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Does a Nurse Need To Pass the English Exam Before Applying for a Job in the USA?

Do we need experience and English to apply to both models? Well, as you mentioned, about experience, we do offer a fellowship program and we and as you also mentioned, we have multiple facilities across the country that have different needs. So it's not necessarily true that you need to have experience, though, you know, I think we would recommend, experience is good for you to have before you come. But it's not always a requirement. Same with English.

Obviously, most of you or all of you should know that English is a requirement to come and work in America and also for some states for licensure. But it's not necessarily a requirement to apply and to get hired in a position. Both of us have, both models have opportunities to learn and have study programs and scholarships available for English. So we do provide a lot of support in that regard. We have an English department that will be there to guide you and to help you along with multiple programs for English. So I think that is, you know, one big myth. Of course, you do need it. But we are here to help you with that. 

Thank you, Lisa. So in answer to the questions that we getting in the chat, if you are a new grad, we can help you if you have limited experience, we can help you. If you have a lot of good experience in all the different specialties we can help you. It doesn't matter what state you want to go to. It doesn't matter what your specialty is, we can help you like any good coach like Tom Hanks, like Tom Hanks, who was helping Gina Davis. Think of yourself as the sports person Gina Davis was the baseball player. And she was about to give up. She was about to quit. And she had her coach who had the expertise. You had the knowledge he had the motivation. He had the support to help her through that hurdle. And in the end, we all know the story of in A League of their own the team one so that's what we want for all of you is to come to the United States and to live your American dream.