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How Long Does It Take to Get NCLEX Results

How long for the NCLEX results will be released?

So for the result on your NCLEX, for example, if you are here in the Philippines so you will be able to have your result like 68 hours after the examination. What you can see in Pearson Vue, what you can receive is that after 24 hours. Definitely is 48 to 62 hours you can get the quick results. When you log into your Pearson Vue account and you see it that you can purchase the quick results.

So if you are here in the Philippines, the timing will be after 68 hours so basically, it's almost three days that after you have already taken your NCLEX that you can be able to see what is the unofficial results. The official result, you can see that one once you're going to purchase the Pearson VUE result, but that's really your result already so we hope that it's a pass.

Yes, we'll be the that will be the good news that we want for everybody to be able to do the happy dance, because once you've got the NCLEX you pretty much can get started. And you can get you can interview with an employer. And if you look at the Connetics USA nurses recruitment agency success path that we put up at the beginning of the show, all of those steps can then fall into place. The first step is the NCLEX. So if you have not yet started, please get started and wait until the end of the show because we're also going to be sharing some information about the Connetics NCLEX scholarship program.