing and choosing your preferred time slot. Let's take a look at the comments of our 115 Live viewers.

Jana Habibullah is watching all the way from Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Natasha Abdullah is watching from Germany is this only for the Philippines. Okay, let me clarify that the IELTS examination is available worldwide but the ones that I am sharing are my actual examination experiences in the Philippines. Remember, I have not taken the exam outside of the Philippines. So I am not really sure if the registration in say for instance, UAE also starts at 7:30am or at 6:30am. We'll never know if in other countries registration starts at 8am. So I repeat, the examination is standardized worldwide, but there are certain differences for country. That's why my basis for my discussion for tonight is my actual examination experience when I took it here in the Philippines. Okay. Graduating Deola Manya. Got us. I have a question in writing. Can we use MS Word on IELTS on computer? The answer is during your practice or during your review? Yes, but in the actual examination, there is a particular software, okay, tapped by Cambridge for all IELTS on computer venues worldwide. And yes, because we own eight testing centers and I have tried it myself. The application or the actual software is totally different from MS Word. That's why I pushed the British Council to offer free mock examination on computer every Monday in order to allow the examinees to have a feel of how the examination or the actual examination experience using the actual software. Okay, so for the purpose of your practice, if you do not have access to our free mock exam on computer, MS Word is fine. But please turn off the word.

The one that suggests synonyms and the one that checks the spelling, because these two features are not offered in the actual software. Okay. John baud is watching from Dubai. Thank you easily for tagging your friend. Okay. Lavina yes mean Sorry. materials are available. Okay. I think this is one of those spam. Charity is watching from Zambia. Good afternoon to you over there in Zambia. JC will take the examination tomorrow morning. Okay, JC you know what you're supposed to do. Do not stress yourself the night before the examination. The night before the test. You have to be relaxed, you have to sleep early. Do not try to cram because whatever you're going to study now, it won't enter your brain anymore. Okay, so please make sure that you get plenty of rest for tonight because tomorrow is the big day we are all rooting for you. God bless your examination tomorrow. JC friendship a friendship. SR is watching from Cebu young the beginning of the app. Only girl City Girl by that's weird Shakira is located. Okay, mommy chose 5:30pm Even if the written exams are from 9am to 12 noon, okay. Miko thought that 130 is better, as sort or rose to 10. Gentlemen, 3pm Chriselle 530. Those are those 230 530. Others shows three to one. What's the point? Why ask this question. We all have our preferences, right. So people do not want to stay at the examination venue for so long. So if they're going to have the written exams from nine to 12, but registration starts at 730. Writing finishes at roughly 1150. And you're allowed to eat at 12 Noon. Please, if you want if you want to go home as soon as you can, then I would rather that you choose the 1:30pm time slot usually that's the first. Why. Because if you're allotted maximum of 20 minutes for the interview, then at 1:50pm, you are good to go. We are some people who prefer to rest in between. So this is when 230 or 3pm becomes ideal.

Why? If you take your lunch at 12 noon, and you don't want to be in a hurry, maybe you eat for one hour, so 12 Noon to 1pm. Then you go back to the examination when you can sort of freshen up you can still browse your notes. So that's when 2:30pm or 3:33pm is ideal. But imagine if you are dismissed for lunch break at 12 noon and you prefer the 5:30pm time slot, ask yourself Are you patient enough to wait for five hours? Because I am that kind of person who is not willing to wait for five hours. But again, that's the point why I asked which one be preferred as your time slot. Because the earlier you book for the examination, the earlier you can choose your speaking schedule. Imagine if you're booking for the exam just four days before that So, because that's the deadline for the application, Today is July 24, which means to say, today, you may, you may still apply for the July 28 exam. If by today you apply for the July 28 exam, most likely, the remaining time slots left are 5pm or 5:30pm. And that will require you to wait for the examination venue for five hours. But if as early as now, you booked for the August 31 examination, I can guarantee that 1:30pm or 2pm, time slot is still available. So this is the beauty when you take IELTS on computer, you get to pick your time slot. If you choose IELTS on paper, you cannot pick the time slot. Okay. So after the examination, you go home. And then if it's IELTS on computer, you wait for three to five days for the results to be published online. But if you're taking IELTS on paper, you have to be more patient because the results are released in 13 calendar days, that's almost two weeks.

One thing more than I'd like to emphasize, if you are going to choose if you're in a hurry to submit the hard copy of your result, nothing to worry, because after the results are published online, the hard copy of your result will arrive at your doorstep three to four days after the online results are published. Okay, so you may use the comment section and ask questions anything you'd like to know about the actual examination experience or what happens on the day of the exam. Again, the reason why you're attending the Live and interactive version is for you to ask questions. You can always watch the recorded version of this one. But it's a different experience when you ask and the instructor answers your question immediately. So once again, if you have not started anything with your US application connected you as a nursing sponsors, free review for English examinations and free exam. How much does the examination costs for a pt e that's 220 US dollars that's around 12,000 to 13,000 vessels depending on the charge of the credit card company. But if you're looking for the most affordable English examination 11,350 This is the week the promo of the British Council for IELTS on computer provided that you take the test this August. If you want to know the link in order to enjoy the 1000 paso discount, please email 9.09 Or a training at nine or online Or send us a message on Facebook at 9.09 or IELTS Review Center Facebook page, you get to know that it's the FB page off the main branch because it's the one with more than 212,000 followers. Okay. Let's look at the other questions here. But then Nevado how much trainings are watching here at a bizarre family.

Okay, if you are an applicant of Connetics, you don't have to pay a single centavo to enjoy the review of Niner because Connetics sponsors the review of their applicants, all you have to do is to go to CUSA as in And from there wait for a few days and then a representative from am and Connetics America is going to communicate with you for your interview. Okay. Oh, started on Marie Margaret bomb is just messaged. We're so happy for her because she passed her NCLEX and her English examination recently. And she's also interested to go to the United States of America, like most of you guys. And she already Jim started her application with Connetics. So hopefully the stars will align and everything will fall into place in order for you to complete all the necessary documents prior to the lifting of USA retrogression. Okay, we still have a we have 116 Live viewers and it's 8:49pm Most of the time when I'm doing my Facebook Live session, I am with Sir Brian or I'm with a fellow guest or a host. But for tonight, I was able to pull it off like I'm just on my own bulking uninterrupted for 50 minutes already. We wish Sir Brian a speedy recovery because a lot of people are depending on Sir Brian's ability. So we hope that by tomorrow morning, Sir Brian will be back to his usual stuff. 100% Okay. Earnest John Alvarez find the purpose and your commitment enroll the specimen exam. The point is I mean, like your transfer the L Batangas. For Camila Monica Sammarco. Yes, That's very possible. In fact If you attended our event at City sleep in a no sorry Lipa city Batangas. That's exactly the venue of the IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer examination. If I'm not mistaken, you're a friend of Tristan, Aqua, and Noreen  you can just coordinate with them and then tell them that you'd like to be registered for the examination. I'll ask, I'll ask Miss Jana to assist you with your online application for the examination. And we will make it a smooth process for you from your registration doing the actual examination. Okay, what else do we have here? A lot. Julian asked if there is an emergency on the day of exam can we reschedule it? Sometimes? There are certain reasons which are not valid, say for instance, I don't feel I'm I think I'm not yet ready. I think I'm not prepared. That's not a valid excuse. Usually, there are two reasons that are accepted by the testing centers when you want to have your examination rescheduled. So what are they number one candidate is, let's say hospitalized on the day of the examination or is suffering from COVID. Or number two, there's death in the family.

And we usually these are the unfortunate circumstances that we do not want. So we would rather that no one in the family dies or you are not hospitalized or you don't have COVID. If you have other reasons other than the two that I have mentioned, then we would rather that you coordinate with a testing center because usually they have the last call and whatever their decision is, it's totally out of Niners control. Okay,  anna Lang, what are the requirements needed to enroll for an applied for the English examining review for the English exam, okay. If you are a nurse or a medical technologist and you have minimum of one year, hospital experience, all you have to do is to message Connetics because you'll never know if you can possibly enjoy the scholarship if you're qualified that good for you. You don't have to pay for a single centavo further review and exact but if you're not a nurse or you're not a medical technologist, can we message Niner on Facebook or you can also send us an email because we have this best promo for this month off July for 4000 pestles lifetime validity no expiration unlimited for life, you get to enjoy I ops plus OET plus p three in one review package so that you don't have to decide no like you are enrolled in three courses and then during the course of the review, you feel that this examination is easier than the other than that's the that's the examination that you're going to choose when you take the actual test. Okay, so again, if you're a nurse or method please message Connetics, but if not, please message 9.09 or on Facebook.

Okay, Miss Sarah Thomas just messaged and she said thank you Niner because I passed PTE with perfect 90 over 90 and speaking Wow, perfect 90 over 90. This is a monumental achievement. So congratulations to you once again. Miss Sarah Marie Margaret Powell Miss Jacqueline cacao proceeded for us is it Academic or General Training? Its academic for nurses and medical technologists okay are in this John Oliver said thank you. You're welcome bought Elena me in any branch move up by the multiply and an exam for the exam, I think apply for the exam. There are 32 cities nationwide where the examination is available. Now if ever you Live in a place where there is no IELTS examination, say for instance, Nuan or Isabel you can go to the nearby province like if you're from an own yawn. You can take the exam in the Groupon or if you're from Isabella, you can take the examination in Tuguegarao. If you're from Quezon Province, you can take the exam in Kavita Laguna Batangas. Again, it's a matter of coordinating with Niners so that we can tell you which one is most accessible based on your  location. Okay, Joanne Montemayor how about PTE? What exactly would you like to know about PTE  please make it a little more specific. Okay, Abby, left camera what exactly where is this coming? August okay 11,350 discounted price for IELTS on computer as long as US you take the examination on a week day, this August at 9.0 Niner testing centers namely Manila Makati Kavita Laguna, Batangas Dagupan to get out, okay, if you need assistance for the IELTS exam registration, please do not hesitate to message me or Niner Facebook. And I'll create a group chat together with Miss Jenna so that she can process your registration for the examination without any charge again, free processing. Okay, can I take the exam outside the Philippines? Yes, because IELTS exam is conducted in more than 120 countries worldwide. Is there an option to take an online exam only if you are applying for a student visa but if you're going to the United States as a registered nurse or as a medical technologist, then you must take the IELTS at a designated testing facility whether on paper or on computer and you cannot take it at home.

Okay for Croissette MCSA all you have to do is to add 1000 to have access to IELTS OET and PTE okay. Hardening of keen or planning to take the exam here in the center. Using computer base any idea how to enhance the typing speed in using computer rather than paper, okay, like what Phillip always says in most of his lectures, you cannot substitute practice I think the only way to enhance a skill is by constantly practicing so if you have a laptop or desktop computer at home, make sure that you will keep on practicing just keep on typing until such time that you can actually type even without looking at the keyboard anymore remember there is muscle memory if you do it regularly, then it becomes a part of your system and becomes as natural as breathing came along. From what I have learned during our Facebook Live session with Miss Jennifer off Connetics, they accept work experience for at least one year so if you've worked in the Middle East prior to your license up prior to your local board examination as long as it's a legitimate work experience then yeah I suggest go ahead and pursue with your pursue with your application by going Okay, France Imperial how to register for PTE we are is the testing center. There are only two testing centers for PTE one is Makati and the other one is Cebu. If you're from Northern Luzon high yields is the option if you're from Southern Luzon I held is the option if you're from Western Visayas or Eastern Visayas. I Hills is the option. If you Live in Mindanao, then IELTS is the only option. Okay, so I'm taking a small test, like computer based IELTS?

Yeah, as I mentioned earlier, every Monday we have a free mock examination at our Niner testing centers. So that's Manila. Makati Kavita Laguna, Batangas, Dagupan and Tuguegarao. I'm a student visa applicant in Canada. Is it Academic or General Training? It's academic for student visa. Okay, so it's 8:58pm. After one hour of talking, let's call it a night. But now I'm going to announce the lucky winner of our free IELTS platinum package recorded videos, computer based practice tests and interactive speaking rather interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises. Let me identify a winner. And the winner is the first person who tagged several friends. Congratulations, John Montemor. Your you just won for yourself. free access or IELTS platinum package for one month. So you can message me now but I'll respond tomorrow because I've had a long day so far. I've been to four destinations earlier. And I woke up at 6am That's why immediately after the Facebook Live session, I'm going to rest so Miss Jo unwanted my URL. You can message me tonight but I'll respond tomorrow morning. Once again, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Connetics international nursing agency. Miss Tanya, Miss Jennifer Miss Luciana Miss Lisa, Miss Michelle, and locally I like to thank Miss Melanes is for always being there for us. Guys. If you want to have free lessons for NCLEX and English examinations, all you have to do is to visit the Facebook Connetics that's every Monday at 8pm Philippine time, first and third Monday of the month free NCLEX lessons. second and fourth Monday of the month free lessons for IELTS OET PTE. Once again, this is 9.0 Niner. We'll see you in our next Facebook Live session. Bye