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Fun Things to Do in Texas

What are the fun things to do in Texas?

I know that Texas is a big state. You've been there for longer, have you had any trips or done any fun things in the state itself and that you can share with us?

It's not like as fun as other states. In other states, it's green. In Texas - it's dry. It's like a desert. So mostly you have fun with the establishments like go to the restaurants, you go play bowling, you go play basketball. Since we are not near the beach, people usually go to lakes. So they would swim in lakes, ride the pontoon boats, jet skis. Those are the things that they're usually done in Texas when during the off days, but if you have longer days off and we go to other states - we go to California, we go to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and neighboring cities. So that's the good thing here in the United States and also the airfare is cheap so I think that's it.

So what was your favorite place to visit in the United States so far?

We've visited a lot of states. I'm not sure if it is our goal to visit all 51 states. But so far we've visited the most probably the most visited states like we've been to California, we've been to Northern California, to Southern California, and we've been to Florida so we've been able to compare both beaches, the Pacific and the Atlantic beaches. We've been around Florida, we've been to Orlando, Miami, Clearwater, Destin Pensacola, and to New York.

So not sure yet what are the other things that we're going to probably target to go. Probably, South Dakota - Mount Rushmore and I think it depends on what you would like to do. Roam around the bigger city. We were from the Philippines, there's hundreds of millions of Filipinos and our place is small. When we go to the city, it's congested. You see a lot of people. Like here you go to Dallas, you don't see a lot of people I think the only comparable city to the Philippines is New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. But it's nice, you really need to have a vehicle to roam around the country and we're enjoying it so far.

It's funny that you say that Ivan because as you're talking I'm thinking out my father when he used to come here he always used to say "Where the people? I don't see the people?"

That's what my parents and my in laws because both of them come here every now and then and they get bored because they don't see a lot of people. Unlike the Philippines you go outside of your house, talk to your neighbor.

Cha, have you visited in Texas and the surrounding states that you have fun?

I've been to Florida, Chicago and New York. We roam around there in Niagara Falls. So far, what I'm liking here though in Texas, the place that I've been to here in downtown Dallas , It's more food tripping really, cuz back when I started my American dream, it's a way from Asian markets. Like Jollibee because we're a little bit deprived about that because I have to travel 2 hours away from my location back there.

But here is just  9 -10 minutes away. So the place that I love in here in Texas where I visited is the museum in downtown Dallas. It's of more of their culture, all the paintings as well and then some sculptures because I love art as well, I appreciate it. Those people who like arts you can go to Dallas, there are a lot of museum there.

If you're more into theme parks, there's one here in Arlington, it's the Six Flags Over Texas. It's 45 minutes away from here. So if you're into roller coaster rides, you will enjoy it in there. And also here in Plano, we have a hot air balloon festival. That's also an interesting thing to check it out here in our place like the balloon festival because they have fun run, a hot air balloon festival, and more of like eating outside.