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5 NCLEX-RN Myths and Facts

Let's talk about the myths, and I know there are a lot of myths about the NCLEX application process.

Okay, let's first start off with the difficulty of NCLEX varies depending on the state Board of Nursing, so regardless whichever Board of Nursing that you have applied, or that we have a larger application, your NCLEX will be the same. So it's not true that New York Board of Nursing NCLEX will be different to with Texas Board of Nursing, no, it's the same pool of questions that you are going to answer, but it depends of course, definitely. Because your NCLEX you should know that your NCLEX is a computer adaptive testing test that the difficulty of your NCLEX varies depending on your performance of the previous question. So it's not about the Board of Nursing, but it's about your performance on the actual examination that will vary as per its difficulty. So it's not true it's the same for all Boards of Nursing.

So the second one is the applicant needs IELTS first before one can sit for the NCLEX. So as what we have already discussed, so you don't need to have your IELTS before sitting for the NCLEX. We can apply through a certain Board of Nursing, but although it varies depending to which Board of Nursing that we are going to submit your application because there are boards where in. As what Jean mentioned earlier that there are Boards of Nursing wherein you need to have your CGFNS qualifying exam, where in if you need to have CGFNS qualifying exam that IELTS be part of it. But there are also Boards of Nursing where in you don't need to submit or you don't need to pass your CGFNS qualifying exam first, so you just have to submit your application to the board, have your credentials evaluated, and then you will be approved for the NCLEX. So it's not necessary to have your IELTS.

The third one is when an examinee stops at 75 items, it means that applicant will pass, so this is about the examination perusal already. So it depends whether what number you stop on your NCLEX, it's still a pass or a failed resource or result, depending really on your performance, so whatever number. Take as much time when you are going to sit for your NCLEX because every number counts on your examination, it's not a guarantee that you will pass on your NCLEX once you stop at 75. But the best thing that you can do is think of course, think with critical using, your critical thinking skills, because every number counts on your NCLEX.

Okay, so thank you for clarifying those myths, then it doesn't matter for anybody who's watching. If you get 75 questions or 365 questions, you could still pass. But as Rachelle said, every question counts and just to clarify for everybody just to talk about the IELTS and if you are placed, as Rachelle said, you don't need the IELTS before the NCLEX. I mean, if you have that's great, but you don't have to do that. But if you have got your NCLEX, you get a nursing job offer from a Connetics direct hire nurse employer.

Connetics have a free IELTS course that we provide for every single of our Connetics nurses who need to take the IELTS exam. Please check out on our social media on our YouTube page some of our IELTS hero interviews. I always read from Bert. Bert is an international nurse, he took the IELTS seven times he failed seven times. Then he came to Connetics he did our course, he passed and he got an eight in speaking, which is much higher than the criteria required. So we've got a phenomenal course. So if you're worried about the IELTS, please don't worry, because we got you.

I want to add on that, the applicant needs IELTS first before you can sit for the NCLEX. There are states though that needs IELST first like Minnesota Board of Nursing needs the IELTS to take the NCLEX, Washington State needs IELTS to take the NCLEX so it depends on it varies from one board of nursing to the other. There are boards that does not require English tests, but there are also board that needs the English test before you take the NCLEX.

The next myth here, the applicant needs an employer before one can get started on the NCLEX. That is not true. If you don't have an employer, even if you don't have any experience at all, you can take the NCLEX as soon as you're ready to take the NCLEX. The NCLEX is just the same way the Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination. For me, I think the NCLEX is much difficult than the NLE examination because in NCLEX, you have to use your critical thinking skills. Also, right now, there is drag and drop, the select all that apply.

And you've really you can have been an excellent nurse for many years, have great experience and think "oh I don't need to study for the NCLEX because I've got so much nursing knowledge." No, you pretty much you have to study for the NCLEX am I right?

Yes, I would agree to that. You really have to prepare well, for this NCLEX because this is a really challenging examination. I tell you, I, myself I wasn't able to pass my first my first try because I wasn't prepared that much. So I have that kind of experience where out from my experience, I was able to learn from that one that a nurse should really prepare this, you should not underestimate your NCLEX because it's quite challenging. You have to prepare well, but it's not impossible for you to pass NCLEX definitely, because there are others already who were able to pass their NCLEX. So definitely you can also pass your NCLEX.

Absolutely, but preparation definitely is key. And I think what you just said Rachelle is very inspiring for lots of nurses because you didn't prepare the first time. you did it ! Now you've passed which is great. So it shows that it certainly is possible, but if you think of the money that was wasted, that's what we don't want for everybody who's watching. That's why we do this show onwards and upwards, free information for nurses because we want to give you the tools and the knowledge and the information so that you don't waste your time, you don't waste your money.