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Is There a Limit on How Many Times I Can Take the NCLEX?

How many times can I write the NCLEX exam, Rachelle?

So there's Board of Nursing where you can sit for the NCLEX unlimited takes, where they're also Boards of Nursing, where in there is a limitation for say for example through Texas Board of Nursing, you can have unlimited takes within four years span of time which means to say that you can have as much as many takes if you are not successful in your first examination but it should be within four years span of time.

For Illinois Board of Nursing you should be able to pass your NCLEX within three years span of time. '

But with New York Board of Nursing you can have unlimited takes. So as long as you were not able to pass it yet, and you are still willing to sit for the examination then you can freely go through the process again and then sit for the examination so that you will be able to pass your NCLEX. So it varies, it depends on which Board of Nursing.

So that's where the experts come in and Rachelle and Jean from IPass, who are experts in this field because every state is not the same. So there are some specific differences with the different states. And that's something that might be difficult for nurses sitting outside of the country to know and that's why we do a show like onwards and upwards.

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We are direct hire so we don't sponsor the nurses ourselves, we are not your employer, we are not your sponsor. This is direct hire where the employer, the hospital, the nursing home will be your sponsor and your employer. And the big advantage of that and this is something that not all international nurses know is that you will get paid the same as an American nurse, which you know, as Rachelle and Jean know nursing is a hard job so you want to get valued and appreciated with that same that same rate of pay.