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CoxHealth - American Healthcare Employer in Missouri

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA: The next organization that we're going to be bringing in is a prestigious organization. That is what Connetics has been working with for many, many years, we hand-pick out organizations. And that's CoxHealth. And I welcome the CoxHealth team who are going to be joining us now and for the next 10 minutes are going to the clock is on and for the next 10 minutes, the CoxHealth team are going to be joining us now and they are going to be telling us all about this amazing organization.

Michelle: Well, good morning. Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with you all and talk a little bit about CoxHealth. My name is Michelle and I am one of the nurse recruiters with CoxHealth. I actually began my career with Cox health 14 years ago as a nurse on one of our med surg units. And now I get the opportunity to recruit for people to work at CoxHealth. So just a little bit about our organization. We are a locally owned and operated healthcare system located primarily in southwest Missouri, so we have six hospitals in over 80 clinics. We are currently looking for nurses to work in our Springfield hospitals.

COX South is our level one stroke trauma and STEMI center hospital where the majority of our nurses would be going to and COC south and there are a lot of different opportunities. But today they will probably have about 500 patients. So with that I'm sure you can imagine all of the different opportunities that are available for you within that. So a little bit about that area of Springfield. So I am actually from Springfield grew up here. It's a great place to raise children and have a family. It's a great place to work and I actually have moved away to other areas like larger cities, but move back to Springfield because I just truly enjoy the opportunities we have here.

The cost of living it's very affordable, you can easily own a home and have cars, take vacations, do all the fun things that you want to, as well as I absolutely love the weather here. So we do have four seasons. It's chilly today. And yesterday we had a light dusting of snow. So it was absolutely beautiful. And everyone here is very outdoorsy. So we love to get outside and experience all of the four seasons. I have kayaks. everyone here loves to go in the lake and fish. I love to go for runs. We have lots of amazing trails. So just a lot of really good opportunities for our nurses to get out and explore, and for their families to have some great experiences too. So I will pass over to Chastidy, who is one of our directors of nursing.

Chastidy: Hello, yes, I'm Chastidy Parke. I am an Administrative Director of Nursing here at CoxHealth. And Michelle touched on a little bit about our area here that we all love. And she forgot to mention that it was while it was snowing and cold three days ago, 65 degrees here. So we get a little bit of everything. But I have been here at CoxHealth for 24 years, I started as a staff nurse on a med surg unit, work that for several years, it was a pulmonary unit. And just kind of have worked my way along the path from an assistant nurse manager to a nurse manager. And now I've been a director for the past six years.

And one of the things I love so much about Cox many things, but one of the things is just the culture, you know, you you spend a lot of time at work. And we really create a culture where this is your second family and the teamwork on the nursing units is just amazing. Everybody has your back and works side by side from not just the nurses, but the ancillary your respiratory therapists, your physicians, your case management, you know, we it's just a big team environment.

One of the things I'm most proud about this past year, we've been working for probably 10 years to get magnet designation. And for those of you that don't know magnet is the highest distinction that a healthcare organization can earn, both on a national and international level specifically for nursing so really recognizes and highlights the things that your RNs impact for quality nursing care. So we received this past year.

And it was very exciting and took lots of hard work and dedication. But we're just, we're thrilled. So I wanted to make sure I highlight that. And part of getting that designation is making sure our nurses are involved in things that impact care. So we have nurses on all of our committees at the bedside levels so that they can have a voice on policies for quality for hospital infection prevention, pressure ulcer prevention, falls, you name it, we've got nurses involved, so you have an opportunity for that. And part of that is you earn points for things where you can participate in our star ladder.

So it's a clinical ladder program that gives you an opportunity every year to move along and earn extra bonuses. You can get your certification paid for. So I just lots of things that we love about CoxHealth. And just to touch a little bit on our fellowship program for international nurses, we have when you come here, you do have the opportunity to work while you're waiting for your Missouri nursing license. And that just gives you a little bit of headway to learn about the unit and your team so that when you get your license, then you can fully invest in the internship program.

So you will be on orientation for 12 weeks, you're matched with a preceptor, you get hands-on experience and taking care of the equipment and the patients and also getting class time experience so that you learn the policies and procedures and all about the equipment and you know every you have plenty of time. And then when you're off orientation, I have to mention the teamwork again, because you're never really alone. And you've got your team right by you. I think I've highlighted everything that I wanted to highlight. So I'm going to turn it over to Cassie.

Cassie: Hi everyone. So my name is Cassie and I am one of the International recruiters here at CoxHealth. So it's myself and one other recruiter that really makes sure that you are onboarded smoothly that you have what you need to be successful both at coxhealth and here in Springfield So currently, we're recruiting for a lot of our med surg units here at COX south.

And I want to just briefly go over some of the relocation assistance we do provide once you and you or your family arrive here in Springfield. So if you want to meet you at the airport, we do take you to temporary housing coxhealth provides a 90 days of free temporary housing. And then during those first couple of weeks, we help you with a lot of relocation tasks, from getting a US phone number to say in my bank account doing a housing search, we do provide Treasury for all of those tasks. Want to make sure you have what you needed to be successful. We know that it can take some time to find a vehicle and get your driver's license once here in the States. And so we do provide a shuttle to and from all of your work shifts and classes for the full first year of employment here at CoxHealth.

If you do come with family, we can help spouses who are also wanting to find employment, we can help with other resources such as childcare or schools for your children as well. We will actually be in the UAE coming up here at the end of January doing some interviews. So just a quick highlight of some of the benefits that we can offer to you. We do have a relocation bonus. As sign on bonus.

As I mentioned, we have temporary housing transportation, we have a lot of community resources to help with that transition. And then I did want to go ahead and share some pictures just so you can get a kind of a see of some of our nurses and what it is like to be here in Springfield. So that should be loading here. So this first one here is Claire and Paul they arrived last year that was shortly after they arrived here in Springfield. This is a one of our group of nurses after they completed our orientation program. This was Roopa and her family this is in the airport on the night of their arrival her brother had come down to create her is well. This is one of our nurses in me and her husband as she joined them here in Springfield. This is outside one of our apartments here Jacob on the right is the other coordinator for recruitment here International and he does a lot of onboarding with all of our nurses.

And this is Rose, she has her own home and her own car now so definitely living the American dream. You can see Brian also has his new car. This is on one of our floors a group of diners is Louie and was super excited to experience snow for the first time. And then this is in the lobby of our South hospital. And it has been one of our nurses for several years. So it just a sample of what some of our nurses are like, but in our last few seconds. Michelle, were there any quick questions they wanted to answer?

It looks like there's a question about security in Springfield. So I can tell you, I think our crime rate is very low. The crime that we do have isn't, you know, random crimes. It's a very safe community, as I said to grow up injuries of family. So I think you'd feel safe there. There's also a question about temporary housing and transportation help to someone want to hit that real quick.

Yes, real quick. We do provide 90 days of housing, it is furnished for you and your family. And we'll help with that transportation, both to secure your own and to provide it for that first year.

Tanya: Thank you to the Cox team. That was awesome. And I actually get the chills when I see the pictures of all of the smiling faces of all the nurses. As chastity said, this is the Cox family, and really has that family feel. So thank you so much to the Cox team for joining us. And if there are any questions in the chat that we were not able to get to I see there was a question that came up. The Cox team will go into the chat and answer any questions that came up after the session. So thank you so much for joining us. And I see there is a question there from Matt who's asking about the process. So we do have our success path on our website.

The success path will tell you all the steps that you need to take in order to come and live and work in the United States. So we have the first physio to pass the NCLEX preparing for the interview. And this is where you meet your match of the different hospitals available. The green card process licensing and credentialing to get ready game plan arrival sequence and then enjoy and prosper. That's what we want for everybody who is watching today.