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CGFNS and ELPS: Explaining the Relationship Between

What is the relationship between CGFNS and ELPS?

Yep. Good question, Holly. So, as I mentioned earlier, the, we're looking at a bunch of different criteria to determine whether your experience education is comparable to that of a domestically trained nurse or other healthcare professional. And so we do that by looking at licenses, educational transcripts, a test of nursing knowledge, for example, and English language proficiency.

So generally speaking, unless you're coming from certain exempt countries, you're required to prove English language proficiency either for a visa screen, which we're gonna talk a lot about today, or also by many state boards of nursing for licensure purposes. And so we use those exams that we're gonna talk about, including IELTS and TOEFL and OET and all those tests to assess the comparability of your English language proficiency to ensure that you meet the standards. All right.