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Geisinger Health - US Healthcare Employer

Hi, everybody. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening from wherever you're watching in the world. We are so excited to be able to spend some time with you this morning. My name is Kristi Cellittie I’m the Recruitment Director of Geisinger. And I'm here joined with two of my colleagues that allow them to quickly introduce themselves as well.

Thanks Kristi. I am Kim Gummel. I'm one of the associate vice presidents for nursing at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania. Hi, everyone. It's a pleasure to virtually meet you. My name is Andy Capalong. I'm the system director for workforce management. So love to partner with you guys. And we'll kind of go from there. Awesome. Thank you so much. So we'll go ahead and jump right in. So we are Geisinger and we're excited to be able to spend time with you this morning and share information about our organization. So Geisinger was founded over 100 years ago by Abigail Basinger, so we are female founded. We've been established for many years. We have 10 hospital campuses throughout Pennsylvania. We have 133 primary and specialty clinics. We are over 25,000 employees system wide. We are an integrated health care system. So we do have our own health care health plan with 550,000 members. We make significant investments in research. So we have two research centers. And we are an academic and teaching facility we actually have our own medical school with our Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, which has just recently expanded to include our School of Nursing. We have the Geisinger Chana Ys hospital Children's Hospital, which has received many accolades, and we are have been ranked as the in the top eight most innovative healthcare systems by Becker's hospital review. We've also received many other accolades, including nationally recognized by Forbes fortune and time. We are we do have our core values.

We are a values driven organization. Our core values are incorporated in everything that we do, how we interact with our patients, members and our employees. One of our core values is kindness. So we strive to treat others how we would want to be treated. Another core values excellence, we working together, work to establish common goals work cross functionally to make sure that we are providing the best care to our patients. Safety is another core value at Geisinger. It's important to us that we create a safe environment not only for our patients, but also for our gracing our family and our employees. So we have made significant strides to make sure that our healthcare providers such as our nurses are working in a safe environment. We also have learning and innovation as a core value we are teaching hospital, we make sure that we make significant investments in technology, make sure we're providing the best care. Right, I'll hand it over to Andy to go over our service area. Thanks Kristi. So we just wanted to provide you guys with the map. So you can see where our service area covers in Pennsylvania. So you can see it's kind of broken down into regions. So we have our Northeast, our central, our North Central, our western region. That's primarily our focus, as Kristi mentioned, we have 10 hospitals located within that area, and we serve 67 counties. So just a really nice visual just to show you guys where we are.

So basing our Medical Center is one of our campuses in Danville. It's our largest or largest hospital within our system. It's made up of one to three hospitals in our central region. We are a level one adult trauma center with 505 licensed beds, as well as the only level two pediatric trauma center in the region. GMC is a magnet recognized hospital by the American Nurses credentialing center, and we are on our fourth designation for our met our magnet journey. We became the first hospital in the nation to receive Joint Commission comprehensive hardest that heart attack program. The central region is also designed as a two level of care model. So we offer ICU and advanced acute care to both of our adult and pediatric populations. And I'll hand it to you to cover together to excuse me, so our Geisinger community Medical Center, so that's located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We have 293 license beds for this facility. So it's about 2000 fts. We're a level two Trauma Center. We do have a cancer center built in. There's a heart attack and receiving center for pain certification, we have a primary stroke, bariatric surgery, so really a robust center as well. It's growing as well. So there is plans for expansion for this campus. Our Geisinger Wyoming Valley facility, so that's 328 licensed beds. We actually just remodeled our cancer center. So that's our Henry Cancer Center. So there's many expansions It's beautiful, beautiful campus. Approximately 3000 FTE is cms five star rating Comprehensive Stroke facility level one trauma center, and they just submitted it actually two weeks ago for re designation of magnet.

Thank you. So we want to tell you a little bit about what it's like to live. I'm work in Pennsylvania. We have the four seasons, so you get to enjoy the fall foliage, the spring blossoming, the sunny summers and the beautiful winters and snowy winters. We pride ourselves on the great outdoors so any outdoor enthusiast, we welcome you. We have over 100 state parks throughout Pennsylvania. Now in biking, fishing, hiking, hunting, boating, skiing, you know all of that we have here that you can enjoy in Pennsylvania. But we also have safe and family oriented communities. So very quiet neighborhoods where your neighbors become your friends. We have great schools and we are only a short drive from a lot of larger metropolitan areas such as New York City, Washington, DC, etc. So only a quick drive to be able to enjoy you know those those areas as well. So nursing at Geisinger nursing at Geisinger truly is being part of a huge family. We have over 4000 Nursing nurses working throughout our system. Our RNs on average, have over 10 years of service and many have only ever worked for the organization some retiring after 3030 The five plus years to have our hospitals our magnet recognized however all of our campuses are focused on Nursing Excellence. shared decision making is really important to us and is the core of nursing as it's imperative that our frontline staff are a part of nursing practice.

We offer many professional development opportunities to all of our team, team members, unit and hospital based councils focusing on evidence base, we have a Career Enhancement Program, which is an informal leadership role at the unit level that assists with unit based education staff precepting and mentoring opportunities, and consumption as a unit charge nurse just to name a few. Here at Geisinger, it takes a team approach for caring for all of our patients. So we all work at top of our license, all individual share for the share in the workload to take optimal care of the patients that we have the pleasure to serve. Our staff have flexible scheduling opportunities through an electronic Self Scheduling Software, as our leadership teams really promote work life balance, and we really always strive to be best in class employee engagement. I've been a proud Geisinger nurse for the last 23 years. And really, it's an amazing opportunity and organization to work for. Andy, I don't know, if you want to brag a little bit more about nursing as well. I just want to throw one plug in there. So for our academic year 2122, we actually had over 3000 students as well that come through. So we are a teaching hospital. So that's one big focus for us is that we can kind of pass that future growth along as well.

Thank you so much. So in the last 15 seconds before we take some of your questions, we just want to share what we can offer to you. We have market competitive rates that are go up based on experience, very competitive benefits that start on day one tuition assistance, you know, paid time off, etc. We do have a member of our team that's answering questions in the chat. We saw some questions about orientation, which she was able to enter, answer as well as questions about the specialties that we're hiring into. We are hiring into our medical surgical areas, our ICUs are oh our many openings. And we're so excited to be able to get to know you and we hope that you choose Geisinger as your employer of choice. Thank you so much. Wow, that was spot on time. Congrats to the Geisinger team. It was so fun and so many questions in the chat. And so we really so grateful to the guys in your team for joining us today. We are proud to partner with Geisinger. And I know that everybody who is watching was so impressed with all of the accolades I was furiously writing notes and Goodness magnet teaching hospital, level one trauma center peds, Forbes , Fortune, Time, a  a top of innovation, so many so many accolades. But the one thing that kind of stood out to me is treat others as you want to be treated. I love that. So thank you so much to the Geisinger team. And I want to thank Kristi, Kim and Andy, for joining us today. If you are interested in Geisinger, please apply to the Connetics USA website and our team on hand to help you to speak about if Geisinger is the right opportunity for you or any of our other employers amazing employers Connetics, choose for specific partners to make your American dream a reality.