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Hi, I'm Suzanne, Nurse Manager for a medical step down. We look forward to hearing from you. Let's go with Barbara next good morning, I'm Barbara Marandola I'm a nurse manager for one of the medical units at the Newark campus. Wonderful okay, and let's go with Jenny next. 

Hi, everyone my name is Jenny and I also work in a medical step down unit. I actually come from the Philippines originally. That is where I started and gain my bachelor's in nursing. Went to the UK and from the UK, here in the US, again as an international nurse. Okay, well, I'm sure lots of Filipinos who are watching, I saw in the chat some Filipinos who are watching, so I'm sure your fellow countrymen will be very excited to hear from you. And last but certainly not least, Jessi. 

Thank you I'm Jessi Rhodes, Director of Talent Acquisition here at ChristianaCare. And I am also a nurse, so excited to have this opportunity to get in front of you all today. And it's good to be first we're actually first even though I'm last. 

There you go exactly. It sounds like you'll bring quite a unique, a neat, unique perspective, Jessi being talent acquisition and a nurse. So very excited to hear from you this morning all right, ChristianaCare Team. Well, we are so happy to have you on. I know, our nurses around the world are very excited to hear and learn about your facilities. You have 10 minutes on the clock ready and go. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. I recognize it's morning here, but not for all of you. So thank you for taking the time to spend with us 10 minutes does not feel like enough time for us to really convey all the reasons why we belong with us. But we'll do our best and as I mentioned, I am a nurse, I've been with ChristianaCare for about 15 years started off at the bedside. And nursing is such an important piece of who we are that they want a nurse leading recruitment for our nurses. So that just gives you a little bit of an idea of how important it is for us to really weave nursing perspective into everything we do at Christiana. And so just want to go through a quick slideshow, and we'll do our best to keep up with your questions in real time. But here, you can see just a few pictures. I think maybe you're sharing I think I was supposed to take the lead but I appreciate you continuing forward for me. Here you can see a few of our campuses so one thing I want to mention out the gate is we do have different campuses with different kinds of energy. So we have a level one trauma center, with a level three NICU, all of our campuses are magnet, so great nursing experience and nursing care. And then we also have some smaller, more community based hospitals that level three Trauma Center, and just different opportunities to have different environments at ChristianaCare. And that's one wonderful thing about us so now I'll have you go into that next slide show. And if you don't mind playing your video, that would be great. 

Life is full of choices, which doctor should I see? Should I go for that run today? Will I regret that second every healthy decision we make guides our well being and shapes our future? Why do we strive to make the right decisions, even when they're the hard decisions? We do it for the love of health. 

Thank you so much all right. So that was short and sweet but hopefully it gave you a sense of who we are. We will hear often if you if you choose to join us everything we do is for the love of health and we do everything in love and excellence. And you'll hear those terms over and over. Love is at the center of everything we do and on the screen now you'll see that a lot of small things that you probably can't read, but that's kind of intentional because what we want to show you is just in the last few months, we have received so many awards that we had to make this so small that you couldn't even read it because we're awarding so many nurses we're receiving recognition nationally. We are constantly seeing not only our caregivers getting awards but the care that we provide to our community in our patients and their outcomes are also receiving rewards from national publications and recognition, best employers in the nation, etc. So we are constantly at the top constantly feeling these rewards. And you'll feel it once you're on the campus to why we continue to receive these rewards. Thank you and I'll let it turn it over to our nurse managers. 

Good morning so ChristianaCare, we are very fortunate to have many disciplines that help support nursing. So one of our newest is Moxie as you can see in the top left hand picture. Moxie Robot, helps lighten nurses workload by retrieving and delivering items to nursing such as meds supplies and we're fortunate again to have three Robots. So we have one at our Wilmington campus, and then we have two at our new art campus another innovative program that we have. Thank you down in the bottom left is the ChristianaCare at home program. It's a program that brings high quality hospital level care to patients in the comfort of their own home. The patients are monitored 24/7 by a command center, through equipment that we provide that is designed specifically for whatever those patients needs are the services could include labs, x-rays, ultrasounds, anything that the patient would need in the hospital. We provide that at home. 

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. So one of our latest innovations, it's earning Christianity animation. Your feedback is pretty significant if you don't mind. I'll just summarize these two. I think it's a little hard to hear is that okay? There you go continue. And I know, units left. Okay, so one of our latest innovations that are is earning ChristianaCare nationwide recognition is a virtual nurse role. So what that is, inpatient nursing units are utilizing nurses located at a satellite location to be present via an iPad to help patients and the healthcare team. Each patient has a tablet at the bedside that allows him to communicate with the virtual nurse via a video call. The virtual nurse works to help improve the workflow the bedside nurse by assisting with lots of different things such as documentation, coordinating care, communicating with patient families and providers. And then we also have a very unique, we have lots of educational opportunities. But one of our unique opportunities is for nurses to learn how to incorporate Healing Touch into nursing practice. So this is a technique that can be used to decrease pain, anxiety and improve quality of life without using invasive procedures such as injections and surgery. 

Thank you so just wonderful ways and we can move to the next slide wonderful ways that we continue to provide opportunities for nurses to have support. And so it's really about all the unique ways we can support our community and our nurses. And I'll quickly go over a very high level here. But our benefits are significant. They're very competitive, full medical, dental life at the day one of employment to retirement plans, which we offer contributions to generous and let me tell you generous pay time off that allows you the opportunity to cash that out, which ends up almost being like an extra little bonus there depending on where you're at in your own private life. If you are planning to have a child or anything of that nature, we do have 12 weeks of paid parental leave for either parent, and then a lot of other workplace benefits. But for the sake of time, we'll keep on moving because I think you know about where we're at. So we are in Delaware. But we are very close to a lot of really incredible things. So here about two hours from New York, we are close to Philadelphia in less than an hour Baltimore beaches. Again, you can have a life that is you know, bustling and you know, in the city or very quiet, calm life and still be very close to our campuses. So I'll turn it over to Ginny who can tell you more about her experience as an international nurse living here. 

Hi, so Delaware is a small state, but this is my personal choice. And as small as it may seem, it actually provides the fundamental needs that I was looking for from a state and First off, and that's most important is grocery stores they have, in fact, several international grocery stores here. And even the big stores do have a world food section where you and your family can buy and enjoy the home country traditional food. Another important fact about the state is that there's no sales tax. So there's actually a bonus. And should you know, that includes that outlet shopping. So I think that's one of the main thing that was important for me as an international nurse is that not needing to travel far just to be able to, you know, buy, do your groceries? 

Thank you, Jenny and Jenny, do you mind sharing a little bit more about your kind of experience with the support you receive at ChristianaCare or when you are working in your role as a nurse, what is it that makes you happy to show up every day to work? 

So obviously, Christiana hospital caters to a diverse population. And that, obviously, not just patients, but also the staff. So what it means for us international nurses is that when you actually come here, you are very likely to meet someone from your home country, wherever you come from, in the world, and you will meet great people, you will have a great support system, and help you settle down. And it would make it make it much more easier and comforting for you and your family. So like myself, I'm Filipino, there's loads of Filipinos here. And you get to know them you get to create your group of community and support. And it's just handy and comforting to have that. 

Thank you so much, and went for 36 seconds, and you best believe I'm going to take them all. So one thing again, I just want to reiterate is that ChristianaCare it is about it is led by nursing, we have different professional groups, we have councils where you all that our bedside nurses get to participate and make a difference in our decision making for what is going to continue to be that environment of growth, and the way that we are able to support our nurses. So the care we are here for you hope you choose to come and participate in all the fun that we have to bring with one second. 

Wow, amazing ChristianaCare Team that was really amazing I'm sure our nurses around the world are so impressed. And you did it exactly in 10 minutes so organized and efficient I love it. I was taking notes the whole time, because I was just so impressed with everything that all of you have to say. I absolutely love that Moxie robots that was so amazing. The innovation that is clearly happening at ChristianaCare is really quite something absolutely love that you shared with living in Delaware, the proximity that you have to so many other amazing locations. I live on the West Coast of the United States so I don't often know that much about the East Coast. But it's amazing how you had access to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, all within a couple hours, which is so wonderful. But I will say I think the thing I really loved the most Jenny was how you talked about the community support.  

And you said you can always meet someone from your home country, because Christiana Care really values diversity and bringing international nurses and I thought that was a really beautiful thing. And something that I'm sure a lot of our nurses who are watching from around the world, really appreciate. So thank you, Christiana Care Team for sharing all about your facility all about your state. I know it's hard to do in 10 minutes, but you guys did an excellent job. So thank you for being with us here today. If you would like to apply to ChristianaCare, you can apply on our websites Our recruiters are on hand ready and waiting to take your application and you can work at an amazing place like ChristianaCare.