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Do I Have To Go for a Green Card Adjustment of Status Interview?

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA: I have an adjustment of status, green card and I have my and I have my EAD card, and I have to go for an interview. Does everyone with Adjustment of Status have to go for an interview these days, Chris?

Atty. Chris Musillo: No, well, technically, yes. Everyone who goes for a green card appointment is supposed to go to an interview in the United States. For a long time, up until maybe five or so years ago. Employment-based green cards which is, of course, if you're a nurse or a health care worker in the United States, those interviews were waived. About five years ago, the US government got rid of the waiver, which is to say that those employment-based green cards were going in for interviews.

Then when COVID started, they reinstituted the waiver for most employment-based green cards. We haven't seen it at our office, very many employment-based Green Card interviews actually being called In the last, you know, certainly in the last two or so years since COVID, became a big, big deal three years almost now, I guess. Having said that, if you're being called for a green card interview that even as employment as one that wouldn't, in and of itself, give me concern, I think you may want to talk to your attorney to say to see if there is something in your case, that's a little unusual, that might be triggering the interview. 

Tanya: Okay. All right. Good advice. And if anybody is going through the process of an adjustment of status green card, I would suggest you go to the Connetics USA Nursing Agency website. And you can watch we did a show on the whole show was on the Adjustment of Status green card. And we also have a guidebook on our website can which is free information that can help you through that process and what to expect step by step through the adjustment of status process. And we have one by the way, for the consular green card, as well as for the TN process.