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Hendrick Health - Careers at the US Healthcare Employer

So I just want to introduce myself. My name is Prescilla Camacho. I am the director of centralized support services here at Hendrick Health. I've been here for about almost 10 years and I can truly say it's the best organization to work for. We are a nonprofit organization governed by a board of trustees. And so we really get to make changes and see positive momentum in real time. We have the ability to control our own destiny. And so I think that's really important for frontline employees to know and be able to do. The mission of our health system is such an integral part of our community and the health care that we offer. So I want to share a video with you all just to give you a little bit more understanding. Doctors and nurses are the foundation of health care, but it takes people from all different backgrounds, experiences and education with unique talents and skills to fulfill our mission of providing high quality health care, emphasizing excellence and compassionate consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Join our team of educators, nurses, accountants, pharmacists, environmental service techs, transporters, and more. Be part of something that matters be part of the mission. Apply today at Hendrick 

So as you all saw, our mission is to deliver high quality health care emphasizing excellence and compassion consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. I wanted to share that video with you all so you could see our unique faith based approach to health care and how we always strive to be compassionate to our patients. A little bit about Hendrick health system we have three campuses. We have two located in Abilene and one located in Brownwood. Our two campuses in Abilene one is located on the north side of town. It is our largest facility has 540 licensed beds, and then we have a campus on the South side of town which has 231 beds. That is about a 15 minute drive from one campus to another then we have a campus in Brownwood brown it is about an hour south wheat southeast of Abilene and not too long of a drive. We serve 24 surrounding counties. So you can see we play such a vital role in health care in Texas because we cover such a large landmass. Abilene and brown with communities have so much to offer for all stages of life.

The population in Abilene is about 125,000 and Abilene is really growing. It's a growing city with that small town feel. So really, you know, you're bound to run into people everywhere you go. And really, we've got that small town feel here. We have great school systems. Abilene we have three major universities, we had a we have a lot of different restaurants with different types of cuisines. Like I said, we're growing and that we have lots of fun events all over the city all throughout the year. Brownwood is a little bit smaller population is 19,000. It's still you know, one of those small town feel cities. The town's one of the town's biggest features is the lake. They have like brown wood there. So you'll see a lot of water activities, nature and fun things to do. They also have new newly developing downtown, um, some more restaurants and building an event center. And they also have great school system and a really good community deal. 

Both towns are excellent for raising families and have a really affordable cost of living there as well. One of the things I really wanted to share with you all is something unique about our health system, we actually have nine nursing schools that feed into our health system. And so we really foster growth and learning here in our facility. It oftentimes you can walk through our halls and see students on all of our nursing units. We are nurses really take pride in educating students and growing them. We really foster growth within our hospital and so I wanted to share that with you all. Then our international nurses we love our international nervous nurses are hindered Cal is home to over 100 International nurse nurses ranging from Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and in Kenya all over the place. And so really Hendrick is about embracing culture, embracing culture and having everybody in our family. And so I'm going to pass it on to Alicia and she's going to share with you a little bit about our different campuses. So I'm Elisha Riggins, I'm the Abilene market director for our emergency department.

So I have north and south and then a freestanding IDI. So I'm going to share a little bit about our accreditations and our awards that Hendrick health has received. All our campuses have their neonatal and maternal designations, as well as various trauma designation so that way we can take care of our tiny patients and our most injured patients. North and South also have stroke certifications, as well as North as a primary heart attack center, and is accredited for hip and knee surgical care headache is one of the only facilities while that has won the Gallup great workplace award 17 years in a row. This shows our engagement and our satisfaction from our staff. It's based on confidential surveys that all the staff take. We were selected as one of the best places to work by modern healthcare three times in a row, which shows that Hendrick is an outstanding employer. We've received nursing specific awarded Pathways to Excellence four times in a row, and it identifies that Hendrick has the essential elements for an ideal nursing practice. We also participate in the DAISY Award and some of you may know what the DAISY Award is. It's an international recognized program that honors individual nurses skills and the compassionate care that they give. So after that, I'm going to turn it over to Jane and Sheryll. 

Hi, good morning. Thank you, Elisha and Prescilla. My name is Sheryll Busan and I'm the clinical coordinator for inpatient dialysis for both Hendrick Medical Center north and south. Three years ago, I came to this country as an international travel nurse to fulfill my dream as a US registered nurse coming from a 10 years experience as a registered nurse from UK. But still, it is a daunting and overwhelming experience for me to be still away from home and much more to be in a new environment. But luckily and thankfully, I was assigned here at Hendrick Medical Center. What I love about this facility is that they cultivate positive, a healthy and supportive culture that made me easier to work. Just and smoothly transition into my role. They offer a week of orientation, a week of orientation for licensed nurse, and a individualized orientation wherever you're assigned. Wherever you go in the facility, you can feel the warmth, the smile, and the embracing work environment of all the staff. All of the worries of being new in this facility have faded away, because being a part of the health care system like Hendrick, and basis, diversity and innovation has given me a sense of security and comfort to help focus on their mission to provide an excellent and compassionate care. They also offer an abundance of opportunities for professional development and career growth. And what makes it fulfilling is that they truly recognize your skills, abilities and contribution that open doors for career advancement. But the most important thing that made me stay after my two year contract is the feeling of being valued. My husband also joined me to be a registered nurse in this facility. And right now he's also working at the cath lab.

So I am so excited to open doors to welcome new international nurses and highly recommend Hendrik to join our facility. I'm passing it now to Jane. Thanks, Sarah. My name is Mary Jane man Mueller. I am the nurse manager of critical care unit at Hendrick Medical Center South. I came from the Philippines more than two decades ago, I worked for Hendrick health because its mission aligns with my belief as a person and as a nurse. I had the opportunity to work as a staff nurse to becoming a preceptor to students and ICU staff.  

I was a charge nurse for many years then become the nurse manager. There are definitely opportunities for growth within the Hendricks system, as evidenced by my being from a bedside nurse to management position. Hendrik provides education competencies and training during onboarding period. And the staff is then paired with a coach for individualized clinical orientation. So come join us in a collaborative great team in Abilene, Texas, the city that is the official storybook capital of America, and 10 Recap, you can start your own story, we may now take questions you may have for us. Wow, thank you Hendrick health team.

That was an amazing presentation that I mean, I was just writing down some of those awards really, that stood out to me best places to work by modern health care for three years in a row hearing from Sheryll and Jane who both decided to extend their contracts. Looking I mean, just like amazing Jane that started as a nurse and now became a manager and Sheryll whose husband works there as well. I think what Sheryll said really stood out to me, she stayed because she felt valued. At the end of the day, I think, you know, if you are looking for an employer that really values you, wants you to grow, that wants you to succeed. It sounds like Hendrick health is really the place to be. The fact that Sheryll is there and her husband is there is really a testament to how much they really value and appreciate their international nurses. So that was really an amazing presentation to hear and love hearing from international nurses who have traveled the road and can share their experience with our nurses. So thank you Hendrick health for being a part of today and sharing all about your amazing system.  

Sounds like a really special place to work. If you are watching us from around the world, please apply at Our recruiters are waiting and you can tell them you know, I'm interested in Hendrick health. I heard them on the Career Day of the Connetics international nurse agency and they sound like a very special employer that I'm interested in interviewing for, and they can set that up for you.