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Average Registered Nurse Salary in California

What is the usual rate of nurses in California?

This for everybody to know that we are not talking specifically about the hospital where Cornelia is based, and every hospital has different rates. Different hospitals will have different rates and even within California, you will have a different rate depending on the location of where you are living.

So say for example, in San Francisco is more expensive than in Hanford, or Los Angeles might be more expensive for example. You know, you're gonna have those different rates.

I can like, share some details, because basically in California, you will get $40 per hour like basic, and aside from that, if you're working weekends, that's a different pay, like they usually pay you $5 on top of your regular pay.

If you're working evenings, there's an evening pay, and then there's a night differential pay.

During pandemic, they also give a pandemic pay. So if you're going to do over time, the biggest overtime pay that I got offered is $75 an hour on top of your overtime pay and overtime pay in California is 1.5 times your basic rate.

Okay, so for everybody who's watching, that is Cornelia's experience at her specific hospital in California. Different hospitals will have different pay scales, and it will also vary according to the cost of living in that specific area so you're going to find a wide variation on the rates.