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Fun and Best Things to Do in California

But let's just talk about like fun in California. Maybe you can describe for everybody where you were and what you experienced. What is your favorite place to visit?

Well, I've been to some places. I've been to San Francisco, I've been to Los Angeles and South Lake Tahoe, my favorite would have to be San Francisco because the first one would be the Golden Gate Bridge. The houses are all Victorian. When we passed through the Golden Gate Bridge, It was at that moment when I realized and I told myself that I'm really in the United States, because you only get to see it in the movies. You know, it was it was surreal. It was so nice.

I got to have time to you know, to visit around the great places in California.I got to see the Crooked Street, the famous Crooked Street. It was night time, but it was we got to drive inside it. So it's really cool and I've been to Los Angeles, I saw the Hollywood Sign got pictures there. It's so good.

And it feels like you know, a trophy to me. I gotta take a picture of the Hollywood sign. It's like it's in the movie with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher (Urban Light) A lot of people take photos in that area.

Okay. So you've seen a lot of the US and you've seen a lot of the states. And are there any other of your favorite places that you visited that you can tell us about?

South Lake Tahoe Definitely. It's different because in California, when we went there was still summer, it was so hot. But when we went to Lake Tahoe, it's like winter. The establishments there. It's different. It's different. It's like you're inside magazine picture too. Because everything is new to me. Yeah. And there was like, we weren't supposed to go because of the fire. But thankfully, they were able to control it and we got to see Lake down.

Well, that's what we want for everybody is to go see the Hollywood sign and the Golden Gate Bridge and Lake Tahoe and all these fun things. Yosemite, Museum of Fine Art in San Francisco.

That's also Francisco and the one where I was standing is in Twin Peaks. Ah, you get to see the whole San Francisco City. It was so so nice.

I think that's the great thing also not Hanford specifically is it's kind of right in the middle of the country .In the middle of the state, so do you close to a lot of different things to see, which is fun. Yeah, definitely. And people don't also realize how different different parts of California are. Because Los Angeles is so different to portable where your family lives. Different to Hanford, different to Fresno, different to Lake Tahoe. Each place is kind of different. So really fun to explore.