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Cost of Living in Florida

Do you have any advice for international nurses coming to Florida about the cost of living and the taxes that you pay there?

Cost of living so far in this last one and a half years it's pretty reasonable. As of now, my husband's not working, it's just me that is working. So we are able to manage. Savings, maybe not much, but you're able to get by and it's quite reasonable the cost of living. We are chatting yesterday for grocery supplies. It is pretty much reasonable.

Thank you Grace, Bong anything to add?

We are a family of four when we came here to Florida at that time. When we arrived, it was only my wife at the job at that time. So we survive. And we're here. We have to shop around, there's a lot of places that you can go to buy, like everyday things that you use. There is the flea market on the weekends. You have the Aldi, you can buy fruits and everything that you need, vegetables. You have to compare prices as well when you go out. You go to the grocery stores, they're very expensive, taxes, and everything.

You go to a Flea market, you have those farmers who are selling their own produce, and there's no middleman in there. So they're cheap. There's even a lot of vendors by the roads that you can get your fruits and vegetables. A lot of vegetables stands like fresh produce. These are real farmers who are selling their own harvest so you get a lot of cheaper fruits and vegetables.

You go to Dollar Tree, if a lot of people doesn't know there's Dollar tree, you can buy utensils, school supplies, everything, you know, like dollar and so it's everything you just have to shop around, be wise in spending your hard earned money. You don't have to buy expensive things that you think really big. Just go shop around.

Go shop around some great tips there on how to save money. I've got to say I've been here for 21 years and I still love Dollar Tree lots of great bargains at Dollar Tree.