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Adventist HealthCare - Healthcare Employer in Maryland

Tanya Freedman, CEO Connetics USA: We're going to bring in our first hospital. Our first hospital in the lineup is Adventist HealthCare. Adventist Health Care is in Maryland, and we are going to be bringing them in they are first in the lineup. We've done this in alphabetical order so that everyone is and is given an equal chance. And I introduced to you opera and Dan Sonya and require I hope I've got that right. And so you've got 10 minutes on the clock adventures, Maryland. Go for it.

Opper: Awesome. Hello. Thank you, Tanya. Thank you for that warm welcome. Hello, everyone. We're excited to be here. My name is Opper Chiweshe and I am originally from Zimbabwe. I serve as the manager for our international nurses program in Adventist Healthcare and we are located just outside of Washington DC so we get to enjoy the vibrancy of the city and the historic and cultural district. But we also get to enjoy their suburban Maryland. I've got a quick video that introduces our facility, I think the technical team, we'll go ahead and play that for us just now.

In 1907, Adventist healthcare opened its first hospital in montgomery county. Since then we've grown to become a comprehensive health care system, offering a full continuum of high quality care across more than 50 facilities to 1000s of patients across the Washington DC region. With advances in medical treatments and technologies, a world class team, and numerous awards and recognitions, we remain true to our mission of extending God's care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Adventist healthcare features three acute care hospitals, shady grove Medical Center, white oak Medical Center and Fort Washington Medical Center and to full spectrum rehabilitation hospitals, along with multiple outpatient rehab centers. Adventist Health Care also manages Howard University Hospital in the nation's capital. We also offer a network of cancer centers, imaging locations, primary and multi specialty care and home care services. Adventist healthcare is a regional leader known for world class services in areas such as heart care, orthopedics, maternity and mental health, and has developed the region's largest clinically integrated network with more than 1700 participating physicians and providers working together to improve quality care and patient outcomes throughout the region. Adventist Health Care has all of your health needs covered. For over a century, we've stayed true to our calling to offer hope and healing by promoting wellness, providing outreach to the most vulnerable in our region, serving our community with compassionate, high quality care.

Opper: Thank you technical team, can you please bring forward our slides, just have a few couple of slides to share with you. There we are. That's us, we are close to the Washington DC metro area. And go ahead and go to the next slide, please. So we get to enjoy the nation's capital. And we are also a real great access to the great outdoors if that's what you enjoy. We are a faith based organization. And our mission focuses on a holistic approach of physical, mental and spiritual healing, which we extend not only to our patients, but also to each other Korea growth opportunities. So Korea growth opportunities. I don't know how better to exemplify that. But by to help like to have somebody like me, I am in an for an international nurse myself. I'm educated and born and educated in Zimbabwe, and to lead this program.

So I understand a lot of the dynamics and anxieties and fears that our international nurses are coming in with. Now we can go to the next slide. All right. So we are excited about this partnership that we have with Connetics, where we've been able to bring nurses from more than a dozen countries listed on this slide. And today, I'm excited to have some of those nurses come in to share their experiences. Let's go back. I have Dan Rakaia and Sonia here to share their experiences. We're only have a few moments. So I'm going to start off Sonia, can you go ahead and share your experiences so far?

Sonia: Great. So hello, everyone. My name is Sonia Anderson, and I work at Shady Grove Medical Center. I started in November on November 28. So I am only a few weeks in, I am still in orientation. I chose Adventist Health Care, because when I did my research, I saw that as its name suggests that it is faith based. So it's run on godly principles. And I love that coming to know it more to myself, I see that there are standardized guidelines that help us to communicate with people even if you're meeting them for the first time. And I love that. I'm still in orientation, as I said, and it's a very great program. I'm in medical surgical program and the team leader there, she ensures that I am getting what I need to get out of it. They are ensuring that I succeed. And I love that.

Opper: Thank you, Sonia. I appreciate that. We're gonna go next to Dan.

Dan: Hi, good morning. My name is Dan Pamonag and I am an international nurse from the Philippines and I started working in the emergency department since October 2022. Being in the emergency department that varies healthcare, it's really tough and challenging. But I learned a lot from my preceptorship and my co workers because they are knowledgeable. And I love their standards. They're the weight on how they deal with the people with their patients during the codes and they helped me critical thinking to to expect what will happen next. And also I like their core values, which is the respect Integrity, service excellence and stewardship. And I also seen that everyday.

And there's also an equality even if you're a doctor or a nurse or respiratory therapists are even edited or janitor, they treated equal. Also apply these core values outside the hospitals, especially when we have social gathering like in Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. We all gathered together just to vent out or share our experiences so that we can not feel alone and we feel that we are not homesick and we can feel that we have family here. We also welcome new nurses who are coming here in Maryland, especially those who are applying at Connetics USA and Adventist Health Care, and I'm excited to tour you around here in Maryland.

Opper: Great, thank you Dan, so much for sharing the last but not least Ruqayah

Ruqayah: Hi everyone. My name is Ruqayah. I'm from Nigeria. I worked in the UK for about two years and in Nigeria for six years before I came to the United States. I joined advances healthcare in the year 2020 to September. One of the reasons why I currently work at Progressive care unit and one of the reasons why I chose advances healthcare was the opportunity for girls. I can tell you for a fact in less than six months I'm already aware tend to be a charge nurse and assistant nurse manager of my units.

And that's very exciting because Adventist healthcare is an organization that recognizes your abilities and supports you to grow to get where, wherever you want to be. I'd also like to let you know that the diversity here is huge. You meet people from different all walks of life, different people from different cultures, you learn to respect their culture, I love their culture, because we all treat one another like family. So I welcome your hall in advance in advance Adventist Health Care. Okay, thank you.

Opper: Thank you so much Ruqayah. Everyone, we're gonna go back to the slide. The technical team, thank you. So I couldn't have said it better than the team themselves. They talked about the diversity, we are 1/3 of our population here born outside the USA.

So our patients and our staff, very complimentary. They reflect the community. We have a great training program for international nurses, they get to shatter their units before they actually join the teams. And that takes off that first day anxiety and most of us, we have a great individual preceptorship program individualized. Sonia was just alluding to that career advancement opportunities. Hey, I'm so proud of Rakaia. And many of our either international nurses who are taken up the challenge to go forward and do their specialty wherever they wants to go with we will allow them that opportunity. Work life balance. Hello, I don't know we are for hours by bus, you can take a day trip to New York, if you want to less than an hour into DC. So we are really excited and look forward to you coming through to us. Join us.

Yes, we can also go and enjoy the museums and sports cuisine. There's a lot in our area to enjoy. So we look forward to you joining us through Connetics. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I don't know if there are any questions in the chat that we can answer. I will defer to our technical team.

I don't see any questions, but we will. Okay, your programs, the majority of for international nurses, that question quickly went away. But I will assure you go through Connetics when you apply and they send us your questions, we will be happy to get back to you and answer your questions. Otherwise, we really look forward to welcome your new through to advanced healthcare. Thank you. For the question on the screen is more about how long? How soon can we migrate to the USA, I believe Connetics will be able to guide you through that's an immigration question that I will let connect Connetics handle. I don't know if there's any other question.

Don't see any other question. I'll take it back over to you. Tanya, thank you for this opportunity. We are excited.

Tanya: Hi, everybody. Thank you so much for joining us. I think that was a fabulous, fabulous presentation. So many great options there and so many wonderful questions that have come up in the chat. So we will make sure to answer those as soon as possible. And I know that this has been so inspirational. I was just looking at one of the the comments in the chat opera. That was I think it was from Democrats who was talking about how inspirational it is to see a leader from Southern Africa and in sat in a in a leadership position.

So we really are so grateful to have Adventist Health Care, Maryland as one of our partners. And we thank you for joining us. If you are interested in Adventist Health Care, Maryland, please go to the Connetics USA website and apply online. Our team are waiting online right now to help you and tell you more about this exciting opportunity.