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How to Prepare for English Exams

What do you think would be the best way to prepare for the PTE exam overall? Like, how long should they study? And you know, should they work with a study program? Should they be buying some resource online? What are your thoughts on that? 

Good question, I am going to take this question at the end of PTE and also apply it more generally. But there is a as I say, that misconception of the PTE exam is easier. And as discussed, it's partly because the scoring requirements are lower. But PTE, IELTS, OET regardless of what exam you are taking, preparation and appropriate preparation is key. The English exam, there's no doubt about that across most overseas healthcare professionals, well as non healthcare professionals living overseas that the English exam is the most difficult part of the process that has statistically the highest amount of failures. That's the bad news.

The good news is, is that this can largely be avoided. And the reason why it can't be avoided is because there are still too many candidates worldwide, who do not place emphasis on the English exam components of their overseas move, and don't put the same emphasis on preparation, or these exams as they would be others. But because the scores are so low, then you should. So really, when it comes to taking any of the exams, the first thing that you should do is not book the exam, and then prepare, especially don't book the exam for two to four weeks time, which we see is very, very common here at swoosh, English, instead, reverse that order, prepare first and only take the exam when you are ready. The analogy I like to throw in is like, here in the UK and Ireland. For example, when we're learning how to drive a car, take our driving tests, we don't just jump in a car driving around the wrong thing. All right, I think I can drive a car, I'm gonna go take the test and pass, we will fit, right.  

So please don't approach taking a driving test the same way like that as candidates often are taken their English exam. So prepare first only book when you are ready. And you will know you are ready. Whenever you're getting expert instruction and feedback from a really good program. And really good teachers, aka you're doing the test numerous times. But I'm getting that passing score, but not just relying on the practice tests as well. But you're actually going through a program that's developing your English skills across these exams, you're putting them into application, you're making use of that feedback in the application. And then applying that to the next series of learning that you're doing. You're doing sorry, it's called the learning cycle. So please, please, like how much time it takes for you to prepare for your English exam appropriately.

So I see in the comments, and I just kind of want to highlight this that solution Niners both participate in the Connetics College offerings for free classes on English language testing. So OET PTE prep classes are coming on a regular basis through the Connetics Nursing Agency college every Monday. And so please take a look at those classes. It's great information. And maybe if you're still at a loss as to which one to take, the more you learn, the better choice you're able to make. If you're still stumped. So I Scott, your advice about preparation before booking I love you know makes perfect sense to me.