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IELTS Academic vs General: What Is The Difference?

What do I need to take the Academic or the General IELTS?

So there are two modules in the IELTS Academic and General Training. But if you're a nurse going to the United States of America, it has to be the academic module.

So listening and speaking are exactly the same for Academic and General Training. Well, for reading, there is a slight difference It has something to do with the difficulty of the questions and also the length of the passage. But ideally, both academic and General Training candidates need to address or need to answer the same types of questions like true false or not given matching headings gap fill in multiple choice. Now the most important difference is in the writing sub test. Why? Task two essay writing is exactly the same for Academic and General Training. But the topics and questions are more complex for the academic candidates as compared to General Training.

But in writing task one, the General Training candidates are expected to write a letter. However, for the academic candidates, they need the physical report for a line graph, bar graph, pie chart table. Now, it's an admitted matter and established fact that academic is more challenging as compared to the general training. This is why a lot of nurses are asking, if that is the case, can I take the general training module and sit? And the answer is no. Because in this examination, you cannot take the wrong module, the moment you take the wrong module, you are required to repeat all the four sub tests in the IELTS. So that's why you have to be careful if you're a nurse going to the United States, and then it's that academic module. And what about the required band score? I think I was also asked, right? So for nurses, you have to get a seven and speaking and 6.5 overall, regardless of your grade and listening, reading through writing, so some people are asking how do I get 6.5 overall? Well, a seven is speaking six and listening six and reading six in writing will give you 6.5 overall, someone asked me what if I get 5.5 in reading and I still go to the United States? The answer is yes, for as long as there is one sub test that needs to pull you up. So if you're listening in 6.5, reading a six writing is 5.5 and you're speaking a seven still that 6.5 overall, that score welcome to the United States of America.

Okay, that's what we want for everyone, welcome to the United States of America.