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AI -Powered Writing Correction for IELTS

It's the second Monday of the month and what does this mean? It's AMN Academy time once again, for the first time ever since the start of AMN Academy 9.09 Niner, it will be joining you twice a month, every second Monday and fourth Monday of the month. If every first and third Monday you'll learn about NCLEX. Every second and fourth Monday of the month, you will learn about the various English examinations that are accepted by CGFNS for visa screen plus the English exams that are required in order for you to have your license endorsement in the United States of America. So what are these high stakes English tests? There's a else OET PTE that are endorsed by AMN Healthcare International. So with me for tonight is Coach Brian Martin Sioson said, what's our special topic for tonight, your 18 correction using AI.  

Last year, we are the first English Review Center in the Philippines and probably one of the first in the world to introduce AI as part of our program. So now we are sharing it with you guys. Depending on how many active live viewers we have for tonight, we are going to give away a free subscription to our AI powered writing correction. So usually what is our basis for us to identify the lucky winner slash winners? It's simple. All you have to do is number one, to tag as many friends as you can, if you know of anyone planning to go to the United States of America, but not yet sure as to the first step, then perhaps this Facebook Live session is intended for that or number to interact with us call our attention by using the comments section. And by the end of this Facebook Live session, we are going to determine the lucky winner who is going home with a free subscription to our AI powered writing correction. First off, let's ask our live viewers kindly indicate your location.  

Where are you from? So while you are typing, we'd like to greet everyone. Good evening in the Philippines. Good afternoon If you're based in the Middle East, or Good morning, if you're based in the Americas, once again, let us know where you're joining from. And while you are typing, sir, I'd like to introduce her Brian Martin Sioson who is by the way, our instructor since 2009. And serve Ryan is someone we call to be a record holder in the aisles because he got perfect 9.0 overall bad score at not only that, but also 9.0 in each of the four components of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Also, we would like to highlight that sir Brian right here took PTE or the Pearson Test of English and what are his grades, 90 over 90 overall band score 90 over 90 in PTE listening, 90 over 90 in PTE reading 90 over 90 and PTE writing a 90 over 98 PTE speaking, but for tonight, we are going to focus on the writing sub tests. So first things first, let's ask Sir Brian to greet our live viewers for tonight. 

Hello, everyone. And thank you so much for attending this live meeting. It's a little chaotic for me. Tonight, you see a lot of cats everywhere. But let's proceed with our lesson for today. And then I'm also going to be introducing to you our AI utility making use of AI and, you know, trying to improve your English and also your aptitude to pass the exams.  

Great. Thank you so much, Coach Brian, for those of you who have just joined us now we have 82 LIVE viewers on Facebook. Let's make it fun, let's make it engaging, ladies and gentlemen. You can watch the recorded version of this one. But it's an entirely different story if you're going to interact with us, because the lucky winner slash winners will receive a free subscription to our 9.09 or AI powered writing correction. Now, while you are typing your comments while you are tagging your friends, let's get down to business. Let's proceed to their writing lesson. Sir Brian, would you mind sharing your slides, please? 

So I would like to present to you first off writing for IELTS and in particular, we are going to be talking about the second part of the examination, which is writing task two. Let me just share my screen very, very quickly. So that you could actually view my slides. Okay, so IELTS Writing Task Two is an essay writing test. And regardless of the module you're taking, whether it's Academic or General Training, it's going to be precisely the same. You're going to be writing an essay in response to a particular point of view, problem or argument. Now when it comes to writing task two, I would like to emphasize a few things. Most of you guys would be required to get the thesis six or a seven, for some of you have really high scores for the writing component. And as you can see here from the descriptors, the table shows you that a six is a competent user, and seven is a good user. And I think this is something that you need to understand when you're doing the writing test. Because a lot of people don't understand the gravity of this test.  

The writing examination requires you to be a good user of English a good writer. And you know that even if you're a first language, English user, it doesn't always equate to being a good writer. It's like, you know, knowing how to add, subtract, or divide, multiply, like the basic operations in mathematics, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you're good at math. And so the problem that we have when we are taking the IELTS is that you're six or seven are, it's a, it's a very high band score. I mean, even native English speakers can't get these scores sometimes. So you are expected to get really high grades for the IELTS, when in fact, even the residents from overseas countries don't get those scores. So it's like you're reaching for the stars when you're taking an English test. Thankfully, there are things that we can do to elevate our scores and get to that level. And one of the most important things is to understand what the exam is all about. IELTS Writing Task two gives you a topic to write about, it's not just any random writing task, and your answers should be a discursive consideration of relevant issues. And let me just point out a couple of things here. Firstly, it is a discursive consideration, which means to say that you are supposed to write to discussion.  

And secondly, your answers should be relevant or should make sense should connect back to the question. Also, candidates should read the task carefully and provide a full and relevant response. I've talked about the relevance already a little bit a while ago. But I would also want to emphasize that you have to provide a response that is full. Sometimes we provide answers, but the answers that we do provide are partial. It's like you have a couple of questions, but you only answered one. If you have three questions, you have to answer all three. If you have to, then you have to answer all two. If you only answer partially, then unfortunately, you're going to get a very low score in your test. And then reading needs to be academic or semi formal or neutral in nature.  

So when you're writing for the IELTS, don't write something that is informal. This is not a blog entry. This is not the feature editorial. This is not an article in a magazine or something. This is an academic essay, which you are supposed to write in the semi formal or neutral style. I also want to emphasize that the IELTS Writing examination is going to take one hour 40 minutes of what you should probably be spending on task two and the rest of the time for task one because writing task two is definitely a longer and more important part of the test. And it's going to be 66 point 66% of your test score. Whereas writing task one is only 33 point 33% of your test score. And you're supposed to write 250 words here for your IELTS Writing Task two to get the best results. You can write more, there is no maximum number of words.  

Although I would suggest you write around 270 words to 320, not over 400 words, because you don't have time to edit. When you're taking the test. Remember, remember, it's a time bound exam, you're supposed to complete everything in an hour. Some reminders, you get penalties for off topic responses, and also responses that you're writing in full in bullets or points or notes. Because everything needs to be written in full. And all of the things you're writing there, all of your thoughts and your opinions should be in connected texts. There will be a severe penalty for plagiarism. And I just want to emphasize that this doesn't only work for IELTS but also for PTE. So if you plagiarize someone or something, you're definitely not going to get a good score and you're going to get severe markdowns in your test. In the PTE it's a bit more sensitive, so if you're plagiarizing, your item will not be scored.  

And also if you memorize anything or if you just use a template, you're definitely going to get a very, very low score. And you're writing examination, candidates must not copy directly from the question paper, you're supposed to paraphrase. And what that means is you're going to rephrase a few things that you can see in the question stem or in the task description, so that you can make it your own. Now, yeah, I would like to present to you right now something that you can see when you take the IELTS. And also when you are taking the PTE is the same for right essay, one of the components of the test, they're kind of identical, even the types of questions are going to be the same.  

But there are certain things that you need to take a look at, when you're analyzing questions for the IELTS or the PTE, the first one would be the question. And the second one would be the question stem. Okay, so let's look at this one. The situation here, or the premise that's provided is people should be allowed to continue to work for as long as they want to, and not be forced to retire at a particular age, such as 60, or 65. Now the question is, do you agree or disagree? This is one of the instructions that you're going to get in the aisles. It's very standard, there are five types. And we can talk about that in another session. But for now, let's look at do you agree or disagree? Now my question here for everybody as How many questions do you see? Or how many parts are there? In this question? How many questions stems do you see? Right, do you have one? The have two, do you have three? How many? You can type down the comments section? So that we'll know. All right. So while you're doing that, let me just promote our AI powered writing utility at nine points here and enter. So we're using AI to enhance our ability to teach you and to give you feedback. And AI helps you to be evaluated in as little time as possible.  

Okay so what do you think, guys? Do you think that there's just one question, or are there a couple of questions? There are three questions? How many questions do you see in this particular instruction or task for the IELTS? Now, unfortunately, if you're asked how many parts there are, there's really a correct answer. It's not, you know, relative. And it's not like, oh, I interpreted it. And I feel there's only one question or there are two or three or three. It's not a personal take. There's really a right or wrong answer here. And the correct answer to that question is there are a couple of questions here, there are two, how would you know how many questions there are? When you look at the question, it says, do you agree or disagree? Ask yourself, how many statement? Or statements? Do you agree do you have to agree or disagree with all right, and in here, we have a couple. The first one is people should be allowed to continue to work for as long as they want to. That's one part and the second part is, they should not be forced to retire at a particular age, such as 60, or 65. In fact, the first stem doesn't have any relationship with retirement at all.  

The first part just talks about whether you should be allowed to continue working as long as you want to, even if you have not reached retirement years yet, because let's face it, there are some professions or occupations that actually impose age restrictions. Am I right, guys? So for example, if you are a construction worker or flight attendant, or perhaps you are in the in flight, hospitality team, or perhaps you're in the hotel and restaurant management service, there are sometimes restrictions when it comes to your age. So it's not to say that you're going to be retrenched or something replaced by younger ones, but you will not be allowed to do certain things past a particular age, for example, for flight attendants, they are not supposed to fly anymore, this particular age, but what if, for example, in your life, you want to work with this kind of occupation forever for the rest of your life? Should people give you restrictions and impose those kinds of unreasonable policies? And that's the first question. So if you're 14 already, and you're told to just stay on the ground, you can't fly anymore, because that's company policy. It's going to be unsafe for the passengers, etcetera, etcetera, or you're not to fit anymore or attractive to be doing the inflight Hospitality Services.  

Should you be barred from doing so? Or should you be allowed to continue to work for as long as you want to and as long as you feel you're capable? Now, the second one is related to law, and the policies in your country, like the government mandated retirement age of 60? Or 65? Should we have that, or people could still work past 65? If they're able to? So these are two different questions. They might be related, but they're not the same. And when you're doing IELTS, or a PTE, you're supposed to respond to the two different questions, not just one part. But these two parts all together, you're supposed to provide a clear and consistent response to all of the questions that you're going to be provided in the test. And if you only provide a partial answer, then certainly you're going to get the low score. Okay. Now, let's talk about the writing process.  

Okay, so I would want you to understand that writing is not a one stage thing. It is usually three stage process, or some people might even have more stages. But I would say there's at least, a total of three different parts in the writing process. The first one is the most important one, which is brainstorming or outlining, I feel this is the most critical, because if you don't plan, what you're going to write, you're going to end up messing up your writing, for the reason that while you're writing, you're still thinking of what next to write, that can be very stressful. And that can make your brain shut up, shut off completely. So you might not be able to write anything else. And the thing here is, within 30 minutes, I believe you can write your entire essay or even less, for some people less than 20 minutes. But the problem here is if you're thinking of what you're going to write, you spend more time thinking about writing, you stop pause for a while, think of what next arrive.  

And then before I know it, five minutes have already passed and you haven't been able to develop an idea. If you separate the brainstorming or outlining part. This enables you to focus more on the writing part, because unfortunately, for us non native English speakers, and I need to just point this out, because this is something that is inevitable. Although a lot of advertisements will tell you, you can be a first language English user, you're capable of becoming a first language user, like totally replacing your first language with your second language, which is English, these are all false. And studies can back this claim up. Unfortunately, when you're writing in your second language, you're not only weaker when it comes to the language itself. But also when it comes to the cognitive resource. When we talk about cognitive resource, think of it like your memory capacity. According to studies, you have unlimited cognitive resource when you're writing or speaking in your first language.  

And that's why you can speak with a friend in your first language for hours on end maybe even the entire day and not feel stressed, or tired in doing so because you have unlimited cognitive resource, say, for example, you haven't met the friend for a long time, and you just kind of bonded together for the very first time after maybe five or six years, they can just probably go to a coffee shop. And before you know it, the shop is already closing and you have been talking for hours on end. And you don't feel tired, because you're using your first language and you have unlimited cognitive resource when you're using your first language. But try that in English. Can you talk to a newfound friend in English for 10 hours, 15 hours, maybe in the first hours, a first few hours you will flag and the reason for that is you don't have a limited cognitive resource in your second language, you cannot speak and you cannot write with unlimited cognitive resource or unlimited brain power when you're using your second language. So that's a handicap and in the sense, because we can't do two things at the same time. You know what happens to a computer when it has reached already to memory capacity, it crashes just like our brain, when we have been using our brain too much, or when we're doing so many things at the same time. Kind of like when we have a lot of windows open. It takes up a lot of cognitive resource until such a time that we crash. And that's why when you're writing oftentimes you experienced these incidents when you just stop writing completely cannot proceed anymore. You cannot write anymore because your brain is tired. It has crashed. So if you brainstorm beforehand, then you will have already taken care of You're thinking part. And so you can focus more on the task of writing and not have to think about what you're going to write every single time you complete the sentence. So it's going to make the process more efficient. And also, finally, after the writing process, you can edit your work if you still have time to ensure that you didn't commit any stray grammatical mistakes, or you can still enhance your paper, maybe add in a few collocations to improve the vocabulary and so forth. And ultimately, if you follow the these stages, you know, this three stage process, you're going to be able to write something more persuasive, a lot more organized, and most importantly, you will be able to accomplish the test on time. 

All right. Now, let's proceed to the writing criteria. And I'm just going to discuss this very briefly. We don't have the entire day to talk about writing. But of course, if you want to enroll at 9.09, or rest assured that 9.0 Niner is in partnership with AMN all you need to do is to sign up with AMN and, you know, they're going to take care of your preparation for your English examination. Okay, so yeah, definitely AMN Niner points here and enter can help you to wing your IELTS. Yeah, right. Hopefully in just one take. We're here to support you. Okay, so let's talk about the criteria for grading. There are just four band score criteria right here. And I'm going to discuss this just because when I show you the AI assessment, we actually provide assessment not only for the entirety of the work, but for each one of these for grade theory for grading. Now, very briefly, task attainment is your ability to answer the question your ability to follow the instructions, right 250 words and so forth, and basically provide a sound and connected complete and full of response to the question. coherence and cohesion has something to do with your organization.  

So how you paragraph in the test your format and your structure, and how your sentences and your paragraphs are linked to each other, and vocabulary and lexical resource, sexually, your vocabulary, your range and accuracy of vocabulary, I also didn't really require you to use a lot of highfalutin words are impressive terminologies. But there should be a good range of vocabulary demonstrated him to test. And finally, grammar is the accuracy and range of your grammatical structures that you're not committing a lot of mistakes. And at the same time, if you ever commit mistakes, they do not impede or affect the communicative quality of the response. Each one of these four will share 25% of your test score, and the average will be your overall score for writing. So if one is low, the other one can compensate for it. And the name of the game when you're taking the IELTS is really compensation, you have to do well with aspects that you're already good at. So that you can pull up your otherwise very low grade and those aspects that you're weak at. And, yeah, these are the things that you're going to be graded for in the test. So for today, I have actually prepared a very special sample that we're going to be assessing using our AI technology. So someone's asking about AI. So that is artificial intelligence. Yes 9.0. Niner is using artificial intelligence, this time to assess our students and to provide aid or help or an additional resource for them to ensure that they are going to be able to do well in their actual exams, be it the IELTS or the PTE. So we have a question here. And this is actually following the format. Do you agree or disagree? Let me just show you how this is supposed to be done. You're supposed to write an introduction and then your stance, then your body will contain the supporting arguments and your reasons and your examples. Then just write the conclusion which will summarize your key points or iterate your stand. Don't write any new ideas in the conclusion. It's a very straightforward forward format.  

To me I mean, I feel it's the easiest format out of all, and the question that I have chosen for tonight, is this one. So I will read for everybody. Many countries have now banned smoking in public places. Some people feel that government should ban smoking entirely. Do you agree or disagree? All right. So maybe before we answer this, you can actually tell me whether you agree or disagree. So just type down the comment section. Whether you agree or disagree, just type agree or disagree. Yeah, we have a lot of people who are tagging their friends. So thank you so much for sharing this with your friends and family, who are also going to take the IELTS very soon. And to our health care professionals, particularly the nurses would want to apply with AMN and to be able to fulfill their American dream. Just make sure to contact AMN, so that they can help you with your goals.  

Okay, so agree or disagree. So we have a lot of people who are agreeing, probably that's because a lot of you are nurses or a lot of your health care professionals. But here's the deal, even if you do not agree completely, or you have a kind of maverick stand and you want to go against the grain and whatnot, it's okay, as long as you can defend your stand at the end of the day. What's important is not your opinion, but how you defend your opinion. So I will be reading a sample that we have prepared, this is a higher rating sample, I'm not going to claim that it is a bad nine or whatnot. But I'm going to definitely be able to tell you that this is a high rating sample. Alright, so let's take a look at this particular response. And I will read, there has been an alarming increase in the number of smokers worldwide.  

And this has led many countries to impose restrictions on smoking in public places. However, while this policy may perhaps reduce the consumption of cigarettes, I believe that governments should consider forbidding smoking everywhere. That's a very good introduction, it actually answers the question straight away. And it doesn't really have a lot of embellishments like you know, not a lot of decorations. It's so straightforward, right, just a couple of sentences. And that's your intro already. Now, let's move on to the second paragraph. This is the first body paragraph. And let's read to begin smoking is the leading cause of many life threatening diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease does not only affect the smokers, but also those around them.  

In fact, secondhand smoke is proven to be as dangerous as active smoke to those who inhale it. Therefore, if smoking is not banned, totally smokers and individuals that are exposed to smoke from cigarettes consumed in private places, may still contract these diseases. So this is more of like a health implication. Let's move on to the next paragraph. It is also important to note that the effects of smoking can affect the economy of a country. Although tobacco companies generate revenues and contribute to the government through taxes, these monetary gains do not offset the cost of health care for smoking related illnesses. If cigarettes are not forbidden, governments will need to continue funding the treatment and management of these diseases. And in the long run, this would negatively impact the nation's economy. So this talks about more of the government side like the economic side of this one, and then we have the third model.  

Although the manufacture distribution and use of tobacco products can cause considerable harm to the environment. The production of cigarettes requires the use of chemicals which can contaminate bodies of water. Furthermore, cigarettes contain 1000s of toxic substances, which are breathed out and released into the atmosphere. This is not to mention the fact that cigarette butts which are type of toxic waste can end up in rivers and lakes and destroy animal habitats. So here we have a discussion about the environmental impact of smoking. So finally, the conclusion is in conclusion, forbidding smoking in public places alone cannot substantially reduce the damaging effects to individuals, nations and the environment. In my opinion, smoking should be banned completely. This is 299 or so this is pretty good for the IELTS. But if you're writing for the PTE, this is also good because you can write 200 to 300 words for PTE.  

Now, probably the most exciting part is for us to introduce to you our AI essay correction service, which is a new innovation that 9.0 Niners introducing to you guys. So let me just very briefly share my screen so that you can see our website and you can also kind of preview what it can do to you. Okay, so let me just very quickly do that right now. So I'll stop sharing, and then share our website. Hold on a moment. Okay, there you go. So let me See? Yeah, this one, right? This is our IELTS essay correction for an AI powered. And to be able to access this, you have to be enrolled in our Platinum service. You just need to hold on. Yeah, I'm just going to highlight this one. Just a moment unfortunately, it's not highlighting. Hold on let me share again. Okay yeah, there you go It's working. Alright. So this is our essay, correction service. Okay, so you need to be enrolled in our platinum package to be able to access this. Okay. So basically, what you need to do here is to type the essay question. And then if you have your ready response, you can just copy and paste your response right here as well. So it's very important that you type the question first, because this is how the AI is going to score you. There's grade four content. So it is crucial that you type the question, if you have your sample already prepared ahead of time, you can just copy and paste so that it's easier instead of typing the entire thing in here.  

So what I'm going to do is to get the sample that I sent or a read a while ago, and I'm going to piece by piece part by part to paste the response here. So we can get a grade for this one. Okay. Now, you can actually think of whatever grade you would want to give that person who wrote that particular sample. But we're going to do this the AI way so that it's instant. So once you've typed the entire thing. So this is the question, and this is the essay response, it's complete, you can click the Get correction option right here, so that you can assess the entire essay. So let's do that right now. And voila, we have the result already. And it provides a result not only for task, but for all the components of the examination. So you'd see task response, coherence, vocabulary, grammar, and the overall score. This is actually a band aid writing piece, and I actually agree that it can get all the way to an eight points here, I should know, been able to get a good score before. So there you go. All right, so it's instant. But of course nothing replaces you know, human connection. So it is still best to have your coaching sessions and I think sir urban will be the perfect person to introduce you to our one on one tutorials service at 9.0. 

Thank you so much for that, sir. Right now before we move on to the one on one coaching that is being offered by 9.0 Niner. Here's a question from Joyce. How does AI work for paper based examination? That is actually a brilliant question. We want everyone to know that. For IELTS you have two options. You can take either the IELTS on paper or IELTS on computer. Yes, we know for a fact that is already launched the online tests at home. But this is something that you cannot avail if you're going to the United States of America because IELTS online test at home is not accepted by CGFNS for visa screen and by the State Boards of Nursing for license endorsement. Now, if you'd like to take OET, which is also one of the examinations that's being endorsed by am and healthcare International, for the applicants going to the United States, there is only 80 on paper there's only on computer. Now let us move on to PTE for PTE there is no such thing as PTE on paper as the only version of PTE is PTE on computer, while for IELTS and OET you are not being evaluated by a computer or AI for PTE it's strictly a AI powered, that is white 9.09 or speedy program includes a eye for all four skills listening, reading, writing and speaking. But to answer the question of Miss Joyce over here, yes, you can use AI writing correction to help you while you're practicing or reviewing. It's just that is the actual examination. There is no AI involvement in IELTS.  

Now, we would like to emphasize though, that our AI powered writing correction is there to help you get an idea of what grade you're likely to get in the examination. If you've noticed earlier after it Sir Brian encoded the essay in just a matter of what one minute or sometimes it's less than one minute, you already have an idea what grade you're going to get in the examination, and am unhealthier, international and 9.09 are big pride in offering AI powered writing correction to our near candidates. And it's not something that is what being used by all of the review centers worldwide. So to answer your question, we need you to maximize the AI writing correction for you to have an idea instant feedback off your output. However, if you wish to speak to a human being like this is what most of us prefer, right? Like sometimes you don't want a robot to answer you.  

You want to ask a question. And that's the purpose of the daily one on one coaching that is being offered by AMN Healthcare International to their dear applicants. If you're on a tight budget, and you'd like to avail the sponsorship, the scholarship of AMN both for the English review and English examination that am n is an email away, make sure that you contact AMN immediately, either via email or their Facebook page. So how does the one on one coaching of 9.0 Niner work because this is one of the freebies if you sign up with AMN guys, we offer daily one on one coaching from Monday to Sunday, except public holidays in the Philippines. So if ever you're going to our mobile application tonight, or you're going to our website tonight, you'll notice that we don't have one on one coaching slots for tomorrow and Wednesday because it's a double holiday in the Philippines.  

But rest assured that on Thursday, all of the coaching spots are back to normal. Let me just clarify 9.09 are originated in the Philippines, it does not mean that you cannot avail our service if you live in other countries. In fact, to date 9.0 Niner has a total of online enrollees from 153 countries worldwide, with the help of a man for a man introduced us to the international community. So if you look at our website, and it's go to the online coaching tab. There you will find the online coaching guidelines. So before you book an online coaching slot, make sure that you have read the guidelines. So if you'll notice, you just have to scroll all the way down in order for you to see the portion where you get to see all of the English examinations being offered by 9.0 Niner.  

So in 2007, 9.0 Niner for that matter, we're celebrating our 17th anniversary tomorrow. We started back then only as an IELTS Review Center, But fast forward to 2024. We offer just about anything related to English examinations. And as you can see here, we have one on one coaching sessions for IELTS PTE, TOEFL, CELPIP, OET we also have TOEIC. So think of any English examination. We have one on one coaching for that now let's try IELTS coaching. All you have to do is to click book and when you book it will show you the available coaches but we suggest that you click select any available and from there, you will see the available coaching time slots.  

So guys right now, you won't see the coaching slots for Tuesday and Wednesday. And that is because as we've mentioned, it's holiday in the Philippines. So tomorrow, when the Friday coaching slots are out, that's when you can pick a specific time slot. Now, if you look at April 11, Thursday, what you see hear right now, the available is 2am and 9:30pm. That's because our one on one coaching starts as early as 12 midnight and ends as late as 12 midnight the following day because we offer one on one coaching 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except if it's a holiday in the Philippines, and I usually monitor the slots four times a day. So when I wake up lunch, dinner and before I go to bed, I check the slot. So now that I see that there are only two slots left for April 11. I'll automatically send a message to the group chat of our lectures and coaches to open unlimited coaching slots for this particular day and time. If you have any concerns, if you have any issues whatsoever 9.0 Niner is super responsive message us within a few hours we have addressed the problem already. So you can actually do both. You can have your writing checked by AI. At the same time. You can have the writing task checked by a human reader and this is the best of what 9.0 Niner has to offered blended approach because for one, we incorporate technology. And we also have live human raters and coaches that you can talk to and interact with. So Chet mentioned, thank you for the information. You're welcome. Now, it's time for us to entertain more questions coming from the live viewers. Any questions you'd like to ask about the writing subtests be it IELTS or PTE or OET.  

And we here we are to answer your questions. But while you're typing your questions, I'm certain that some of you might be wondering, what's the big difference between IELTS Writing and BPE? Writing? I mean, both of them require that you write an essay for OET, that's an entirely different story because it's a referral letter from one health care professional to another health care professionals. But the primary question our interviewees asked, What's the difference between is reading and writing? No other person is more credible to answer this question than Sir Brian right here who got the perfect grade in both IELTS Writing and PTE. Writing. So Coach Brian, as our last question, what is the difference between IELTS Writing and PTE writing? 

Well, they're more alike than they're different. In the sense that the questions that you're going to get are identical. The topics are sometimes also similar. And the types of instructions that you're going to get like Do you agree or disagree, or discuss both sides or discuss both views give your opinion, they're very identical to each other. So I think they have a lot of things that they're very much unlike when you take one exam, you can apply the same skills to the other without any problems. And the striking differences are as follows number one, the word count. When you're writing for the IELTS, you're supposed to write a minimum of 250 words, there is no maximum the limit to the number of words that you could write. But for the PTE, there's a minimum number of words. And there's also a maximum requirement, which means that if you go a little over or a little under, you automatically get penalties for which for PTE, I guess it's 200 words to 300 words no more, no less.  

So it's very precise like that. Unlike IELTS that you can get go a little over and you don't have any problems with your examiner is giving you markdowns for that. But even more concerning than the number of words that you will be writing is the time limit. For the IELTS you have 40 minutes to write your essay in and know, to be very precise, you have one hour to work on your entire writing task both writing task one and task two combined. So if you finish your task one in 10 minutes, then you'll have 10 extra minutes for your writing task two, which brings it to about 15 minutes. So it really depends on how much time you're going to spend on the first task of the examination. But ideally, you should accomplish it within 40 minutes, and you have full hour to do your reading test for the PTE. Wait for this, you need only to finish your exam within 20 minutes. That is half the time for almost the same length as that of the IELTS. So I would go as far as saying that the PTE writing examination is more challenging, not because of the content of the examination, not because of the format of the test, and not because of the types of questions that you're going to get. But because of the time limit, you don't really have so much time to plan or to type your essay, because everything needs to be accomplished within 20 minutes. And also for IELTS, you're 100% certain that you're going to get only one writing task, two question and one writing task one question, but for the PTE, because the parameters indicate that you can write one to two essays, you can be bombarded by two essay questions, one after the other for 20 minutes each. So that is something that can happen when you're taking the PTE, which will never happen when you're taking the IELTS. So these are two different examinations when it comes to the test delivery. They're a little different when it comes to the time limit to you know the way they're delivered. But when it comes to the content of the exam, they're very identical in more ways than one. 

Thank you, Sir Brian. Now we just have a few questions before we announce the lucky winner for tonight and the first question is from Miss Joyce. PTE accepted in visa screening the answer is yes. In fact, in August of 2022 That was when CGFNS announced that you can pick from any of these examinations for your visa screen, I else OET PTE , TOEFL TOEIC you can use any of the six for visa screening, but then again there is such thing as license endorsement and not all of the states etc. All of these examinations. Well, I else and TOEFL are definitely the most popular but should you wish to take PTE? Can you double check with the State? Do they accept PTE because right now, there are only 23 states that accept PTE for a license endorsement. Now, let us move on to the next question. the other one is actually a different task is summaries written texts. But generally the right essay is just one timing for one exam. 

What about the word count? Is it something that they can see on screen? Definitely, just like the IELTS on computer version, you will see the word count at the bottom of the screen. So you'll know how much you have already written. But I think the other question is, Will I see every question how much time I have. And that is true for certain types of questions, such as write essay and also summarize written text and summarize spoken text. But be very careful because when you're doing the other parts of the PTE only have a total time, which you need to budget across all of the types of questions because if you run out of time, unfortunately, you will not be able to finish your exam, which is by the way, and they just want to communicate this a very common occurrence in the PTE there are a lot of people who do not finish the test. 

Thank you for that coach Brian. Now here's a question from Mis Isabel. Can we book an IELTS examination on our own online or we will ask a coach in the review to book for us. So I already saw your message. midsection, if you look at this one, we would rather that you take the examination with nine points that your Niner British Council testing centers and because he didn't Isabella, the most accessible Testing Center for you is to get going now because they invitee so kindly look at all the freebies that you're going to get. Should you choose to register for your IELTS examination via the 9.09 or British Council testing centers. And if you go all the way down, very important for you to take note that there is a specific registration link for your IELTS examination. You need to use that one in order to enjoy all the freebies. Now, if you register on your own without using that registration link, then forget about all of the freebies because I repeat, these freebies are intended only for those who use the Niner registration link.  

And if you look at the locations, here are the testing centers that 9.09 are in IPass own in the Philippines, Manila, Makati for Metro Manila Cavite. Laguna Batangas for region for the goop on Tuguegarao Cabanatuan. If you live in the northern part of the Philippines, and recently, we had our launching for the IRS on computer in V con for Mindanao. We have another one. And it's called and or wait for our big reveal, because soon we're going to announce the opening of our first testing center in the Messias. So don't forget to use that link. Jayla said thank you. You're welcome. And shit. Miss shad mentioned. Thank you. And you're welcome to so now it seems that we have answered all of the questions of our live viewers for tonight. Before I announce the lucky winner, I want to invite everyone to follow 9.0 Niner English Facebook page and we are in the process of rebuilding our page because unfortunately, some 60 days ago, meta unpublished our old account with 227,000 followers.  

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So thank you so much Miss Joyce more you for being so participative and congratulations because you are the lucky winner for tonight. And that's an open invitation to everyone to always watch Niner Facebook Live, comment share to your friends because we always announce the winner by the end of our session. Thank you to everyone at AMN Healthcare International most especially to Miss Melanes for always ensuring a smooth discussion. Once again we are 9.0 Niner and AMN Healthcare International. We'll see you in our next Facebook Live session.