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I-140 Immigrant Petition Requirements And Eligibility

What are some of the documents that a nurse would need to prepare beforehand, when they when they've been offered an international nurse job and accepted a job to for the I-140 filing?

Sure. So they would have to collect their academic credentials, including their diploma, their nursing degree, licenses, certifications, any any documents related to their profession, their biographic documents such as their passports, copies of their passports or birth certificates, copies of the birth certificates and passports for their immediate relatives, which include spouses and minor children that they want to include in the process.

Because those, they have to be mentioned on the petition with the names of the spouses and minor children. So the main thing is for them to start collecting their academic credentials, their licenses, birth certificates, all there biographic data, for purposes of filing the I-140.

Okay, so that's really important for any nurse to hear. Because this process is a long one. The timing, it does take a while for you to be able to come to the US. So it's really important to be working with a reputable company, a reputable lawyer who's going to give you a lot of that information beforehand, just as Denise just listed out now all of those documents and things that need just for the filing of the I-140. Some of those things can take a little bit of time to get so really important to get that done beforehand.

If I may add for interrupting you, but they for those who previously had I-140 files for them in the past, they should collect the approval notice of the I-140. So that we could request that they that the government preserve the party data that has already been established previously.

Okay, so thank you for raising that because I see we've actually got some questions about that. And I know there were a lot of nurses and that were born in India that are asking questions about previous priority dates and how that works.