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Connetics USA's Full-Service Support Process for International Nurses

There is a myth that direct hire doesn't have full service support throughout the process highly, is that true Holly? You're on mute? 

Yeah, sorry about that. So no, it's not true. I happen to be part of the full service support process for Connetics. And I can tell you, I do a lot to assist with our nurses, and our facilities in their clinical programs and their onboarding process. And we want to meet the needs of nurses and healthcare professionals, whether it is the onboarding that I talked about earlier with pickup from the airport and grocery stops, or someone who maybe is getting prepared to come to the US. And they're going to do some clinical training modules beforehand. So they can start to maybe up their baseline a little bit. Or once they're here, maybe they're struggling with their EMR, and they want some tips and tricks.

We have in Connetics, we have an Angel Network, which is hugely impactful, because our nurses who've actually become alumni for us get to help nurses who are here. So we've got a full package through our circle of support that looks at whether they need guidance for their license guidance for immigration. We have buddies that we connect through the community. And we also have things like the Connetics Clubhouse, where we bring our, our future arriving nurses and our alumni together to talk about things that are important to them, and help each other so we have a big network indirect hire, that helps to support the healthcare professionals through every part of the process. And that's what we are always excited to share and remove the myth. 

Thank you, Holly. And myths are so common because you need to educate yourself about what direct tie in staffing is all about.