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How O’Grady Peyton and Connetics Are the Same - Direct Hire and Staffing

How O’Grady Peyton and Connetics International Nursing Agency are the same. There's a lot of similarities. Sometimes there's a myth that they're so different, but they're actually quite similar, Holly? 

Yes. So the similarities, sometimes surprise people, but we are. One of the benefits, I guess is that we both work with top health care systems in the United States. And that gives us the ability to match nurses based on their wants and needs. So more choice. We're very highly competitive with pay and benefits on both sides. So the options there are very competitive. We both provide full service pre and post arrival support. So what does that mean? Well, we have a circle of support that assists nurses all the way through with their immigration, their licensure, their onboarding, when they arrive here things like an airport pickup or going to get groceries.

Those are things that those firsts may not seem very important to you right now. But they are very important when you're first arriving. And so that kind of support is available through both of our organizations. We do hire for all specialty. So Tanya, I saw someone in the chat who said, what if you have no hospital experience, there may still be opportunities for you. But obviously, most hospitals are looking for hospital experience. But that doesn't mean that we can't explore what options might be there for you. Because we're working with so many different organizations throughout the United States. Obviously, as I mentioned, because it's throughout the United States, that means location choices are expanded by us being together. And we are both certified by the Alliance and DMW and we've all achieved some very positive recognition through social media, our Facebook with Connetics, I think it's about a five out of five on the reading, but we both have very positive ratings on CGFNS, a 97% for Connetics and a 92% for OGP. So combined together, we really do become a powerhouse of assistance for you. 

Thank you, Holly