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Connetics Pre-screening Steps for Nurses Coming to the USA

The pre screening that happens on the Connetics side.

So our recruiters we like to call them our career matchmakers. They have a list of questions that they will ask you and we have a graphic that shows that list of questions. These are some of the things that they are going to be asking you to see where it's going to be the best fit.

So they'll ask you about what type of cases you worked with, what climate you're looking for, if you looking for example, to have a white Christmas, we're going to place you with Allison in Michigan, if you say I really want a reasonable cost of living, and a place where I can save a lot of money in a good area. Well, maybe they're going to pace you with Dawn in Tennessee, they're going to ask you your number of beds, they're going to see if you've got your NCLEX your IELTS nurse patient ratio you've worked with what experience you've had, what equipment you've used, if you've worked with electronic medical records. So these are some of the questions that our career matchmakers will ask you and our methodology is to then look at the things that you're looking for to find you the best fit.

So if you say, I have a sister in Tennessee, then we want to place you with Don because you know if you have the skills that he's looking for we want you to be close to family.

So that's really typically how our career matchmakers work.