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An AMN Healthcare International Career Day Featuring US Healthcare Employers

Good morning everybody and welcome to the AMN Healthcare International show onwards and upwards. Everything a global health care worker needs to know about living and working in the United States. I'm your host Danielle Freedman, the Director of Special Projects here at AMN Healthcare International, where we have Connetics, the number one direct hire company, and O'Grady, Peyton International the number one staffing company.

As you will have noticed, we are under a new page we are under AMN Healthcare International, we started this journey together. And this is our first step of undoing that journey together, we are going to be one big happy family. And we are so excited about it so thank you for coming to our new page. Please feel free to share the news with your friends and your colleagues. We are so excited to be in this together.

We're so excited that you are here today it's a special day it is Career Day. Today, we are going to have employers from both the direct hire and the staffing side presenting to you they are selling to you. We have Children's National ECU health, Jackson hospital, Monument health and Fairview, so a very exciting lineup. While we have opportunities in every one of the 50 states between O'Grady Peyton, and Connetics. As you can see on that map, we have opportunities all over the US. Today we're going to be focused on these employers and we are so excited, it's going to be your opportunity to do speed dating, ask your questions put in the chat. What do you want to know from these employers? Why should you choose them? This is your opportunity.  

Connetics was the first company to do Career Day and we are so excited to continue the tradition now with our staffing partners as well.

Let's discuss how it's going to work: We are going to go in alphabetical order to make it fair, each facility will have 10 minutes on the clock to give you all the information about themselves and you'll be able to ask your questions live. Let us know where you're watching from I love to see where our viewers are watching from. Let us know all of your questions for these employers. Let's bring up how you should choose a facility. So these are some things that you might want to keep in mind as these facilities are presenting to you.

You want to take into consideration the area where are they located their accreditations and awards, their training programs, if that's important to you, their community, what can you expect when you land? What are they offering their International nurses, their specialties if you have a specialty, you need to make sure that they are hiring for your specialty spousal support, how are they going to help your spouses and your families? career prospects? I know this is a big one. Nurses want to know what's what can be my path, benefits, also another big one and a whole topic in and of itself. But at the end of the day, you also just want to trust your gut, you know, does it feel right? Does it feel like it's going to be a good match?

We have some incredible facilities that cover all over the United States. We have Children's National, we have ECU health, we have Jackson hospital, Monument health and Fairview. So we are very excited to get started.  

Children's National

And without further ado, let's bring on the Children's National Team to kick us off all right, let's bring on that Children's National Team there they are, good morning to Vivian, Clarissa and Jill. Good morning, guys. So we are so excited to have you on if you want to take a moment to just introduce yourselves. I'd love to just get a quick introduction before we get started. Vivian you want to go first? Hi, I'm Vivian and according to the unit at Children's National Hospital, wonderful Clarissa? Hi everyone Clarissa and I am informatics nurse here at Children's National. Awesome so excited to have you on and Jill? 

Hello, everyone my name is Jill. I'm the Lead nurse recruiter here at Children's National and I have been a proud member of the children's team for over 30 years now actually starting as a new grad on the heart and kidney unit where Vivian now works.

Wow, that's amazing. Well I think we are in for a treat we clearly have a lot of experienced Children's National Facility folk to talk about Children's National so we are excited to hear about it. You guys got 10 minutes on the clock you know the rules ready and go.  

Hello everyone first I'm going to share with you are a little bit about Children's National. I hope everyone could see my screen and here's a little video to tell you more about us here at Children's National .

We believe what's right means that every child should be cared for by people who have devoted their careers to children's medicine. Whether in the or in the community, or in our hospital you'll find them nurses, surgeons, researchers, educators, all with a lifetime of expertise, and commitment. What's right is a special place designed with kids in mind of place focused on their unique physical and emotional needs. Were some of the world's most innovative thinking is working to reimagine children's health care. Where moms, dads and siblings are as much a part of the care team as we are and where lives are saved, and lifetimes reclaimed. What's right means raising a voice for those who cannot, championing the health of children in the nation's capital, across the country, and around the world.

Working so that every child everywhere has the best chance at a bright future. We our children's national children's medicine is not part of what we do. It's all we do every day, we honor a mission that goes back a century and embrace a vision that goes forward just as far. We are protectors and guardians, stewards and advocates, visionaries and leaders working with a single focus wellbeing to all children. We don't believe it's unreasonable, unrealistic, or unreachable we believe it's just right. 

Children's National Hospital is a 323 bed acute care hospital. We have over 30 outpatient locations and we are ranked in the top five by US News and World Report I'll show you a little video more about that.

The Children's National, we are a level one pediatric trauma center serving Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. We have our own critical care ground and air transport teams and we're ranked seventh nationally for NIH pediatric research funding. We are located in Washington DC and I am going to introduce now Virginia Ali, who is the co founder and owner of Ben's Chili Bowl which is a very iconic restaurant here in Washington DC to tell you a little bit more about DC.

DC is unique we manage other world class cities, pound for pound, and dining nightlife. Culture, theater, sports, outdoor activities, green spaces and the list goes on and on. But nowhere else can compete with our Monuments, museums and memorials and no other city has many free things to do add it all up and DC diversity of experiences is truly unmatched. There's only one day see So why choose nursing? At Children's National Why choose being a pediatric nurse? I'm going to have some of our nurses tell you why this might take a second to pop up. 

I love being a Children's National nurse because Children's National invest back to us through wellness programs so that we can continue giving our very best to our patients and families. I became a nurse because that was once a patient and I had such great care and hospital. It was fantastic so I decided I need to do this for the rest of my life, guess what? Here I am I chose peds because of the relationships I get to pour with kids and their families I became a pediatric nurse so that kids can stay kids. I love Childrens National because I love to be a part of a child's health care team. Why I love nursing because every time I come to work, I know I can make a difference and making connections with diverse population and working with great teams such as nurses. 

I became a pediatric nurse so that I can work with not only children but also their families. I love Children's National because I love watching our tiny patients overcome big obstacles and sending them home. I love working at Children's because here my coworkers feel like family. I chose pediatric nursing to make an impact that will last a lifetime I chose nursing to both my mom and grandmas footsteps. I like pediatric nursing because I get to send my kids home to be with their families. That was just a few of our nurses and Doctor bear telling you about why they enjoy Pediatric Nursing at Children's National.

In addition to the benefits offered to all hospital employees, nurses at Children's National are offered some additional benefits including unlimited C continuing education, tuition reimbursement for Academic Advancement, tuition for certification classes and attendance at continuing education program. was monetary rewards for nurses receiving specialty certifications and Academic Advancement. We have our own nurse wellbeing program with a dedicated program manager, many opportunities to join our shared nursing leadership councils and becoming involved in that. A clinical ladder. And then, of course, a comprehensive compensation package, including shift differentials, critical care hourly premium, and charge nurse preceptor and float pay.

It's in pediatric nursing. Only in pediatrics, can you save a lifetime, and now I'd like to turn it over to my colleagues, Vivian and Clarissa to tell you a little bit more about their journeys here at Children's. 

I want to give you a chance Vivian, just to follow up I would love to know just tell me why do you love working at Children's National give me like your top three reasons why in 30 seconds or less.

I love working at Children's National because they helped me love children's in particular was one of the persons that had helped me acclimate to kids, and worked with me, so that I could continue working with children's and a brick there for 23 years. In children's, you can influence it being in the National Capital Area. And number five podiatric hospital and a magnet hospital. You can influence health and nursing situations, rules loss as big or as little as you want to as a nurse, but now I'm a shift coordinator in a heart and kidney unit where I take care of arts that's pretty amazing.  

Wow, it sounds like you have had quite the interesting journey and it was so interesting to hear about Children's National. I mean, I was taking notes while you were going through that presentation. Top five by US News magnet facility. I loved that video. I especially loved the nurses who said the co workers feel like Family and Children's National really invests in its employees. I think that really speaks so highly, especially the three of you being there for so long, really speaks so highly to the love and care that Children's National has for its employees.

So I'm sure all of our nurses who are watching around the world are so grateful for you taking your time to share about children's national, and are very excited and sure to interview with national I mean Washington DC, one of the best cities in the whole United States. Everybody knows it so thank you, Vivian and Clarissa and Jill for being on with us today we really appreciate it if you have any questions. The Children's National Team will be answering in the chat so feel free to put your questions there'll be looking back through there. Thank you Children's National Team. 

ECU Health

I'm now going to bring in the ECU health team, we are so excited to be hearing from ECU health, who are located in North Carolina very excited to hear from them. My husband actually went to school in North Carolina and he's told me it's the most beautiful state in the United States which I didn't know so that is pretty cool. So hello to Adela to Ashley to Kamilah and Nesrine. So excited to have you all on today.

Want to just take a few seconds to introduce yourselves, Adela let's start with you.

Good morning, everyone my name is Adela Marie MSN IPC and CIC I work in ECU health, med surg, and also an IDI.

Wonderful we're so happy to have you on Ashley, you want to go next?

Sure good morning, everybody. My name is Ashley I'm the nurse administrator for team member commitment and work life innovation and I have been at ECU health nurse for 13 years.

Amazing, I'm sure lots of experience to share with us there. Kamilah do you want to go next?

Good morning my name is Kamilah Williams. I am the nursing administrator for professional practice professional development and clinical education. And I've been with ECU health for 23 years.

Wonderful wow so much experience on the ECU health team. We're so excited to hear from you all. And last, but certainly not least, Nesrine you want to go next?  

Hey, my name is Nesrine I'm CQ RN at ECU health and I'm a proud to be from this great team. And I have been working here for one and a half year since one and a half year.

Wonderful so some new experience. I'm sure we're gonna hear lots about that all right, ECU health team, you know the rules, you got 10 minutes on the clock ready and go.

We certainly think the best way to tell you about ECU health is for you to hear directly from some of our amazing International nurses. And so we'll start off with that. Let me share my screen hopefully everyone can see it I chose this year because of the medical school or the nursing school, just so I'll be able to learn more good progress in my career, because it's a level one trauma center, you could encounter all the other things that you would think only big cities could have. This is a teaching hospital so it's a very big plus this is one of the reason why I chose ECU Health Medical Center. 

I came here purposely to know more about the nursing job and I feel like I'm getting it from you. There is simply like team goal, everybody's willing to help you get to learn new skills, it broadens your horizon, how to take care of patients, I see new cases every day, I get to learn new things each and every day. So it's a very good place to start the nursing career here.

There's so many opportunities you have people who are willing to teach you are willing to help you if you could work on different ways if you are here. And that really motivated me because there are some you're stuck to one unit but she can diverse areas you can learn from get experience from it and build on yourself everywhere you go.

They're smiling and ready to welcome you I've got a good team of people I work with to work with people that you feel comfortable working with, it's a good place to work when you get to your unit. It's just like a smaller group, and a whole setup. So you don't feel lost there so gradually, you get integrated and you grow, you learn to grow. And then you're seen as family and issues a great place to be the challenge in there. But I know that I will not be left alone, because there will be a lot of support coming from your co workers coming from the hospital itself and your manager and I believe this is a good opportunity for you to like, grow more. I'm being treated very well from my leaders and I'm being respected, my experience respected. The staffs are very wonderful they are very friendly and ready to teach. 

Are they lots of people ready to teach me at the bar they are there to work on. I learned a lot they're just opportunities, you just need to act and the door opens you can enjoy the team work environment which you are looking in a hospital and I found it here in ECU Health Medical Center.

All right, so hopefully enjoy hearing a little bit from some of our International nurses. We have been so blessed to have International nurses as part of our organization since around 2019. And so they have brought a wealth of knowledge and diversity and experience and warm culture in your organization that has really transformed our nursing community but also the patients and families that were blessed to care for here in eastern North Carolina.

So I want to spend just a brief moment giving you a high level overview of ECU health and then I want to get into the fun stuff and talk to Dylan Nesrine about their experience here with us at ECU health so let me pull up this one screen real quick. So hopefully everyone can see that the first thing I just want to talk to you about so ECU health we're located in eastern North Carolina. We are a health system made up of nine hospitals, over 185 clinics.

And our flagship hospital is located kind of right in the middle in Pitt County in Greenville, North Carolina. That is our magnet designated hospital accredited residency program. One of the great things about ECU health from a career perspective for nurses is that our the size of our hospitals range anywhere from a community hospital to your 1000 Bed Medical Center.

So the options here for your development, and growth is just phenomenal, really, as you heard the nurses talking about the sky's the limit here. And so our goal is to improve the health and well being of eastern North Carolina, and that we're creating a national model of Nursing Excellence here.

And so as far as opportunities for professional growth, we have a great affiliation right next door literally in our backyard yard with easy you, East Carolina University College of Nursing Brody School of Medicine. So we have the joy of having a top tier transformational health system located right in rural eastern North Carolina, so it is incredible place to make a very big difference.

I'm going to turn it over to Dr. Williams, who's going to share a little bit about our nursing International nurse fellowship program. 

We are so proud of our International nurse fellowship orientation experience that we've designed to provide an innovative, robust orientation to help you professionally transition not only into nursing at ECU health, but as well within eastern North Carolina.

As part of our curriculum, you can count on us to ensure we are providing you with a one on one preceptor experience. Individualized unit based orientation, designed to meet your needs, your specific opportunities for growing and developing as a nursing professional. In addition, as part of our fellowship curriculum, we have built in learning opportunities that include high fidelity simulation. Also, we have programs designed to introduce you to the health care of the United States. We also introduce you into the nursing code of ethics and scope of standards for nursing in the United States, and the legal aspects of nursing.

And lastly into life practices designed specifically for the patient populations that you care for across ECU hill. We believe that a key component of this orientation experience is ensuring that you feel supported. And so we have integrated a role into the orientation that is called the ambassador. These are International nurses that have already imported on boarded with us who will support you to help you transition into not only VCU health but also our community. We believe that our orientation experience will help you not only embed into the ECU nursing professional practice environment, but also into our communities. 

Awesome, thank you so much, Dr. Williams. With our two minutes remaining, I love to just very briefly, Adela, could you just tell us a little bit about you know, what's it like being an International nurse here at ECU health, what's your experience?

Two words it will describe as being proud kit and secured, working from a low resources area where it came from and then moving to a well structured hospital. I never felt discriminated by either under occurred and then my co workers and management always encouraged us you to perform well and they encouraged you to grow to be a professional nurse and security which means that I feel safe because we practice safe staffing as always, and then it makes me feel safe because whenever I come to work, everybody feels like a family you know that they got your back at the same time. People are here to help you out learn new things. I mean this versus a teaching hospital where you are able to see International multiple nationalities coming in together, making our patients life way better.

So easy you help for that well, thank you and then as Nesrine I'd love to hear from you a little bit. One of the things that we know is so Important is not only your work environment, but the community that you move into when you relocate. So could you tell us a little bit about what do you like about living here in eastern North Carolina is a beautiful place to live?

This is one of the most beautiful states and it took my heart, because it's temperate weather, beautiful scenery, green all over. And I love to stay here forever that's why I nearly bought a house here. And I would love to share that I'm proud to be one of this family at ECU Health Medical Center, it's great hospital, trauma level one magnet hospital, it gives me a huge opportunity to learn a lot of things. Being a CQ nurse with this great professional team that I'm working with from day one. They interviewed me with my manager, she gave me the feeling that I'm a part of this family and I wouldn't be part of this family for well, I think that is a beautiful place to end their Nesrine. I can definitely tell from the way that everybody on this call speaks and that video of your International nurses that at ECU health, everybody really does treat everybody like family. I thought that was incredible. 180 sorry, 120 International nurses from 14 countries.  

That is amazing so much diversity, so much community. I am sure that speaks volumes for a lot of our International nurses who are watching who are so desperately looking for that community that can really help when you make that move to the United States, which is very exciting, but also can be very scary. So that is a huge, huge positive at ECU health.

I also was just loving what you were saying about career development, professional development. You have the smaller hospitals you have the larger hospitals, it's just up to whatever the nurses will want whatever they want their career track trajectory to be. So thank you for sharing about ECU health. Sounds like an amazing place to be working and somewhere that our International nurses should definitely consider.

If you are interested in ECU health you can apply on our website and our recruiters are on hand ready waiting to help you interview with ECU health team.

So thank you so much ECU health team for being on today. It was great to hear from all of you our viewers loved it. If you have any questions for the ECU health team we will be going through the comments and answering any questions so please feel free to post thank you ECU health team. 

Thank you all right, so before we turn to our next employer, I thought it would be a good time to look through the comments. If you have questions about immigration, please know that AMN Healthcare International. We do a once a month immigration update with our top attorney experts and they will answer all of your questions that update is going to be in a couple of weeks on December 15. So if you want to tune in live, you can ask your questions and our attorney experts will be there to answer all of your questions about retrogression.

But I will say for anybody who is wondering who hasn't been watching those shows, we can still file you. So while you have these employers coming on sharing about themselves, this is your opportunity to take the time to learn about them because they can still file for you. You can still get started with the process there is just a slight delay, so that should be your one takeaway from today.

So let's review the rules real quick. Before we turn to our next employer. We're going to bring up that graphic with the rules again so we are going in alphabetical order so we are going to have Fairview next they have 10 minutes on the clock. They can answer your questions live so make sure to put any questions that you have in the chats if they don't get to them. During the session, they will be going through the comments and they will answer your questions after.

Let's bring up our graphic with the things that you should consider once again. What should you be thinking about when these employers are coming and sharing about themselves? You want to be thinking about the area, where are they located? Is that important to you? Their accreditations and their awards? Is that important to you? Their training programs? What are their offering their International nurses? What community do they have on the ground? Or are they building a new community, which is also exciting? What are they offering their specialties want to make sure they're hiring for your specialty spousal support, if that is important to you, career prospects, what can be your career development benefits, also another important areas to consider.

And at the end of the day, once again, you just want to trust your gut, does it feel like it's a good match? Does it feel like it's going to be a good partnership, because this process really is a partnership, and you want to make sure that you are going through the process, committed to your employer, they're committed to you, and you want to make sure that you are happy, you're excited.  

As we've said, moving to America is a very exciting, exciting thing to do. But it can also be a little bit scary and overwhelming and you want to make sure that you have a partner in your court who is going to be there to support you every step of the way.

So with that, we're going to turn to our next employer, I am so excited to have the Fairview team on the Fairview team is going to be answering all of your questions. So feel free. And once again, if you have been inspired by the employers that you've seen thus far Children's National or ECU health, you can apply on our websites recruiters are on hand ready and excited to hear from you.

M Health Fairview

All right, so good morning to Tanya and to Michelle great to see you both. Let's take a quick minute of introductions Tanya morning good morning. So I'm Tanya and I am the manager of workforce clinical partnerships here at Fairview in what we do is we are working with our International partners with Connetics and AMN to hire individuals that could work within our health care facility. And Michelle? 

I'm Michelle I'm the workforce development consultant. closely with our International RN hiring program good to meet you all. Wonderful well, we are so excited to hear from you, Tanya and Michelle, you have 10 minutes on the clock you know the drill ready and go. Alright, as I go to our presentation, I'm going to share a screen. Michelle, do you want to give a little background about M Health Fairview and how many employees we have Michelle I apologize so we're excited to meet you today. 

I'm wondering if Michelle is having some difficulty. So welcome to okay, can you see it Michelle? All right, I'm gonna keep speaking. So, welcome to M health Fairview, M health Fairview is a part of a continuum of care where we have the University of Minnesota UMP partners, as well as we go into assisted living TCU and elderly care.

Today, it's Michelle and I are presenting with Maria Raines, Maria Raines is our chief executive nurse officer, she was unable to come she got laryngitis at the last minute. So as you know, these zoom calls, we just kind of move it through and we work through.

We're going to show you a presentation and hopefully this will come through as well about our M health Fairview in our facilities are you able to see this. 

There are very few things in history of mankind that are as glorious as medicine. But healthcare in the United States, not to be pessimistic, is broke. We can handle the healthcare market in a smarter way.

We have so many good willing people, so many smart people, we will own the complexity, and recast how we look at healthcare. This gives us a really a huge opportunity to continue to advance a health care system that really works for people. That's why we're here is to make sure that we're continuing to serve the citizens of Minnesota to make sure that they have absolutely the highest probability the best chance of being healthy. We're building it, we're building it today. We're building it together. It's not impossible. How would you fix health care? 

I don't know I want the best health care for my kids. But I don't want to waste a lot of time driving around trying to get it you might read about some cutting edge research, how does that get down to us, the resources need to be easily accessible, just like the discharge process and are very easy to get there to take off time for work help me and show me where I need to go. A little love could go a long way healthcare does have a lot of little hassles.

By combining M health and Fairview, we're getting the best of both worlds. I think that we're breaking barriers to the best care and the best treatment, everything comes together the hospital, the medical school, the research center, the cutting edge research translate all the way to the clinic in one seamless line. It's using the things in science to frontlines the things that we have that no one else does. That's where healthcare has to go we're doing a lot of little things, even things behind the scenes like collaborating with other teams.

We had virtual visits or home care visits, how can I get you the right kind of advice, the right kind of guidance, using technology, even something like staying on schedule, staying on time makes people feel like their time is important, because there's too many coordinators to doctors, we try to keep as smooth as we want the patient to feel supported.

Compassion is the heart of everything that we do when I go into a room and there's a baby being born, I cry when they cry. Empathy is very important because love is what you're going to need to heal. We're building it's happening. That's what we're doing every day it was too big to move but we can move all right, so we're gonna get back to as you can see from the video, we have a passion for patient care. 

We're an academic healthcare system and we are world known for transplant and research. And we would be excited to have any of you come and check on our positions and consider working amongst our other RNs here at M health Fairview. I can see the PowerPoint. Okay, awesome. So, why consider M health Fairview as Michelle said, we have 32,000 employees here, M health Fairview, as well as with Ebenezer. So one of the opportunities in Minnesota is it's the ability to look at our health care from birth all the way to old age.

And in Minnesota, we're located in the middle of the United States you can see it in red here by Canada, the Dakotas, Iowa and Wisconsin, right. So we have four seasons, it's beautiful in all four seasons, it's something to experience and yes, we do have snow. Yes, it gets cold but it also gets warm in the summer fall is beautiful with the changing colors we have green during the summer and then you see that beautiful fall colors of orange and yellows and that change which is something unique. for Minnesota.

We have 10,000 lakes as mentioned, with multiple activities and a great place to raise your family. What does it mean to be Minnesota, as I explained, we look at the birth to old age, we really focus on care, and how we can care for our patients.

We create these talent pipelines for you to understand what it means. So if you wanted to be a med surg nurse, we're gonna move you through. And you could be an ICU nurse or you could change and start at medical surge and get into a specialty and do dialysis. You could do NICU, you could do multiple different areas, M Health Fairview has diverse populations, diverse employees, and we look at all different types of health care. What that means is we're an acre mission anchor mission pulls in our University of Minnesota, our specialties of ump, and then Fairview health services and we combined so we can transfer patients, depending on whatever diagnostics you have.

And we can move you to all of these different areas so that you get the best health care possible. So you heard that when you listen to the video, and how we transfer care and work together as healthcare professionals, we do hold some, some organizational recognitions with our hospital association, the US Department of Labor and some of our White House initiatives to ensure that we can work with people and move forward for their care, Minnesota seeing this large shortage for nursing. This is where the International nurse comes in. We're looking at 5000 registered nurses each year that are going to have that shortage and we really need to be able to balance our nurses with our patient populations and the diverse groups.

We also have other areas in other than nursing, we have medical assistant, mental health providers, it lab housekeeping nutrition, these are opportunities that you can consider if you're bringing spouse, spouses with you or other family members, we do have those openings to offer your family as well.

We're located obviously Minnesota has the locations in Wisconsin and Florida, which are in other parts of the United States. But we have rural health city's health, we're spread out even with our Ebenezer sites. So each area is special with the communities that we serve.

And those populations that we serve our ethnicity, we have so many different opportunities. We have African American to Native American to Asian to east, African, to European to Hispanic, we even have our subcultures of LGBT, deaf and hard of hearing, blind dis disabilities. We work with every type of population that you can imagine.

We also have employee resource groups, which we call our ERG groups. These are communities that focus on the different cultures, and we celebrate these, these are super important to M Health Fairview, because that's what we call community. We're working with community connections and organizations to ensure that you have that support.

When you come here as an International nurse, were recognized with our health care system with transplants, multiple transplants, we have multiple cultures with 92 different languages that we support, as well as we were the COVID designated hospital during the pandemic for Minnesota, which we set up within months timeframe to ensure that our patients could be taken care of during that pandemic time.

So nursing, we have areas in different levels of care from emergency care, trauma, critical care, immediate care, medical surge, NICU pediatrics, we provide, like I said, from birth to old age, it's a very exciting place to work. Our hospital situation is the Chief Nurse.  

You know, I want to hear in 10 seconds, just one reason why you love working at Fairview for both of you. The one reason I know it's probably a lot of reasons, but just your main reason.

Okay, I'm coming back to you the main reason is the opportunities to work here at Fairview, whether it's the benefits or whatever it is, it's the ability to grow within your profession. So I started as a nursing nurse a tent, and now I'm a provider and that's amazing. That's so great to hear, and what about you, Michelle in 10 seconds, just why you love working at Fairview.

I love working at Fairview because of the passion that our physicians and our nurses have for our patients. And the partnerships that Fairview with his building with our people that we serve in our communities, to help lend for better health care services for people that we serve anything.

Love that well, thank you both so much. That was so interesting to hear all about Fairview I mean being ranked America's greatest workplace for diversity in 2023 that's a huge ranking. So that's pretty amazing I mean, knowing that you were the COVID designated hospital, that obviously means for the state of Minnesota, a pretty big deal, Fairview must be a pretty big deal in Minnesota.

I know, you talked about all of the different opportunities and the different professional developments that your nurses have. So sounds like some amazing opportunities, something else you actually didn't touch on. But that I was thinking about when you were talking about Minnesota is cost of living, you're located right in the middle of the United States. And that's something that I think a lot of nurses really should take into account is cost of living, very good cost of living in Minnesota.

So thank you, Tanya, and Michelle for coming on and sharing all about Fairview if you are interested in interviewing with Fairview you can apply on our website, and our recruiters are on hand ready and waiting to slot you into the Fairview interview schedule that's coming up. So thank you, Tanya, thank you, Michelle great to hear from you both. Thank you for having us. 

Jackson Hospital

All right let's move on to our next employer. We are going to be meeting the Jackson hospital team and we are so excited to hear about the Jackson hospital team. They are located directly south from Fairview so we are excited to hear all about them.

Good morning, Keith, Mary Katherine and Mia. It is great to see you all let's take a quick 10 seconds and give some introductions. Keith, you want to go first?

Sure. Hello, welcome everyone. I'm excited to be here today to share with you the Jackson hospital and clinic family. My name is Keith Pressman I'm the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources here at Jackson hospital. If you don't know where we're located, we are in the state of Montgomery we are centrally located in the middle of the state joining me today is Mary Katherine. Thank you, Keith.

 Mary Katherine, you want to go next? Yes so my name is Mary Katherine. I have been at Jackson hospital for about 10 years and I'm one of our nurse recruiters. Wonderful.

I'm sure we were going to hear some good insight from you, and Mia, would you like to go next?

Hey, good morning everyone. My name is Mia and I've been working at Jackson since last year. So it's been a year for me there I'm sure we'll hear some good insight there then.

All right, everybody, you know the drill you got 10 minutes on the clock ready and go.

I just want to say we this is a fairly new partnership we have with Connetics USA it's been a wonderful experience and we're eagerly awaiting having our first group of approximately 100 RN’s and 10 medical technologists to join us and so with out further ado I'm going to share a video.

Hello, I'm Joe Riley the CEO Jackson hospital and clinic in Montgomery caring for the community. I invite you to join our Jacks member. We can now see it and we can make your clinic. Our Jackson team enjoys a rich history of 77 years caring for the communities in the River region. I invite you to join our Jackson team, where you'll find a family that cares for you and your professional for. Most importantly, you'll help us live our mission of caring for all those we serve. 

As with anything, any great company, it starts with a team. Everyone plays their role in bringing together all the patients belong to everybody. You know, we help each other we both ideas and thoughts of each other and we get the help that is needed to really do the best for our patients.

I feel like everybody communicates really well here it's a very welcoming environment. I don't ever feel uncomfortable to approach physicians or even our management here is a full support system. I didn't know everything and I came over a year ago and are people who are willing to have work in the field.

Are you working with your family and friends? Not about me it's not about the nurses or boys about the patient. Just this morning I ran into the CEO. He knows you by name and that's what I just love about you and not just somehow relatively peace.

It's just very welcoming, quiet there's a lot to do and to to see. We have a great zoo here. The biscuit stadium for baseball, the new waterpark there's a lot of entertainment downtown with every good food who doesn't like good food it's a diverse area you can do pretty much anything that you want to do me as relates to weather situation nice and sunny most of the time and I look forward to welcoming you to the Jackson.

Maybe Mary Katherine and Mia you want to share why you both love working at Jackson? I'd love to hear I'm sure a lot of our nurses would love to hear. 

Sure so I've been here for about 10 years one of the things that I've loved about Jackson is I've really been able to grow in my career. I started out as a unit secretary and a tech and Jackson has as helped me through nursing school, and I loved it so much that I would like that stayed afterwards, I've been able to explore multiple different specialties, and have found a real love for Jackson and the opportunities that they give me.

Wow, that's so wonderful to hear I love to hear when you know, someone starts their career somewhere and they're continuing on, I think that really speaks volumes about the organization. And what about you, Mia, how's your last year been? 

So it's been pretty amazing so far at Jackson hospital. So since I started last year, my experience has been pretty good I have had a great support from Jackson hospital, everyone inside as well as outside the lab are super helpful and supportive.

I am originally from Nepal sorry, I forgot to introduce earlier. And so I feel beyond blessed to be working at Jackson because of the support that I get from the hospital. And the axon hospital is also constantly update. They constantly update the machines that are used in lab. So we are fully ECU with the newest instruments that that could be available in the lab, which makes our work so much easier and faster.

As a whole, I think Jackson Hospital is a very diverse hospital. And there's there are doctors and nurses from all around the world. And I really like working at axon hospital. 

Wow, wonderful to hear I know, Keith mentioned that 100 RNs are coming to Jackson. So I'm sure there's going to be huge International community I know it's already growing there I'm going to hand it back to you guys.

There we go I think we did a real quick some overview slides before we talk specifically about more nurse recruiting efforts. But we're Jackson hospital. We're a nonprofit community hospital we're serving patients in the city of Montgomery and the surrounding communities and counties for 77 years. We're licensed for 344 beds, and we've got over 2000 employees and physicians here.

We're also fortunate we have we operate Jackson clinic, which is the River region we call ourselves a River region here in this area, the largest multi specialty clinic in the region, we've got over 100 providers with over 22 specialties, including family practice.

We're very fortunate we just in this past summer of 2023, we started our first family medicine residency program. So we're very fortunate to have our first group of PGY one residents, we have six of them we are we also have two PGY twos joining us. So we look forward to the coming years where this program is growing and assist us especially in the clinic area from seeing our patients.

We're very proud of all of our awards and technology here but we want to highlight a few of our technology, tech technical advancements, the robotic surgeries DaVinci surgical systems that we have in our surgery department, watchman procedures, TAVR procedures in the ER procedures that we can we now perform here and fortunately those are being performed in our new interventional radiology centers. So we're very excited about that.

As we said living in Montgomery is great. We are centrally located in the state of Alabama. We are the capital city of the state of Alabama.

What's great about working here is from a home perspective and work perspective, every it's a fairly medium, it's a medium sized city, the proximity to work schools, home or very close, not a lot of traffic, or whether we have great weather here we are in the Deep South, so to speak. We do have I guess mild winters, you're not going to see a lot of snow here. You'll probably go several years without seeing snow. The summertime the springtime does form here because we are really further south than most of the states. We're very fortunate.

As far as higher education. We're very fortunate that we have several universities, large universities in close proximity to us to facilitate professional development, career development, educational development, our entertainment, arts, sports culture environment is very diverse here.

You know, besides professional sports, minor league sports, just general family, individual entertainment, we have it all here. So it's exciting place to live being centrally located in Alabama, we're close to the beaches, we're close to the mountains, you can get down to the Gulf Coast or the beach areas in less than three hours. You can go about three hours north of Montgomery and you'll be in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. So we're very close proximity, different geographic regions. We're two and a half hours from downtown Atlanta. So that's a great advantage of being centrally located in Alabama.

And real quick, I'm going to pass them off to Mary Katherine again, so she can talk about nursing at Jackson hospital. We have multiple areas available to our nurses we have orthopedics, neurology of post cervical, we have a urology four. We have our med surg, our med surg on quality we are actually building our pediatrics for Jackson. We have a full range of women's services, postpartum labor and delivery and nursery. We do have some of our specialty care units of the emergency department critical care, we have the CVICU or open heart unit, or ICU. We do have a cardiac step down and a progressive care, which can also be called the ICU set down.

The professional development is one of the things that we love about Jackson, they offer a lot of different opportunities. Of course, we're a DAISY Award participant, we have a clinical ladder. We have our Nurse Residency Program, our simulation lab.

All right, yeah, you hit that 10 minute mark, but we got a lot of good information in so thank you so much for sharing Jackson health team. As I was listening to everybody, you know it right in the beginning, when you had one of the nurses on that said, the CEO knows you by name. I think that speaks so highly to the community that you have at Jackson, a welcoming, quiet environment, which sounds like it's perfect for an individual perfect for our family.

And one other thing that really stuck out to me so I live in California, and I saw it the low cost of living the median house price under $200,000. I think in California, it's somewhere around a million. So a super affordable cost of living, which is very jealous about that sounds amazing, especially with the happy weather that you get sounds like a wonderful place to move to and consider for International nurses.

So thank you so much to the Jackson team. If you are interested in interviewing with Jackson, you can apply online and forward slash International. Our recruiters are on hand and they are excited to get you slotted into the Jackson interviews. Please consider joining their growing team. They already you've got 100 RNs there waiting for so let's get them more alright thank you, Jackson team.  

Monument Health

All right we are going to move to our last employer certainly not least, we are going to have Monument health on we are so excited to be hearing from Monument health. And we have some very amazing experts coming in for Monuments we have Tarra we have Amy and we have Latoya. Good morning to you all let's take a quick 10 seconds just to introduce yourselves.

I'm Tarra I'm one of the nurse managers for our ortho neurosurgical urine. Wonderful.

Okay well, we look forward to hearing from you, Tarra. Let's have Amy go next.

Hello, everyone, I'm Amy. I’m a nurse manager here for the call and the oncology departments.

Okay,  well we are excited to hear about your experience there. And last, but certainly not least, let's have Latoya.

Hi there my name is Latoya and I am a nurse manager for the ortho neuro surgical department, the medical department and the oncology department.

Okay, sounds like we have a lot of experienced nurses here. So I'm excited to hear from you all. All right, so let's hand it over to the Monument health team. You have 10 minutes on the clock. Let's ready and go okay,

We already did our little introductions but we are from Monument health and Rapid City, South Dakota will play a little bit of a video for you here shortly. 

Monument health is headquartered in Rapid City, South Dakota. Nestled In the beautiful Black Hills in a place characterized by over 5 million acres of forests, mountains, and oasis in the sea of prairie.

The system offers care in 33 medical specialties and serves 20 communities across western South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming, serving a population of over 428,000. Over 4500 committed physicians and caregivers live by our mission to make a difference every day.

Monument health is comprised of five hospitals, eight specialty and surgical centers, and more than 40 medical clinics and health care service centers.

As the only member of the mayo clinic care network in South Dakota, Monument health physicians work with doctors worldwide to solve complex medical challenges, complementing local expertise and keeping our patients close to home Cancer Care, Heart and Vascular orthopedics, neurosurgery, general surgery and urology are just a few of the specialty services offered to our region.

With leading edge technologies and treatments, careers began and flourish at Monument Health. The Rapid City Hospital is a level two trauma hospital with one of the busiest emergency departments in a three state region seeing over 50,000 patients.

Rapid City Hospital is also a level three neonatal intensive care unit, caring for our smallest patients. The Black Hills location and culture is a dream come true for emerging physicians and their families. This area draws entrepreneurs, retirees and business leaders seeking quality of life. From the northern to southern hills. The rich history of abundant natural beauty and adventure draws artists, entertainers and tourists from all over the world. Those who move here call it stunningly beautiful, with endless year round outdoor activities with hiking and biking trails. 15 minutes away, a lunch hour can turn into an adventure. Numerous lakes allow for boating at the National Forest and trails are a mountain biker and UTV owners dream in the winter. Many enjoy the local ski resort and take advantage of cross country skiing and snowshoeing, trees, trails, lakes, snow, climbing, biking, hiking and fly fishing.

It's all here public and private schools serve every learning style from traditional to expeditionary home to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands Custer State Park, Spearfish Canyon, and more. And the rest of the world is only a flight away through rapid cities Regional Airport, Monument health invites you to make it difference every day visit our website for more information. 

Okay, so that's a little bit about our region we are in the western side of South Dakota. It's a beautiful, beautiful community. I'd like to start with a little bit about our mission, vision and values.

I think it really resonates with a lot of our caregivers and in their simplicity as well. So our mission is to make a difference every day. And I think ours are fully able to do that our vision it starts with heart we all get into this caring profession and to do the right thing every time. So we value trust, respect, compassion, community excellence, and then you can see our priorities here for high quality care experience a great place to work impacting are you know, just to come over just healthcare system in western South Dakota.

So we do see a few other areas were able to say that they don't see snow but we do have snow. We have beautiful colors in the fall if you go to Spearfish, those other areas. We have five hospitals our biggest hospital that we're currently recruiting for is our Rapid City Hospital urgent cares, specialty and treatments.

List of many, many of our specialties I love those for you and we are at the Mayo clinic care and that just really awesome that we can expand those resources and really get that specialized care, even with our community being such a rural area. That being said, With us being rural, we are a smaller city, there's not much traffic. There's still lots of businesses, restaurants, things to do, but it's a very safe area and a great place to raise a family.

So our Rapid City hospitals, specifically the areas we're recruiting for currently our medical unit or oncology unit and our ortho neuro surgical unit I'll talk a little bit about our ortho neuro surgical unit. For our nurse caregivers, we have really amazing ratios, we have a four to one nurse or patient to nurse ratio. Our nurse aides are a one to eight ratio as well. There's always nurse aides on our pods with our nurses, which is awesome.

We take care of a range of patients, our patient population or ortho neurosurgical just like it sounds, we take care of our orthopedic patients, we take care of neuro patients. So we're the primary stroke unit for our hospital. That does require you to have a little bit of specialized education and then NIH certification.

We also take care of surgical patients. So anything post operative from head to toe, we don't typically do a whole lot of the heart and vascular but you will see some interventional procedures for our stroke patients, which is really exciting and new to our area.

We do take care of your general med surg level of care all the way up to our intermediate care patients, providing that better continuity. So our patients aren't happy to get transferred unit to unit. So we can handle some of those drips or more ECU needs for our patients as well.

All right, I'll let Latoya take over for Medical.  

All right, so I'm gonna kind of explain a little bit about our medical department. We take pride in our medical department with also our patient ratios and between 415 to one with our nurse aide ratios, they will be roughly a five to one to a 10 to one with those patients in that area.

Similar to what Tarra had mentioned, as we will see those basic med surg patients anywhere from 18 years of life to the end of life. And we really do have a very diverse patient population. So we will see a lot of different cultures that will be coming in within our areas and within our departments as well. So we really take pride in the care that we will provide on our medical department, we do have some intermediate level of care patients that we will also care for, that are not fitting into the types of departments that Tarra had mentioned within that ortho neural area or our oncology department as well.

But I will go ahead and let me talk about our oncology department. 

Hello, everyone so yeah, our oncology department here in patient and Rapid City. We are a 16 bed, all private room, half of a floor, we have a four to one nurse ratio, eight to one nurse aide ratio, and we also do med surg to IMC level typically they're more IMC just being the oncology patients themselves.

We do see a variety of different diagnosis is everything. We are able to do inpatient chemo's, we also are kind of one of our specialties is our end of life care, and Hospice and Palliative. We also train everyone, that's our permanent staff, so on our TPE, so plasmapheresis, we are the designated unit in the hospital to do that. So lots of opportunities within the oncology department to provide great care to our patients.

I think that kind of sums it up for us Tarra, go ahead.

Yes, there's some pictures of our awesome teams. We have a very diverse team already we use her parents who are born and raised in our area, we also have travel nurses, and then we have a large population already of nurses everywhere from the Philippines. Naika we've got nurses from all over and we love our team. We're very diverse. We're a big family, we like to do community involvement or volunteer activities. And we like to have a little fun as you can see to during the holidays and other fun time. We bring in some more, more new team members and hopefully you'll love this area and choose to make it a home for you as well. 

And we'd like to add that our director for these units is the Christmas tree and she's inside this blowup this ministry. And that just kind of shows how much fun we like to have here within our units. So just a little insight. I love that that is a great little nugget right there. I think those pictures really speak volumes for the community and the family that you have at Monument health. You can really tell that you guys enjoy being together and when you're working day in and day out with the same people you want to make sure that you're enjoying your coworkers and that definitely translates for Monument health. Have some very interesting information from you guys.

Very interesting that you're connected to the Mayo Clinic and all of the resources that I'm sure that brings. And also just sounds like a wonderful place to live to bring the family.

I think it was Tarra, who mentioned a lot, a lot of traffic safety. I live in Los Angeles. So not a lot of traffic and safety sounds really great right now. So that is definitely something to really consider. Also cost of living much lower where you guys are at. So that's definitely something that's another big draw along with your very diverse community of International nurses already. So sounds like a really great place to work. Thank you to the Monument health team for sharing all about your hospital system.

And if you are interested, they are hiring for their biggest hospital in Rapid City, you can apply at Our recruiters are on hand ready and excited to slot you in for Monument health interviews. So thank you so much to the Monument health team. It was great to meet you all and hear all about your experience. And I'm sure our viewers enjoyed as well. If you have any questions for the Monument health team, please feel free to put them in the chat. They are going to go through and answer all of your questions. So thank you so much Monument health team. All right so I know we went a little bit over today but I think we had a good excuse. We had some really amazing information from all of our employers let's bring up that graphic again, with all of the employers that we had on today. We had Children's National in Washington DC we had ECU health in North Carolina, Jackson hospital and Alabama, Monument health and South Dakota and Fairview in Minnesota. So some pretty amazing employers that are all looking for International nurses. If you were inspired by any of these employers and you want to interview with them, you can apply on our website and our recruiters are on hand ready and waiting to slot you into their interview schedule for the upcoming months. We are so excited about our Career Day I hope it's been informative for everybody.  

And I just wanted to give everybody a quick update on our shows upcoming. So we have our onwards and upwards AMN Healthcare International show which is at 7am Pacific Standard Time on December 12. We have the Lefora Talk Show we're going to be talking about holiday heroes. On December 15 we have an Immigration Q&A so bring all your questions. Hopefully we'll have some good updates there crossing fingers on January 16 we're going to be talking about working with us physicians. I know that's a very interesting topic for International nurses. How does that work on January 19. We're going to be talking about another Immigration Q&A. Remember that's once a month on February 2 We're going to be talking new year a new look we have some exciting updates to share with the new am and healthcare International initiatives. And on February 16, another Immigration Q&A.

We also have our AMN Academy, our upcoming shows which are every Monday at 5am Pacific, we have Aspire RN, Swoosh, 9.0 Niner and IPASS giving free classes for you. So that's free information every Monday 5am Pacific so thank you to everybody for tuning in today.

It was great to see all of your questions hope you have enjoyed all the information that our employers shared. Again, if you were inspired and you want to apply you can apply at and we are excited ready waiting to get you filed ready to bring you to the United States and reach your American dream. So Goodbye everybody onwards and upwards. I will see you again soon.