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How To Choose a Nursing Recruitment Agency

Can you give us some tips that nurses should consider when applying to a nursing agency?

Of course we have Connetics and we have O'Grady, both excellent choices. How should they be deciding if they want to come with us or another company? absolutely happy to share. So the first thing that you look at is the experience of it's very important decision the partner you choose to help you in your journey coming to the US. So certainly look at the experience of that organization. Collectively Connetics, and O'Grady Peyton have over 40 years experience in this industry and are experts at what we do and can guide you every step of the way. You know, ask questions, if you have a question, the chances are most international nurses have that question. So don't be afraid to ask questions, make sure that you get them answered by your recruiter, your career consultant.  

Check online for reviews. Before applying, you want to be sure that the partner that you choose is reputable, that they've got good that they've got good reviews from nurses that have been through the process. Nurse Bryan is a perfect example of that today, as well as nurse Gillian, of course. And you know, you also want to make sure that the partner that you choose is a legitimate partner, right? So are they associated with DMW, for example, in in the Philippines, being a member of the alliance for ethical recruitment and add here is going to be important as well, because that indicates that your best interests are our best interest as well.

So you'll find the associations on our website, that we are confirmed as members of these organizations, which is which is very, very important. A reputable agent agency will provide you with a checklist of all the documents that you will need. So as you submit your application that will be provided to you very, very timely, because we want to file your petition immediately. But there are certain documents that we need in order to do that. So start working on them, get them submitted to us so that we can get you filed, ASAP. Very important.

Daniel mentioned that we're going to be talking about it next week, but get your place in line today. That's what I would encourage you to do. Wherever your motivation is either direct hire or staffing. We have an opportunity for you. So I would encourage everybody who has not applied yet to do so today and let our team of experts assist you.