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How Long Should I Study for the NCLEX

How long should I study before I take the NCLEX exam? And if I'm interested, should I actually apply right now? Even if I haven't started studying? 

Yes, you can apply now because the process will take long like Texas or Illinois Board, it takes like five to six months to get approved. And in New York right now, it's, there's a lot of applications that were last in New York Board of Nursing. So that's why the approval is kinda late now.

It will take like probably eight to nine months to have an approval. So right now, if you have not started yet, it is high time that you can start the application and then you can study as soon as possible, like tomorrow or next day, you can start studying by your own.

So definitely the right thing that should be done by the nurse is to first apply for the NCLEX because as what Jean said, it takes time for it to be approved. And then the moment that you are already approved, then you can say to yourself that you are already ready provided that you have already started reviewing.

We have the online NCLEX review program as well wherein we also have the sponsored candidates of Connetics international nursing agency support there and click sponsorship program. So you basically have to start with your NCLEX first and then you can already start studying or you can enroll to a certain Review Center for your online or review program. So the moment that you are already approved for the NCLEX then you can already sit for the NCLEX as well.

Okay, so this is very important, everybody who's watching. If you have not started this process, then it's important to start the application for the NCLEX because some people do is they will start studying and then when they kind of getting towards the end of their studying program, then they apply for the NCLEX.  But as both Jean and Rachelle has said the waiting time to get the ATT, the authorization to test is taking longer and longer as many more people come on board and try and write the NCLEX exam.

So start that process when you actually start your study program. In December we're going to be doing a show on how to prepare for the NCLEX exam so more on the studying part of it so keep watching and and check out the onwards and upwards show. We do this every Friday and in December we will do a show more on actually the specifics of how to prepare and more like the clinical study piece. Today we talking more about the application.