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How To Expedite Your Immigration Application

How to file for an expedite. This is a question that we are getting time and time again, there's a lot of confusion about the expedite process. And she's asking, Can I do it myself or the agency should do it for me, my priority date is June 2019, and DQ since November 10 2020. Until now, I don't have ID. And I would like to make my case to be expedited. So Chris, let's break down that question from Charlene. Can you explain to everybody who's watching? And first of all, how to go about an expedite process?

So, first thing is, we definitely do not recommend people do it on their own. We'd like you to get at least guidance from your Attorney. Having said that, there's almost no reason that we wouldn't do it. So don't do that. That's it just we'd like everybody to be involved in the decision making in the process. And when one party, whether it's the lawyer, the recruiter or the nurse, where the employer takes actions without everybody else involved, it can just lead to confusion, it can especially lead to confusion if the attorney has already started that process, or maybe it's already completed that process and then you go, it can actually delay your case on an expedite request. So that's number one.

Number two, the process is pretty easy. We just have to send an email in to the embassy.

Number three, it's hit or miss. It doesn't mean if your friend got it and you didn't get it, that time you did something wrong or we did something wrong, your employer did something wrong. And frankly, if yours goes in your friends doesn't go doesn't mean that we did something magical either. It's also a pretty tough process to peg as to who gets approved or not. But the basic argument is that your services would be great for the US to get in here because of the COVID crisis.