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Baptist Health - Careers at the US Healthcare Employer

We're part of like I said six hospitals. We're in Northeast Florida. And we're a magnet health system. And so I hope that that means a lot to you, which means a lot to us. And our nurses have a voice and we're proud of our shared governance model. So we'd love to have you join us in that in the future. We have about 4000 nurses and a lot of opportunities we have all services from of newborn labor and delivery, we have a new brand new tower for pediatrics. And it's part of our Children's Hospital. We're the only Children's Hospital in the region. And so if you're interested in pediatrics, definitely check out that opportunity for us.  

And it's a trauma center. We're located in six hospitals, like I said, and not only in the tertiary Medical Center, but also on into the communities. We have hospitals with 50 beds all the way up to 500 beds. So a lot of options for you. Obviously, stroke certified chest pain certified, and all of those things that should be important to you as you're considering where you would want to work in a health system. And so today, I have with me, the nurse executive for the tertiary Medical Center, our downtown largest campus, Christine Smith, she's going to tell you a little bit about that campus. And then we have two of our Connetics nurses one all the way from the Philippines and calling us from there, because she's there visiting some family and so wanted to participate anyway. So thank you, Mary Joy, for doing that joy for doing that. And Jeannie is here, too. So Chris, I'll turn it over to you. If you could tell us a little bit about the downtown campus and all the opportunities for our team members there. Absolutely. Thank you, Tammy. I certainly want to share how wonderful the Baptist Jacksonville campus is. We are the tertiary care center for our Baptist Health System, meaning we get all of the complex cases here we take care of everyone from our open heart surgery patients. In our heart hospital, we have a heart rhythm center that we take care of patients with rhythm issues. We also have we do Taverners, we are a comprehensive stroke center where we take care of stroke patients not only here in the Northeast border region, but we also get referrals from Southeast Georgia. We are partners with BMT. We have a BMT oncology state of the art center that we also have take care of those complex oncology patients here in the hospital, as well as high risk OB and everything in between. We tap orthopedics, very ATTREX, med surg, telemetry, all those things. It's a wonderful campus keeps us busy. We share the campus with our Wilson's Children's Hospital. So which is the only Children's Hospital in this region, and as Tammy mentioned, is a trauma center. So we have lots of opportunities here. Lots of opportunities here in the Jacksonville area. It is warm, nice and warm. We do get some of the seasons, not snow. But we certainly get a little bit of the coldness. And definitely enjoying the warm weather here in Florida and the beaches. We are not very far from the beaches.  

In fact, we have a hospital that is our beaches hospital that is located at the beach. So we are super excited that you're taking a look at us. And we certainly enjoy being here, Baptists, and welcome anyone that is willing to take us on and enjoy us here. We are certainly here to train you and get you prepared and set you up for success. So I'm going to turn it back over to you, Tammy. And hopefully Mary Joy Jeanne can you tell a lot about where they're working and how they're enjoying their experiences here at Baptist Health. Thanks, Chris. And so two of our Connetics nurses, like I said, are joining us today because we wanted you to be able to hear from them how they were on boarded, how they feel like they were trained and supported when they were transitioning. And each one of them has a uniqueness to their story, which could apply to your personal situation. So I'm going to turn it first to Mary Joy and welcoming her today. I guess it's tonight where you are right. And thank you for joining us if you could tell the group a little bit about you. Thank you, Tammy. Hi, I'm Mary Joy. I'm one of the International nurses to Connetics for Baptist Health. Currently, I was assigned in heart hospital. So, you know, it's really hard to the transition that I have from Philippines to the US because it's not every cases that we have in the in the Philippines has the same where I am at. You know what I mean? We don't have Impella patients, blue patients. It's very rare to have in the Philippines. So it's kind of hard to adjust it to the procedure. You know, when I first heard Impella what I said is what is that so I really don't know what it is. But my preceptors they're very, very good and very nice. So because I'd like to thank person that are always asking questions. Of course, especially because it's about patient care. So it feels so light. And they give me a lot of pressure to, to understand everything, because he cannot understand everything and have a knowledge to every learnings that you have. So they help me to adjust smoothly, not just how handling different cases because I'm in the heart hospital, but also helping me when it comes to my lifestyle, also, because when I was hired, that is I was pregnant. And yeah, so they didn't discriminate me. Because way back in the Philippines, it's really hard to work. Or sometimes they will not accept you if you're pregnant. Because it's our specialty, I'm working in ICU, and it's, it's a heavy, it's a heavy work. So but they helped me they didn't push me to work like this or that. 

And I was in the training during that time. So the, the training that I have is based on my convenience, so that is good. You know that this is not just helping you to, you know, to the to the career that you have, but also to the lifestyle and it's, it's a holistic approach that they're offering you. So that's why I'm very happy to be part of the Baptist Health System family. Well, we're happy that you're here. And you're definitely all of you and safe travels back. I don't talk to you again before you start your trip. Thank you.  Can you tell us a little bit about your transition? We're okay. Hello, everyone. My name is Jeanne Rivera. I'm Alonzo. I was employed by Baptist Medical through Connetics last year. My husband and I immigrated from the United Kingdom last August. So we've been here actually a year now. Thanks to Baptists our transition was a smooth despite our issues like Mary Joy, I expanded live fell pregnant in between the issuance of my visa and our arrival here in the US. So you can only imagine the anxiety and the worries I had. When I found that I was pregnant before I arrived here in the US. I also had a medical restrictions. But Baptists helped me find a temporary unit with a lighter load to ensure that I have will have a healthy and safe pregnancy. So they placed me in employee health at a time where I barely did manual in handling until I started my maternity leave. Baptists also has a very good medical benefits. So I managed to give birth and still up to now my baby's having regular checkups and we had good medical benefits here. Then I started my neuro ICU I was transferred to your ICU after my maternity leave where I was welcomed by my manager and my co workers. I had an eight week preceptor preceptorship program to be introduced a new facility into a new environment. 

It's good because having that mentor with me during those times that greatly adjusted helped me adjust from difference between the UK nursing and the US nursing for I always had somebody available who I can easily in quick, easily ask questions to us. As Tammy mentioned, Baptist Downtown is the largest branch out of the six Baptist Hospital here in Jacksonville. We do offer a broader spectrum of patients specialties. I'm specialized in euro and Mary Joyce specialized in cardio. As mentioned, they have pediatrics and oncology. So there's a lot more jobs available for here at downtown Baptist downtown, helped my transition also by helping my husband find a full time job. He was able to work at the labs as a medical assistant before our baby was born. So we were going to work together. And then when I gave birth, since I was working night shifts. They also found helping find a parent job and NICU. So there was a wide range of extensive support that I received from Baptists to make our journey and easy to become let it become pleasant rather than a scary journey. So I would eat I would definitely recommend Baptist Hospital to any future nurses to come here. Thank you, Jane. I know our time's up. Y'all didn't admit using job I'm so proud of you, Daniel, I'll turn it back. I know we went a little bit over but um, it was worth it because we want you all to know about Baptist Health. And if you're interested, connect with Connetics nurses recruiting agency, and we'll help you onboard here. Thank you for sharing gene and Mary Joy. And that's okay that you guys went a little bit over. We could not stop Jean in the middle of those beautiful words, it makes me so happy to hear when our nurses feel the support and the love I know, you know, I can't even imagine moving to another country when you're pregnant and starting a new job and to hear how Baptist welcomes both Jean and Mary Joy helps them adjust both at work and in their lifestyles. I think it speaks volumes, about volumes about Baptist Health and how much they value their employees and how they treat their employees.  

So I think for any nurses watching, you know, around the world, obviously, Baptist Health has those awards and accolades. I mean, magnets, only 8% of hospitals in the US have magnet designation. So that's a huge, huge positive. But aside from just those awards, and accolades, and even the location, Sunny Florida, you're hearing from two nurses who had an amazing supportive experience when they came to Baptist. And I think that speaks volumes. So thank you to the Baptist team. Thank you, Christine, Mary Joy, Jean and Tammy for being a part of career day. If you are interested in working in Baptist Health, please apply on our website and tell your recruiters that you are interested in Baptist Health and they will get you on their schedule.