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Baylor Scott and White Health - Healthcare Employer in Texas

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA: Very prestigious partner of Connetics USA. It is Baylor Scott and White. We have hundreds of nurses that are at Baylor Scott and White and hundreds more that are arriving there. And we're going to be welcoming the Baylor Scott and White team right now for our speed dating for healthcare workers. The Baylor Scott and White Team are based in Texas. And we have joining us Marlene and Dr. Kate, welcome everybody.

Marlene: Hello everyone. My name is Marlene Porter and I am a supervisor of the transition acculturation program here at Baylor Scott and White in Temple, Texas. And I'm here today with Dr. Kate Williams, who is the director of our nursing Professional Development Department.

Kate: Thank you. Good morning, everyone. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be here and for the partnership with Connetics. And we Marlene, would you like to share your slides we are here to tell you about our amazing organization. I am Kate Williams, Regional Director for nursing professional development and practice for Baylor Scott and White Central Texas region. And with me is Marlene Porter is our transition and acculturation programs, Program Manager for our international educated nurses.

Kate: So we are here to share with you a voter transition and acculturation program that is designed specifically to serve international educated nurses. And to share with you I will share with you about myself, I've been with Baylor Scott and White for the last 10 years and came here directly as an international educated nurse and has this tremendous opportunity to develop this program and have an operate this program in partnership with marine excited money. So our program and our organization just to tell you about our organization, our mission is that we're founded, founded as a Christian ministry of healing, where we promote the well being of individuals, families and communities. And that is the framework that underpins our transitional acculturation program. And the aim of our program is to warmly welcome our international educated nurses to Baylor Scott and White. We have an ambassador program that supports your personal and professional transition with our, with our organization. We have personalized orientation as we have nurses that we welcome from over 35 countries. We and we focus on acculturation through a pen pal program, and we have mixers. Every quarter we have mixers, so we can start communicating with you answering questions before you actually start here with us on our campus. We in your professional transition, we have developed seminars.

So we go over the business of health care, quality and safety or policies, patient centered care and to help you understand our teamwork, and how we collaborate, you know, the interdisciplinary collaboration here. So we know our international nurses are coming to us with a ton of clinical experience and clinical expertise. But just to help you to form cohorts and identity with your peers and cohesiveness. We do bring you in for those professional development seminars to support your girl that first year.

We partner closely with Connetics and we have guidance on our own community resources and to help you integrate and settle into your communities with your families and with and to make sure you're getting housing and transportation and so on. We do provide benefits package to you and all the benefits that our staff received day one are international educated nurses also received the same packet. Next slide, as I tell you about our organization, so better southern white is a largest not for profit organization in the state of Texas. We are number four large academic teaching hospital level one trauma in the nation. So we do have over four your residency medical residency programs. We have Nurse Residency Program and nurse fellowship program. The Central Texas region of Baylor Scott and White comprises of Temple Medical Center. We have a cancer center full service Children's Hospital, and we have over 300 primary care clinics or a hospital here on the medical campus. We do have, you can see the numbers of outpatient and inpatient visits that we have and we have different specialty areas that we will go on into more Marlene, would you like to go into some of those?

Marlene: Sure. Our acute care progressive care units we have a total of 11 departments and out of those 11 departments, seven of them are acute care and four of them are progressive care units. And we have progressive care units that are specialized in our cardiovascular neuro trauma, transplant and surgical. So typically, this is where nurses come and build a foundation for Nursing Excellence in our acute care progressive care units. Our emergency department is a 51 bed, emergency department and that Inc in with an addition of three Fast Track rooms, very, very busy emergency department we have over 72,000 visits per per year, and they see a little bit between 200 to 250 patients per day. Great teamwork in this department. As you can see, they like to take pictures and pose. They have a lot of opportunities, such as the unit action council committees, they do some interdisciplinary training with the physicians and the doctor resit, the President's position residents and lots of opportunities to be engaged in different committees if you're passionate about stroke. Join the stroke committee. If you're passionate about trauma, there's a trauma committee there's a committee for anything that your heart desires. Our intensive care units, we have a total of 70 beds, and those 70 beds are split into specialty ICU. So we have our sub surgical trauma ICU, which is a 23 bed, ICU. And like Kate mentioned Dr. Williams mentioned earlier, we are the only level one trauma center between Austin Dallas, so we see very interesting cases. Our cardiothoracic ICU, we have a 14 bed CT ICU. We are a heart transplant center. So having the opportunity to recover our cardiac patients that have just received fresh hearts, medical ICU 23 bed and our neuro science ICU. We are a comprehensive stroke center we have a specialized ICU for just neuro patients and that's 10 beds. They're one of the things that we are very proud of we have obtained beacon status through our American Association of critical care nurses, all of our ICUs have either a silver or gold award.

Our perioperative services, our main o r have 32 o RS and they see 70 over 17,000 annual operative procedures a year. Our PACU a very large pacu as well. 54 bed capacity, and our day surgery is 48 bed capacity. And because we are the only level one trauma, comprehensive stroke transplant and so much more between Austin and Dallas, we see a lot we do a lot at our hospital. And I'm gonna I'm gonna get handed back over to Dr. Williams to talk a little bit about McLane.

Kate: Thank you, Marlene and McLane Children's Hospital is our full service Children's Hospital across the street. We have as I said a full service hospital or hospital also has an attached multi specialty clinics are our kids are contained inpatient and outpatient. We have our ICU, PICU pediatric ICU that we do know, we have a level for a Neonatal ICU a level 2 ED we do have primary care clinics throughout the Central Texas region. And we have a full-service OR and the only service we don't order offering or is like a transplant for for heart, and that's something we're looking to do pretty soon. So we do we are the only pediatric facility in Baylor Scott and White and the only pediatric facility between Dallas and Austin, a very great team there They offer full service as I said before and just a phenomenal hospital. Our hospitals are also magnet designated for Nursing Excellence. So that's it about our hospital.

Tanya: Wow. Dr. Kate, Marlene that was amazing. I'm just sitting here thinking how exciting Connetics Career Day is for so many viewers around the world to be able to get this opportunity to meet your match. See which facility is going out of the 693 hospitals in the United States, we can see how different each one is, and how nurses have got choice now to be able to see what's going to be the best match for them. And we are so honored and proud to be partners with Baylor Scott and White, because they really are one of the most prestigious organizations in the United States. We have I see one question in the chat. Do you have any vacancies in the NICU?

Kate: In the in neonatal intensive care unit? I do not believe we do. I do not think so right now we are recruiting for our acute care and progressive care units, medical-surgical ward experience. And so we are delighted and look forward to any applicants for medsurg and progressive care.

Tanya: Thank you. Thank you, Marlene. And thank you, Dr. Kate. If anyone was interested in Baylor Scott and White, please go to the Connetics USA website and apply right now. Our team are online right now waiting for you. If you are interested to speak to you about this opportunity and see how we can make your American dream a reality by finding you the right match. Okay, so we get a move on now.  Some of the things to ask out for or think about or how to choose when you are looking at a facility. Think about the area accreditations awards, training programs community, what they offer specialties, spousal support, career prospects, benefits, and then trust your gut. Does this feel like the right opportunity for you.