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ECU Health - US Healthcare Employer

We certainly think the best way to tell you about ECU health is for you to hear directly from some of our amazing International nurses. And so we'll start off with that. Let me share my screen hopefully everyone can see it I chose this year because of the medical school or the nursing school, just so I'll be able to learn more good progress in my career, because it's a level one trauma center, you could encounter all the other things that you would think only big cities could have. This is a teaching hospital so it's a very big plus this is one of the reason why I chose ECU Health Medical Center.

I came here purposely to know more about the nursing job and I feel like I'm getting it from you. There is simply like team goal, everybody's willing to help you get to learn new skills, it broadens your horizon, how to take care of patients, I see new cases every day, I get to learn new things each and every day. So it's a very good place to start the nursing career here.

There's so many opportunities you have people who are willing to teach you are willing to help you if you could work on different ways if you are here. And that really motivated me because there are some you're stuck to one unit but she can diverse areas you can learn from get experience from it and build on yourself everywhere you go.

They're smiling and ready to welcome you I've got a good team of people I work with to work with people that you feel comfortable working with, it's a good place to work when you get to your unit. It's just like a smaller group, and a whole setup. So you don't feel lost there so gradually, you get integrated and you grow, you learn to grow. And then you're seen as family and issues a great place to be the challenge in there. But I know that I will not be left alone, because there will be a lot of support coming from your co workers coming from the hospital itself and your manager and I believe this is a good opportunity for you to like, grow more. I'm being treated very well from my leaders and I'm being respected, my experience respected. The staffs are very wonderful they are very friendly and ready to teach.

Are they lots of people ready to teach me at the bar they are there to work on. I learned a lot they're just opportunities, you just need to act and the door opens you can enjoy the team work environment which you are looking in a hospital and I found it here in ECU Health Medical Center.

All right, so hopefully enjoy hearing a little bit from some of our International nurses. We have been so blessed to have International nurses as part of our organization since around 2019. And so they have brought a wealth of knowledge and diversity and experience and warm culture in your organization that has really transformed our nursing community but also the patients and families that were blessed to care for here in eastern North Carolina.

So I want to spend just a brief moment giving you a high level overview of ECU health and then I want to get into the fun stuff and talk to Dylan Nesrine about their experience here with us at ECU health so let me pull up this one screen real quick. So hopefully everyone can see that the first thing I just want to talk to you about so ECU health we're located in eastern North Carolina. We are a health system made up of nine hospitals, over 185 clinics.

And our flagship hospital is located kind of right in the middle in Pitt County in Greenville, North Carolina. That is our magnet designated hospital accredited residency program. One of the great things about ECU health from a career perspective for nurses is that our the size of our hospitals range anywhere from a community hospital to your 1000 Bed Medical Center.

So the options here for your development, and growth is just phenomenal, really, as you heard the nurses talking about the sky's the limit here. And so our goal is to improve the health and well being of eastern North Carolina, and that we're creating a national model of Nursing Excellence here.

And so as far as opportunities for professional growth, we have a great affiliation right next door literally in our backyard yard with easy you, East Carolina University College of Nursing Brody School of Medicine. So we have the joy of having a top tier transformational health system located right in rural eastern North Carolina, so it is incredible place to make a very big difference.

I'm going to turn it over to Dr. Williams, who's going to share a little bit about our nursing International nurse fellowship program.

We are so proud of our International nurse fellowship orientation experience that we've designed to provide an innovative, robust orientation to help you professionally transition not only into nursing at ECU health, but as well within eastern North Carolina.

As part of our curriculum, you can count on us to ensure we are providing you with a one on one preceptor experience. Individualized unit based orientation, designed to meet your needs, your specific opportunities for growing and developing as a nursing professional. In addition, as part of our fellowship curriculum, we have built in learning opportunities that include high fidelity simulation. Also, we have programs designed to introduce you to the health care of the United States. We also introduce you into the nursing code of ethics and scope of standards for nursing in the United States, and the legal aspects of nursing.

And lastly into life practices designed specifically for the patient populations that you care for across ECU hill. We believe that a key component of this orientation experience is ensuring that you feel supported. And so we have integrated a role into the orientation that is called the ambassador. These are International nurses that have already imported on boarded with us who will support you to help you transition into not only VCU health but also our community. We believe that our orientation experience will help you not only embed into the ECU nursing professional practice environment, but also into our communities.

Awesome, thank you so much, Dr. Williams. With our two minutes remaining, I love to just very briefly, Adela, could you just tell us a little bit about you know, what's it like being an International nurse here at ECU health, what's your experience?

Two words it will describe as being proud kit and secured, working from a low resources area where it came from and then moving to a well structured hospital. I never felt discriminated by either under occurred and then my co workers and management always encouraged us you to perform well and they encouraged you to grow to be a professional nurse and security which means that I feel safe because we practice safe staffing as always, and then it makes me feel safe because whenever I come to work, everybody feels like a family you know that they got your back at the same time. People are here to help you out learn new things. I mean this versus a teaching hospital where you are able to see International multiple nationalities coming in together, making our patients life way better.

So easy you help for that well, thank you and then as Nesrine I'd love to hear from you a little bit. One of the things that we know is so Important is not only your work environment, but the community that you move into when you relocate. So could you tell us a little bit about what do you like about living here in eastern North Carolina is a beautiful place to live?

This is one of the most beautiful states and it took my heart, because it's temperate weather, beautiful scenery, green all over. And I love to stay here forever that's why I nearly bought a house here. And I would love to share that I'm proud to be one of this family at ECU Health Medical Center, it's great hospital, trauma level one magnet hospital, it gives me a huge opportunity to learn a lot of things. Being a CQ nurse with this great professional team that I'm working with from day one. They interviewed me with my manager, she gave me the feeling that I'm a part of this family and I wouldn't be part of this family for well, I think that is a beautiful place to end their Nesrine. I can definitely tell from the way that everybody on this call speaks and that video of your International nurses that at ECU health, everybody really does treat everybody like family. I thought that was incredible. 180 sorry, 120 International nurses from 14 countries.

That is amazing so much diversity, so much community. I am sure that speaks volumes for a lot of our International nurses who are watching who are so desperately looking for that community that can really help when you make that move to the United States, which is very exciting, but also can be very scary. So that is a huge, huge positive at ECU health.

I also was just loving what you were saying about career development, professional development. You have the smaller hospitals you have the larger hospitals, it's just up to whatever the nurses will want whatever they want their career track trajectory to be. So thank you for sharing about ECU health. Sounds like an amazing place to be working and somewhere that our International nurses should definitely consider.

If you are interested in ECU health you can apply on our website and our recruiters are on hand ready waiting to help you interview with ECU health team.

So thank you so much ECU health team for being on today. It was great to hear from all of you our viewers loved it. If you have any questions for the ECU health team we will be going through the comments and answering any questions so please feel free to post thank you ECU health team.

Thank you all right, so before we turn to our next employer, I thought it would be a good time to look through the comments. If you have questions about immigration, please know that AMN Healthcare International. We do a once a month immigration update with our top attorney experts and they will answer all of your questions that update is going to be in a couple of weeks on December 15. So if you want to tune in live, you can ask your questions and our attorney experts will be there to answer all of your questions about retrogression.

But I will say for anybody who is wondering who hasn't been watching those shows, we can still file you. So while you have these employers coming on sharing about themselves, this is your opportunity to take the time to learn about them because they can still file for you. You can still get started with the process there is just a slight delay, so that should be your one takeaway from today.

So let's review the rules real quick. Before we turn to our next employer. We're going to bring up that graphic with the rules again so we are going in alphabetical order so we are going to have Fairview next they have 10 minutes on the clock. They can answer your questions live so make sure to put any questions that you have in the chats if they don't get to them. During the session, they will be going through the comments and they will answer your questions after.

Let's bring up our graphic with the things that you should consider once again. What should you be thinking about when these employers are coming and sharing about themselves? You want to be thinking about the area, where are they located? Is that important to you? Their accreditations and their awards? Is that important to you? Their training programs? What are their offering their International nurses? What community do they have on the ground? Or are they building a new community, which is also exciting? What are they offering their specialties want to make sure they're hiring for your specialty spousal support, if that is important to you, career prospects, what can be your career development benefits, also another important areas to consider.

And at the end of the day, once again, you just want to trust your gut, does it feel like it's a good match? Does it feel like it's going to be a good partnership, because this process really is a partnership, and you want to make sure that you are going through the process, committed to your employer, they're committed to you, and you want to make sure that you are happy, you're excited.

As we've said, moving to America is a very exciting, exciting thing to do. But it can also be a little bit scary and overwhelming and you want to make sure that you have a partner in your court who is going to be there to support you every step of the way.

So with that, we're going to turn to our next employer, I am so excited to have the Fairview team on the Fairview team is going to be answering all of your questions. So feel free and once again, if you have been inspired by the employers that you've seen thus far Children's National or ECU health, you can apply on our websites recruiters are on hand ready and excited to hear from you.