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Housing Market in Texas

Cha and Ivan, let's talk a little bit about housing because one of the things that many nurses want to know about is what is the housing like. I don't know what your situation is, if you're renting, if you have been able to buy a house. Cha, you're just new to Texas, can you share with a little with everybody who's watching a little bit about the housing situation where you are living?

Right now, I'm living in an apartment so the renting in here is like, $1,100 per month, but the inclusion is the water and then the sewage as well. It depends really how is your consumption. Electricity is like 60 to $70 is what I'm paying every month. And internet is it depends which plan you're going to pay because what we have in here is the unlimited one, so it's like $50 per month.

The electricity in here compared where I came from in Kentucky. It's way like cheaper because back there I'm paying $100- $110 it ranges like that. But here it's just $60 to $70 so there's a huge difference as well with electricity so all I can say if electricity it's way cheaper than where I came from.

Interesting. I didn't know that and Cha I know that you mentioned your family live in Odessa. How does the housing compare in Odessa to what you experience where you are?

Since she in a rural part of Texas back there in Odessa, it's cheaper. She told me it's $1,000 because she already purchased her house there so they owned it already because she's been here for like 35 years now and like way of living there she said it's like more cheaper in Odessa. Probably because it's away from the city proper that's why because like I'm asking her some stuff like the electricity and everything she told me that it really depends on their consumption. But so far, it's just paying like $50- $ 60like that so it's not that big difference comparatively paying in here.

Interesting, because I think that it does depend where you are in Texas. There are differences within Texas itself. So I think that's important to mention.

Ivan, tell us about the housing where you are?

We own a house. That's the good news for people want to come to the United States, it's affordable to be able to buy a house and of course the living is more comfortable, we also started living in an apartment and apartment here are very spacious and very livable like we came from UAE we have we have condo units. The problem is that the the parking and it's more congested, smaller place.

Here when we went to New Mexico, our apartments basically are bigger. When we came to Texas, we were like planning to get an apartment. However, we have a dog and it's our dog's fault that we need to buy a house because it's a big dog. In New Mexico our apartment has a backyard so he owns the backyard. And we were looking for a house to rent or an apartment to rent and we couldn't find one because the dog is big.

I said okay, let's just try to purchase a house as long as you have a good credit score then you'll be able to get to get the house right away so we bought a house. What to expect in Texas is everything is bigger in Texas, so basically you live here in a big house, if you're coming from another place they will say that your house is luxurious but it's not,  it's just average. So they say you live in a mansion but it's not, it's average. You live in a five bedroom house here, it's average and you live in a very big lot like equivalent to the Philippines that would be 800 square square meters to 1,000 square meter lot, big backyard, there's a pool. Those are just like the things that you can benefit from working in Texas like, if you are in your days off, you have your house basically even sometimes don't need to go out, all of the entertainment is in your house. You have the pool.

We don't have the pool yet but probably in the future. The pricing of the houses depends on the the areas. So Keller, Texas is more expensive than Fort Worth and so basically northern Texas is more expensive than any other places in Texas so the houses right now are expensive but that doesn't mean that it's not affordable, it is still affordable because you earn a lot here. Your salary is still more than enough for you to be able to purchase a house so we are inviting you to come here. Everything's affordable, you can get the car, you can get the house, like everything.

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