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Applying the I-140 Without the English Exam - Is It Possible?

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA International Nurse Recruitment Agency : Can we apply for the I-140 without the IELTS and at what stage does the nurse definitely have to have the IELTS?

Denise Gavica Perez, Immigration Lawyer: Yes, absolutely, we can apply for the I-140 without the IELTS and without the visa screen. And then toward the end of the process, when you're already at the National Visa Center Stage, you want to make sure that you have all of that in order.

Tanya: Correct. I would definitely say, Sam, it's really important to you know, if you're planning to take it in the next six months, I know and this is just human nature. We kind of like today's another day, you know, everybody's busy, and there's a lot going on for nurses. But I really would suggest you have a sense of urgency with the IELTS even though we technically can file for the I-140 without it, you have to have the IELTS if you were not trained in English, so, you know, please get on that IELTS process.